Friday, August 26, 2005

Read all abt it !!

A ‘Big’ thank you to all who help make this pretty picture above come true in our local daily – The Utusan Malaysia . Syabas! to 9w2SAI for his allegiance to HAM Radio and sharing his enthusiasm with us that this is made possible.

Special thanks to Ms. Mariatul for taking time to spend the evening with all of us here at 40 Thieves.. and for all those who have lend a hand to make 40 Thieves a success , Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Glad to help in anyway I can within my means. Amateur Radio in Malaysia has started a long time in Malaysia but sadly not much publicity and exposure to the general public. What is more sad, is that the general public thinks of 'us' (those with long antenna's and or handy talkies) as Tontos or tow truck people which makes them look at 'us' in a different light. Guess we need to educate the general public that not all those with long antenna's are tontos and tow truck boys.

I would like to mention a whole load of thanks to Utusan Malaysia and also Panorama program on RTM 1 which aired what amateur radio is and did stories regarding this fun, happening and social community hobby.

Will keep on doing what I can to help promote amateur radio.

9w2sai QRT 73

Lady9w2jar said...

Good work people. Keep it up.

9W2xyz said...

Hi guys... well done.

I dont mean the faces and names in the article. I mean the people who put this together....


Anonymous said...

Good work, good publicity, well done.