Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2m Celebration Net continues . . CNY 29th January 2006

CQ . .CQ. . CQ . .. Come together for another celebration Net come Chinese New Year 2006.
Pak Dollah - 9M2DS has again initiated his legacy , assisted by 9W2SSJ -Suchaart. . .2 meters Celebration Net come January 29th, the first day of the new Lunar Calendar year of the Dog.

To kick off at 2100 hrs, please tune in to 9M2RKK. Also, 9M2DS and 9W2SSJwill be coordinating the Net Control Roster, so please if you would like to take up this vacancy. Kindly reply to this by comment.

Net controller should, moderate the net, collate all checked in stations/locations, for posting in this blog. It would be nice for a change to see perhaps a new call sign taking on this role. . .

So go ahead, and don't worryabout what others have to say . . .

73s . .de Martnews.Blogspot

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