Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Facts from most recent RAE Results.....

As compiled from MCMC Results . . .Our most recent RAE Candidates
1. The RAE was conducted in six states . . SABAH, SARAWAK, SELANGOR, TRENGGANU. PENANG and MALACCA
2. Most Number of candidates - 350 from Trengganu
3. Least number of candidates - 2 from Sarawak
4. Most percentage of passes - 57.01% Penang
5. Most percentage of failures - 50% Sarawak
6. Most percentage of absentees - 17.07% Malacca
7. Total number of candidates - 1224 (combined from all states)
8. Passes 619 candidates, Failures 428 candidates, Absentees 177 candidates
9. No of candidates in the Military/Police service - 17 Candidates
10. 100% attendance - Sarawak 100%

I guess from here, it is evident that we all need to do more to increase the awareness of
Amateru Radio in Malaysia....don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Good to see so many people pass the RAE.Passing the RAE is one hurdle.To these new amteurs, I say dont stop at it. There are so many things to learn. Dont be shy to ask.If you ask you may be a fool at that moment but if you dont ask you will be a fool forever.Education is never ending process.Try some home brew projects.Antennas can be made yourselves, they work as good as those bought from the shops.Soldering techniques need to be learnt.Talk to everybody, dont be confined to your own groups.Forget about the other stations affliation whether MARTS,ASTRA, MARES, JASTRA,PENGASEH
NESRAC etc.I notice that there is a tendency to talk to people of the same group. This is bad for Amateur Radio.
What society or club do I join.?
It is your right to join a society of your choice.Dont be intimidated by anyone.
I hope you will enjoy this hobby for many years to come.

Sikit Lama ham