Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot News - 24 hrs QSO Challenge

9w2RNJ 's charter (aka - man Belon ) is to do us, Amatuer Radio Operator, proud by his attempt to list us in the books of Malaysia Books of Records (MBC) for a 24 hrs non-stop QSO.

His QSO plan is finally approved by MBC after a 2 month agonising waiting out period, much to the joy of man Belon.

We will feature a schedule of his intended QSO plan soon.

Date : 30th August 2006
Time : 0800 hrs
Freq : Most repeaters

So, stay tuned and we will get an insight from the man himself.


de moderator


Anonymous said...

Well done Man Belon.We will give you all our support.Malaysia Bolih, Man Belon Bolih, Kita semua pon bolih.

Keep your pony tail. That is a side attraction.

Anonymous said...

syabas to man belon, since so much work its been done why stop for 24 hrs...lets make it to 1 week. We have hams all malaysia and you can listen to them 24-7 just link them all...this is only my 2 cens worth think about it....73