Monday, August 22, 2005

Johor 2mNet Via Echolink-9M2RGP

Even though the supposed to have been RF/Voip via Echolink connection have not been 'live' yet, and thanks to our friends down south in Johore, with their undying interest, (thanks for being patient guys), it did not deter them from running their 2mNet via Echolink.

Evident from that, here is the exceprt from 9W2PAT, email to me. Keep on D'Xing guys....On On!

"Dear Tony,

It's indeed my greatest pleasure to advise of our Johor 2 meter net happening yesterday.

At 8:45 pm i called (Francis) for his opinion to go ahead for my link to Gunung Pulai repeater for our Johor 2Meter net and was given the green light to go ahead thus giving me the impromptu decision to allow my echolink 9W2PAT-L to UPGRADE to 9W2PAT-R status. Since the net was an impromptu decision in linking, therefore our local ham community wasn't informed by me and they had a "BIG" surprise that the net was able to receive overseas hammers checking in. Suddenly our local hammers are very very busy listening to their Rig for once....hahaha. There's even one 9M holder (hardly comes on air) who checked in from our local community , eagerly awaiting his turn to check in and being the first checker whilst I was still in the midst of announcing the beginning part of the net.... hahahhaa.

At 9:30 pm I hosted the Johor 2Meter net (being the net controller) with our 9M8SL (Sly) assistance in echolinking and pulling stations from Malaysian conference (he's the moderator) linking to other links over the net while I was busy controlling the net shooting away like bullets in the air.

It was very very successful with total 39 participants from worldwide checking in (MALAYSIA, USA, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Thai, Brunei, Sabah & Sarawak, Pulau Karimon (Indonesia) and others.

The nett started at 9:30 pm and ended at 12:00 mid-night with a change in net controller, 9W2PAT- DR Patrick Chin (9:30PM till 11:00pm) -break for dinner & 9W2JO - James Tay (11:00 PM TO 12:00 midnight).

It's has to be put on record, Our Johor 2 Meter net that's 'marathoning' from local to overseas. Normally our net would start at 9:30 pm and ends around 10:15 pm with only our local JB hammer's checking only, and at times very monotonous. NOW we have added rainbow colours and a new era to the Johor 2 Meter Net, which hopefully, is gonna change forever. After the net closed, our Pulau Karimon hammers continue to use our repeater linking till 2:00 am before I totally disable the link to 9M2RGP repeater. Our hammer from Pulau Karimon for once was "jumping" over the air for able to QSO with other hammers in other part of the world as he had never believe this thing could happened at all. Nevertheless, he gave the link for a rest and would continue again next week on Every Thursday 9:30 pm for his next adventure with us. Please share this piece of good news on your blog website.

With Best Regards


With Best RegardsDR Patrick Chin"

Good luck to 9W2PAT and our firends in Johor, and looking forward to linking up permanently.


9W2PAT - Pat. said...

The link was done on 9M2RGP (Gunung Pulai) and not 9M2RGL (Gunung Ledang)lah... Kindly edit your header....hahahaha.....

9W2MCT-Tony said...

Thanks Pat ;
Noted and acted on already.
Thank for your enthusiasm and great update! I am happy for you guys down south; finally, more activities on the airwaves.

73s and regards to all


9w2axn said...

hi, more on linkages :