Thursday, August 11, 2005

SEPT 6 & 7 , MARTS FIELD DAY, Universiti Malaya

Map to Location
CQ CQ CQ... MARTS with the help from the KL Regional Office, will be spearheading a Field Day on the invitation of ANGKASA - National Space Agency of Malaysia. This is in conjunction with ANGKASA's National Competition for Water Jet Propulsion 2005, to be held on Sep 5 & 6 in the Gronds of Universiti Malaya. MARTSNEWS.BLOGSPOT is taking the liberty to provide this information to all AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS irrespective of allegiance, through this site to call for volunteers. The event and agenda will be discussed once the core team is identified. Do call 9W2MCT- Tony Yew or place in the comment section of this post, your willingness to participate in this event for the good of the younger generation.

Our focus is to provide, information and demonstration of Amateur Radio related activities for the two days in mention. The current event as arranged by ANGKASA is as follows;

5 Sept 2005
8.00am Commencement of Competition
9.30am Arrival of Invited guest and Media
10.00am VVIP Arrival
Welcoming Speech by Vice Chancellor Universiti Malaya
Speech by Director General, ANGKASA
Launch Gimic
Press Conference
12.30pm Lunch
5.00pm Close of Day's event

6 Sept 2005
8.00am Commencement of Day 2 competition
1.00pm Lunch
3.00pm Arrival of Hon. Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation
Dato.Dr Jamaludin Jarjis
Closing Ceremony and Prize giving by Hon.Minister
Press Conference
8.00pm Video Presentation of Weeks event, and Barbeque for Participants / Exhibitors

footnote: This event is the milestone for the National Space Agency of Malaysia, in making inroads to the school and university scene. This final is a culmination of a year's effort in conducting regional and state level competition, and where, the winning team will represent our country in the world finals in Japan.
The invitation to MARTS to host a booth, completely sponsored by ANGKASA, will see MARTS increase its level of publicity, especially to the younger audience. Your effort, and willingness to share your experience, and knowledge with this young audience, will hopefully see a better pick up rate of Amateur Radio as a key hobby in the coming years. So, please put all your differences aside (if any) to help!


9W2MCT-Tony said...

Dear All,

The intention is to host two booths and to provide information and demonstration in one, as well as showcase equipment in the other.
Suggestions, include, a workshop in one hour to build and assemble 5 element ARDF antenna; Communication with ISS; Communication vis;
Workshop to build RF/voip interface; workshop to setup basic radio comms; morse demonstration;

please give your input on how to make it more impressive;

Anonymous said...

Too bad, I will be in Shenzen. I plea to those who can volunteer to do your best during the event.

73 de 9M2RT

9W2TLC said...

Hi Tony,

I will be working in office ler during workdays .. but if i can help offline or other ways, pls suggest.

Lady9w2jar said...

There have been a number of news articles on hamming last year. Do find some and put it up for show...

9w2zze said...

i'm free to give a hand.