Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Borneo Expedition

Sebatik Island activation

Location of Sebatik Island

Foto of the same Sebatik Island taken
from the Space shuttle

Members of the Borneo Amateur Radio Club are mounting a DXpedition to activate the island of Sebatik in Borneo for the first time.

Steve, 9M6DXX, and John, 9M6XRO, aim to operate as 9M4SEB from around 1100UTC on 14 July until about 0300UTC on 17 July 2006.

Activity will be on 10 to 80m, CW and SSB, using up to three stations simultaneously. One station will use a beam antenna and two will use 400W amplifiers.
The RSGB IOTA Committee recently announced that Sebatik Island would count as a new IOTA group.

Source: GB2RS News - Courtesy of the RSGB


Anonymous said...

It have been many many years since MARTS organised a function like this.There are many exotic islands in Malaysia. The last one was in Pulau Layang Layang ( Sprtaly Island in 1993 )Yes 13 years ago.
Can the MARTS council give a thought to this . This splitter group at Ali Baba are not capable. To organise a dinner they took a long time.

Over to you MARTS cOuncil

Anonymous said...

Great news, I am ever ready to work them at anytime.
Who cares Ali or Baba. V will be on air 17th July.

Anonymous said...

Look fwd for the 17th July.

Slowly slowly catch the monkey,
MARTS will organised a function like this starting with an exotic Pulau Pinang first. A good council will sure looked into your idea.

Until then, enjoy your DX-pedition
and don't criticize people only k.

Anonymous said...

If Ali Baba cannot do it,why not let Kassim Baba try it

Cari Cari Wang

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok Ok . I think I will try dxing Pulau Meranti in Cyberjaya or Pulau Kambing in Trengganu.
Unfortunately both are not islands , so do not qualify for IOTA Awards.