Wednesday, January 04, 2006

30th Dec Eyeball @Ali B

AIyooooooo . . .manya lama tak ada eyeball!! (oooh....long time since the last eyeball)

Twas it was a nice surprise to note that there was a huge gathering of Ham operators at Ali B on the 30th (as reported) Sadly, yours truly could not make it due to family commitmens.

Nevertheless, the Spirit was much in the air, notably, stations like 9M2DS-Dollah, 9W2XL-Bear, 9w2BTL-Lim, 9W2XR- Steven, 9W2VA-Andy, 9W2GL-Wan, 9W2MAN- Man, 9M2CJ-Thiam, 9W2SSJ-Suchart, 9W2XYZ-Alan, and many others (apologies, cannot recognise due to quality of pixels). There are some changes in AliB due to commercial reasons , and who could blame Mubaraq, for the owner, but still, it remains a melting pot of sorts for all ham operators, irregardless of allegiance.

Syabas, to all and a very happy and successful year to those with new challenges.

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