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Following is from an email from 9M2CL-Bob Chee with regards to news from our fellow MARRTS members from East Coast;

1) We and all HAMs here ( Besut, Pasir Puteh and Kota Bharu ) would like to thank you all for the effords and concern to apply the AA for Kota Bharu's repeater. Thank you.

2) Apart from that, it is to inform you all that we have link Besut's repeater 9WW481 and Kota Bharu's repeater 9M4257 succesfully. It were fully used during this monsoon season to relay all the info regarding WX and flood area.
On 16/12/2005 and 17/12/2005, it was used by Besut, Pasir Puteh and Kota Bharu's HAMs to assist Search and Rescue work which was carried out by JPA3 and Bomba to locate 2 drown victims at Dalam Rhu Lagoon, Pantai Semerak. The victims are:

i) Hafiz bin Syamsudin, 16th years old from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan.
ii) Mohd. Suhaimi bin Ibrahim from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Both victims were found today between 11 to 12.30pm.

3) We are getting info on location details to place few others repeater to link up as we told you during your last visits here. The project was to install and link those repeater for Kelantan and Terengganu up to KL. All the repeater will be under MARTS.

Looking forward for your reply. Thanking you in advance and best regards.
Yours truly; 9W2PKG Engku Min Engku Hassan, Terengganu State Liasson Representative
p/s 9W2PKG has been doing an excellent job getting the hams on the East Coast to get together for a common cause. Much has to be done by MARTS to get them into Amateur Radio and using the hobby for community and rescue service. de Bob Chee 9M2CL,

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanking you in advance and best regards.

Yours truly;

Engku Min Engku Hassan
Terengganu State Liasson Representative

p/s 9W2PKG has been doing an excellent job getting the hams on the East Coast to get together for a common cause. Much has to be done by MARTS to get them into Amateur Radio and using the hobby for community and rescue service.

Syabas to Engku 9W2PKG on his untiring efforts, and to all members in the East Coast, for keepig the spirit. . .



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You and your friends have done a good job.
Keep it up but what a foxtrot you are talking about...linking to repeater 9WW481 and 9M4257. These are not amateur callsigns.Are you linked to commercial repeaters ?
Amateurs and non amateurs involved
in the rescue works using amateur repeaters ? Let us have rules and regulations and not do as we like
and spoil amateur radio. East Coast is famous for its pirate repeaters and pirate stations.
Long Live Amateur Radio

Anonymous said...

The above comments / replied made should be polite and in good manner.
What do U mean by the above foxtrot you are talking about??? Be more precised.

Marts News said...

Reference to the anonymous comments, we know you mean well.
FOXTROT . . .&^*% . .I guess you know better, but as for the repeaters, make no mistake about it. These repeater call signs are assigned by MCMC to these Amateur Repeaters. There was a genuine error in assigning these callsigns, when MCMC relied on their internal data o assign these AA via their computers. Obviously someone made a genuine mistake, and there is no need for blood. Last spoken, the authorities are making the necesarry changes to avoid any future ambarassment.
If any one from the authority care to confirm these (again) I am sure anonymous will be more impressed with our reliability.

All said, our friends on the East coast, do not need correction, as do most of us. Lets just carry on 'hamming' , shall we?

de Martsnew.blogspot

9W2Xi - Wilson said...

Syabas! Syabas! Engku 9w2PKG
Thank you for your helping out in time of need.


Anonymous said...

Obviously HAM spirit is important, but save life more important, who cares whether linking commercial or amateur.... As long can save lifes....

Anonymous said...

what the stupid head there no record about 9WW481 and 9M4257 at MCMC, they all pirate what the hell is this....

dont ever put law on your hand pirate is pirate & amateur radio is amateur radio that is different, learn la kawan tell me were can refer for proving this 2 9WW481 and 9M4257 at MCMC, dont tell me MCMC forget about it... or mising somewhere..

just close this blog and stop talking nonsent coz you all became stupid too...

9W2MCT said...

Obviously, you have been Ill informed (FYI, the register is also not live). If you have ill feelings towards this blog for some reason, like you have something stuck up your ___, or perhaps, you do not have the brains to check, or perhaps, you rely too much on your mom to spoon feed you . . .there can be so many reasons. Perhaps if you want to make a meal of this, why dont you come and meet me at Ali B, and I will show you proof, not that it matters, but because, you think you are damn well informed (OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE NOT), and you use this blog to vent your frustration. Frankly, the guys in East coast don't give two hoots to what you have to say on this blog, but I do, cos, you have not even bothered to identify yourself, and also choose to inform all readers that you have the facts, to which you dont.

Come and meet me, and I will show you some concrete evidence. Otherwise, please refrainfrom using this blog to highlight topics, of which you do not know about.

Anonymous said...

Salam sejahtera semua rakan2 hams Utara,Barat,Selatan Tengah Dan Timur.Saya terbaca komen drp yg tak bernama berkenaan dgn aktiviti yg kami rakan2 hams Pantai Timur telah lakukan termasuk dalam usaha kita memberi bantuan komunikasi bersama pihak berkuasa semasa banjir dan menyelamat mangsa lemas atau whatever.Kami amat terkilang/kecewa dengan tuduhan yang dilemparkan oleh YG TAK BERNAMA bahawa repeater/callsign yg kami guna sekarang ini adalah lanun(pirate).Sepatutnya YTB(Yang Tak Bernama)harus selidik terlebih dulu dgn pihak berkuasa sebelum menuduh kami rakan hams di PT sedemikian dan jangan buat pandai/bijak sendiri.Tp tu lah biasanya....Kami harap pihak MARTS tidak akan menutup blog ini semata-mata kerana Sicelaka Anak Luar Nikah YTB sorang ni.Komen bubuh nama biar jelas supaya kita boleh berdepan dengan isu ini.Atau seleke ke Kelate atau kita gi sano.Kalau Macam tu banyaklah lagi YTB Anak Haram,Ayah Haram,Mak pun Haram kena belajar tentang undang2 amatur dan kena keret ke MCMC tanyo khabar.Syabas MARTS!!!

Anonymous said...

This Kelantan chap is jumping over nothing.He starts accusing other people of anak haram.If he is a Muslim ( I think he/she is ) he should know the wrath of Allah for accusing someone a bastard.That is called fitnah in Islam. So please bertaubat dan mohon ampon dari Allah.He is talking about amateur
undang undang.. Does he know how callsigns are formulated by ITU. He needs some lessons on it.He can read " Guideline on allocation of callsign to the amateur radio service" issued by MCMC.Even this guideline do not comply to ITU Regulations.No where is is mentioned that 9WW481, 9M4257 are can be amateur callsigns.
Someone earlier commented on the non amateur callsign. Tony has replied... fair enough.The fault is with MCMC, their ignorance and arrogance have caused all these misundestanding about callsigns.
What are they doing about it ? Have they changed these callsign including those repeaters belonging to ASTRA ?
So MCMC you also have to repent and ask for forgiveness for your ignorance.
Another thing this bloke dont understand is that this blogspot does not belong to MARTS. So no way MARTS can stop it. In fact MARTS has nothing to do with this blogspot. I think this blogsopt should cease operation.Members are not interested. Look at previous postings. Nobody wanted to comment
esp that on RAE Results. You only know to congratulate. How have you all assisted the swl. Was there any class conducted for them. Nobody cares for them. They have to attend classes conducted by other Societies SHAME SHAME.


So to this Kelantan friend I say Istigfar banyak banyak . Mudah mudahan Allah mengamponi dosa kami memfitnah.

Marts News said...

COoooolllllll it . . .
Guys n gals, licensed and unlicensed ham, Swl's and senior Swl's. . .no issue.

I just wanted to highlight that this blog is focussed on getting to speed any activities, and as mst can see, for a while, it was quiet. BUT, we are back on . .
Perhaps, we should all take a step back , and see for ourselves, what we want to see in the haam community in Malaysia. Do we want to go on accusing every one who wants to say a piece, that he or she is Illegitimate?

I can undertand the frutration of our friend in the East Coast (Anonymouse;3.09pm) and his comments. Who wouldn't be? Because of another guys ignorance of the call sign for repeater, and accusing them of being pirates . .
I for one would be pissed off as well.

We who contribute untiringly to this blog, (Refer to all postings) has the objective of keeping in line with our spirit of communication, and such chose to run this blog, with the objective of gathering die hard MARTS members to come together in one voice for the benefit of MARTS. However, we have bridged this, and acknowledged by the current MARTS coucil as being active and devoted members of MARTs, so much so, that representative of MARTS Central region was appointed in our ranks.

We choose to accomodate each and everyone (if anyone who has been to Ali B can tell, we are very much neutral, and in the past, we have seen even members from other clubs coming to say hello to fellow Ham members), and as Ali B does not belong to us, we also advocate car clubs to come and share and gain alike.

I guess my point is, this blog has grown, and will continue to attract all types of comment. My advise, is please keep it civilised, and if you can contribute positively, do so. Negative comments are kept on solely as a form of entertainment.

We also choose to reply with facts.. ....only sentiments.

In the mean, 73s, anddo blog in. .if not within 2m range . . .

de martnews.blogspot