Tuesday, June 27, 2006

9M2RKK - gone berserk

9M2RKK - update
Hams around the foot print of 9M2RKK have been experiencing QRM for the last 1 week, Pls be informed that the repeater is not 'optimum' and effort to trouble shoot the issue has not improve since. 9W2XL & volunteers visited the site on 2 occasion and it seems that more work is to be schedule to identify the issue.

Volunteers may contact 9W2XL to lend a helping hand.

Thank you for your patience ..


de moderator


Anonymous said...

He went there with his 2 balls.
Did he bring spectrum analyzer and
proper test equipments. NONE.
Hello brother, trial and error wont do.
Get some expert to do it not jack of all trades and master of none.

9W2CBL said...

Anonymous 9:54pm...
Would you be better that you contact 9W2XL and lend a hand. instead of telling people what to do and start bombard

We are here to make thing back of where it belong and right on track so that ham around vicinity of RKK coverage can enjoy.


9W2Xi said...

Anonymous 9.54pm
You seem like a knowledgeble person & with a rather anonying attitude too.

Im sure you are capable of getting your hands on tools to require for this kinda trouble shooting, right? like a spectrum analyzer or maybe sort of Radio Frequency..

So, i urge you to lend a hand , you are the sort of people who seem 'honest-to-goodness' to help. If you want to shoot someone for trying, you certainly don't have what it takes to be genuine..

Like what 9w2CBO said, we would like to get the repeater back on its feet ..

Hope to hear from you soon ...

Alliedmartster said...

Biasalah. . .these ppl anonnymous only know how to blame, and blame and blame, not too long ago, I remember one other guy, MCT, he did this and did that but they say he took money....so by saying that, and I suppose he decided not to do anything more. . .now this guy say that 9W2XL, went up with two balls! At least he went up . . to see what went wrong.
Dindnt know that spectrum analyzer can tell you that antenna is lying down . . if he forgot, there was one time that Antenna was indeed lying down....and some 16 balls rectified it without spectrum analyzer . . .

Come on man. Stop your nonsense and be useful. . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother,
The signal from 9M2RKK is normal...59 ++.That shows the output power has not dropped and the antenna must be intact.The problem is only from mobile or low power stataions.It cannot hold the repeater.My experience tell me that the sensitivity of the repeater has reduced.The front end could have deterioted...possibly to small lightning hit or component decay.
What you need to do is measure SWR, check the sensistivity of the receiver using a signal generator.One other possibility is that there may be an adjacent channel interference.Use a spectrum analyser. You all went up with screw driver and pliers .. what do do expect .. miracles to happen. There many experts in our fraternity... ask them to help.. dont be bodoh sombong as the Malay proverb says.

My premier time is over

Anonymous said...

If your "premier time is over", then shut up! DO NOT post your unwanted comments here!

This Bogspot is to make things better by comments, not slander what some good people are doing!

Anonymous said...

Webmaster, please remove this topic b4 the situation get worsen.
Not healthy to dispute because of repeater problems.

Sori ya my poor english writing.

Alliedmartster said...

I think Premier time is over is giving a very relevant comment.
However, it is wrong for him to assume that 'they went up with pliers and screwdrivers'
SWR equipment is common amongst ham stations, such, one was available.
However, Spectrum Analyzers are not on everyone's list. Perhaps, someone can volunteer?

If one cares to read . . .what 9W2CBL said, if anyone can offer any help, please contact
9W2XL . . wouldn't that have solved the problem?
Better still, take the initiative, and take the lead to gather the people, and equipment.
Rather then just shooting off, and putting others down for their unselfish acts instead of lending a helping hand . . . .

9W2cbo said...

Now after having a good day, reading comments like this just makes my day. For your info Mr. Annoying pls dont just post comments like this.U were not there,what gives U the right to say they went up to RKK with jus pliers & screwdrivers.Next time get yr rear end up there to help out,THEN U have all the right to make comments like U do.IF NOT jus SHUT UP and keep your comments to yourself period.
What ticks me off is when people like U only know how to shoot people down WITHOUT even knowing the full details.Put yourself in XL's position and tell me how it feels when U read a comment like yours truly posted.
And to top it all off, NO BALLS to sign comment with call sign.
I rest my case..

Anonymous said...

Somebody proposed that this topic be removed.What a fantastic idea from some fantastic small brain.
That is not the solution...it is just like sweeping dust under the carpet.Let us all discuss the problem and share experiences.I always believe to systematic approach to problem solving.
1. Identify the problem
a) Antenna and coaxial cable
b) Receiver
c) Transmitter.

2. Find out the various
ways to solve them
a) Check SWR
b) Check sensitivity and
accuracy of receiver
c) Check out put power
3. With the above results you can determine the fault and rectify accordingly.
Sorry cannot be of any further help.If the above info is not of any use just ignore them and no further comments solicited.

Old Timer

9W2CBL said...

anonymous 1:15pm...

You have said "My premier time is over" is this your culture of ham radio! I believe Yes! and is only belong to you that have this mind set then too bad! you are out of here!

Here people are willing to help, and this is the culture of it. We are not bombarding someone! lesson to be learn, learn is only way to bring us forward... negative mindset and keeping blame other is not going to get you forward.

Since you have the knowledge of know how, why don't you step out and lend a hand there to guide, instead of saying here! or you just only know the theory side or you just don't have ball to go forward to help?


Anonymous said...

I do not know you neither spoken to you on the band.Your comments actually are not necessary.You must be quite young.These are people who wants attention.. there are a few on this blogspot.The comments you gave made been giggle and satisfied because you responded.. So young man , please ignore them.

You may have passed the RAE but go and learn more about amateur radio....technical matters or procedures.Your arguements does not contribute to the effecient use of repeaters.It is a waste of space only.

9w2yew said...

i would like to help and at the same time learnin about this..
but im new in this HAM radio world..
if u guys think i can help...
include me...
im free most of the time...

Anonymous said...

This YEW fellow is good. He wants to help at the same time learn.
Thats the spirit boy!!!! not that CBL chap...talk only.empty vessel..tong kosong

Anonymous said...

anonymous - Ha ha. you such a bastard and a loser.

Guys, don't reply anymore. This bastard only wants the attention. The more we reply the more he'll become arrogant.

Anonymous - go eat some shit because if i really look into your tongue, it is brown. Too much ass licking. Ha ha ha ha...

9W2MCT said...

Richard 9W2CBL,

I know you and if someone says you are young, then he must be licking your ass!
Personally I think you are middle age, but not that I am insulting you.
I also know wkat you guys did in 9M2RTB, and syabas to you guys! Identifying the problem as well as devoting your own personal time to try to rectiofy the problem is a start.
The community needs more people like you and don't let this anonymous bugger get to you.

The problem I think is that these people are just too happy to put others down, unlike the true ole timers who encourage and also still help. I know of one station, actually two, who at the last minute, hopped on to 'pass their knowledge'. They know who they are! Syabas Chums!

So don't fret, and look forward to meeting up with you and Richie . . .


9W2SSJ said...

Actually I do not understand why some comments are signed off using the name of ANONYMOUS.

They must be embarrased of the name given to them by their Father or Mother.
If they do not want to use their names, nama glamour pun bolih kan..? Or MCMC call sign Licence?

Let's give "constructive" and not "destructive" & "hentam" comments, that will not take the Ham "spirit" anywhere.

My lima kupang.

For everyones' info..the 9M2RKK repeater tak rosak..so no need for Spectrum analysers..SWR meters...
someone recently installed some more dishes next to our antenna, therfore the QRM is coming from there!
Next plan of action..we are going to move our antenna to a different position soon! So we will need some extra antenna cable lengths and manpower to climb up the tower
for the move.

9W2CBL said...

MCT, thanks on your input there, Ham NS are willing to go up to repair RTB and they are standing by.

I'm looking at positive way on those comment put on by anonymous..and looking at those comment made by anonymous 9:12pm and 9:59pm.. Let say that I'm young and you are both at older age.. Was it a way of life that older age people should guide younger age people the right way to go? Then the way you put your comment, was it a right way to guide younger people to follow a good way?...!!! nope! i don't think so! you are guiding younger generation to fight there! I don't know how you teach your harmonic there! if you have one.

Just like what SSJ has say..Let's give "constructive" and not "destructive".. so end this and let's have a constructive and one goal to make RKK back alive so that everyone can enjoy..!

Anonymous said...

Since Suchart said someone installed a dish at the RKK repeater so
Anonymous 28/6/06 1.15pm was correct when he said that one of the reasons for the problem at RKK... could be adjacent channel interference. Not all anonymous comments are bad. Some are better that those giving their names or callsigns.

9W2SSJ said...

To be credible, one must give their "names".

Otherwise, why do we need "MyKad"?
U can use Anonymous!

Anyone can say their piece, but if they want others to partake their info, use your "name".

Those that said -it's "channel interference"- got his answer "C"
Answer "A" & "B" was wrong!

If that person was keen to help..
he should have called "9W2XL - the Bear"..(who is the MARTS Central Zone Liason rep). Or come for our TT sessions..sit down and discuss..but memang not by shooting down the persons that are sacrificing their time to help out!

My RM1..harga dah naik..

Anonymous said...

At leat that anonymous person know what he is talking about. He gave
the possibilities of the problems.
BTW who appointed him as Central Zone
Liason Rep.Show me which newsletter was this info made availabe to members. Was there a letter of appointment ?To me it is more as self appointed.
Hon Sec MARTS please clarify. and who are the other regional reps South, East and Central

SWL member

9W2Xi said...

To SWL member, if the person is not appointed as the Central Zone Liason Rep, others will not address him as one. He will also be a fool to decieve others to call him as one, don't you think?

It may be an oversight by MARTS Sec for not publishing the info, bear in mind, these group of ppl are the one who try to keep the repeater operating.

Anonymous said...

++Thank you++
- repeater fixing party

++Damn you++
- commercial/microwave dishes
- ass-mouth Anonymous (hahaha..)

Anonymous 10:32

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Intelliget people discuss intelligently.If you have a point discuss it with fellow hams. The use of 4 letter word shows your upbringing. Even you have not been brought up properly by your parents , you dont have to show it here.Have some respect to your own self,your parents and others. It shows your low level of maturity. Grow up boy !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you moderator for removing the two earlier postings which contain vulgar words.We are all for good discussion even our opinions may differ.Everyone has the right to post but it must be
done according to good ethics.

BTW Mr Moderator. Why was the posting and comment on the naval station
M8V5 (?) the illegal station operating on ham band removed.It is 100% illegal for a ham station to talk to a non ham station under normal circumstances.Situation could be different if life and property are at risk. 9W2XL spoke to this station. He should be reprimanded for doing this.Another MCMC officer 9M2IR was on board, he should be sacked from MCMC for
allowing such QSO,MCMC ofiicer do not know about rules and regulations especially when he has a callsign 9M2IR. God knows when he passed the RAE and CW test.

Kambing Hitam MCMC

Anonymous said...

one topic at a time dude. now another off topic just to get everybody debating negatively again. your motive could be clearly seen. you bloody instigator.

screw you fire and shit stirrer.

Jello said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ah huh, talking about illegal ham thing…. I have something to say…. I have been hearing some kids voice coming through and out from the RKK repeater these days.

I wonder whose kids are they. The parents (probably licensed hams) allowed their kids to call on the RKK repeater with calling “whiskey India lima” only. I believe the parent(s) must be someone known or close to Wilfred.

That’s illegal! How can a child operate the radio as long as he/she is under 14? Even not under the supervision of the parents!

This is a little too much. Refrain from doing this again or you are just like a bunch of orang utans, teaching the kids to climb on to the RKK tower and shout “whiskey India lima”.

Anonymous said...

I heard the small kids this evening at about 4.30pm.To narrow the possibilities whose kids are those.. I think they of Chinesee origin..no racist intended.9W2PO was trying to tell them to switch off but they kept on pressing the mike.They told Ong that Daddy was sleeping ..probably to recover sleep lost watching football.So responsible parents pse switch off your rigs when you are not around,educate them that they are not supposed to talk yet.Make sure it des not happen again.

Undang pakai

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jello, how r u and welcome back to the B Char Lobang Blogspot.
Greatman!!! U really hv very accurate in4 posted.
The blog admin is baised as a 2 headed snake and continued to enjoy more destructive reading between ham members. If u posted a peaceful and accurate statement yr posting will be removed. U C they posted questions and self answered the blog and this is a very dangerous situation managed by blod admin. Betul, banyak sudah charbok b4 their 2 balls get assinated.
Yes, many hv heard that kids opearating radio while mobiling with their parents. Macam ini pun boleh ka??? Anyone object to this statement and what next??? My YL call me on repeater boleh ka???

9W2SSJ said...

As had been said b4.
This is not a MARTS blogspot.
Its a website for Ham radio users to share "radio related info", nn not be a polisman!
This blogspot is also not sanctioned by the Marts Council.

If you are not happy with the repeaters, send an email to the Marts COUNCIL.

9M2RUK has been off the air for more than 2 months..I do not see anyone complaining.

Some postings are just "belateh!"

We also have postings about "splitting" the members..Where do you get yr info about this? What is your basis of this deducion? Have you interviewed
the radio member yourself? we need proof in writing. Stop posting all these sweeping statements.

As far as I can see..there are some postings here that have been written to instigate members to
attack this blogspot admin.

Please bear in mind, its quite easy for admin to just delete selected harmful postings.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jello said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

My posting at 7.07pm has been removed because it is not according to the taste of the administrator.I mentioned that this blogspot was created for bad intention to humiliate the MARTS council.So the policy of this blogspot is "WRITE WHAT I LIKE TO READ OTHERWISE IT WILL BE DELETED " I also mentioned the police report made against MARTS by this group.


Anonymous said...

Hello to all, XL as a ham volunteer balls have been executed. How many balls do you guys want? In order for ham members to read and gauge the true of ham community the admin blog should not delete any messages posted unless the posting have 4 letter words. At least, retain those posted message for 5 days.
Bravo, we u/stand your feelings.
Unfortunate, we do not hv a chance to read your posting and those that have been deleted coz not of the taste of admin blog.
Some said the ham community is like brotherhood is it true???

Jello & associations.

Anonymous said...

The following message will be deleted by the administrator within 10 seconds. Please read NOW>

Let me recap what I wrote.
The name of this blogspot is misleading. A person may think this is where they can get news about MARTS.Instead it used to insult and ridicule MARTS Council.
Look at their mission.It says MARTS is dysfunctional.
This blogspot was created after a bunch of fools from KL failed in their attempt to be Council memebers.They failed because they were not members in benefit.Their fees did not reach the Treasurer. It was walloped by Shafik the President then.They left the Meeting Hall and then went to make police report in Penang.
After that this blogspot was created with revenge and bad intentions.Nobody in this group want to admit this. I have a copy of this report that was leaked to me by their one time supporter.
The truth will always prevail.
So be happy dont worry.


9W2SSJ said...

7/03/2006 12:15

1. Name - does not mean a thing if MARTSNEWS is used as a heading. U yourself do not use a name
2. No where does this blogspot "hit" at the MARTS Council. The word dysfunctional means - not working correctly. We want to improve the Soceity. (I just received my membership card after sending the bank in slip sometime early part of this year)
3. Blogspots can be created at anytime. We have so many Blogspots now related to Malaysian Amateur Radio.
4. Can you prove in writing that this blogspot was created "with revenge and bad intentions"?

My 50 kupangs worth

Anonymous said...

Bravo, tks in4 and well noted of the group bad intentions. During that period most of them are the 9W2 just got their radio licence. R they capable and hv the knowledge if Malaysia is appointed to run a ham conventions meeting just like the coming one in Japan? R they going to talk about the fun of 2meterband only.....? So daring!! What a shame if they did not realized the international standard of ham radio.
How about next year AGM do U think they stand a chance to capture?

Concerned & associate

Jello said...

My posting was also being removed!

This is how the so called "administrators" handle the message here....

I guess i will also need to recap of what i wrote and repost one each time it is removed.

Suchart, if everything done leaves a trail of proofs behind, police will not have such a tough time solving cases already.

Prove in writing? Come one la, don’t talk like a kid la. You write on your forehead “I’m a thief” after stealing some sweets from the sundry shop when you were young ar?

Let me answer you one by one.

>>If you are not happy with the repeaters, send an email to the Marts COUNCIL.

We are not unhappy about the repeaters, we are just unhappy about how the licensed ham parents allowing their own kids to play with their radio, either with or without the knowledge of the parents. Either case are unacceptable.

>>9M2RUK has been off the air for more than 2 months..I do not see anyone complaining.

Why the hell do we need to complain about RUK? We have RKK & RKL and both of them are seriously underutilised, you still need another one sitting there collecting dusts? Should make it a digipeater la or Suchart can use it as his personal broadcast station for shooting nonsense.

>>Please bear in mind, its quite easy for admin to just delete selected harmful postings.
Your postings are harmful. Talking craps and nonsense. RUK, Proof in writing, blogspot with a name “MARTSNEWS”. Funny, why the word MARTS if it has nothing to do with MARTS? Stupid eh?


I can post this as many time as I want as I have copy saved.

Anonymous said...

many blogspot related to amateur radio but none of them, other than this, with the url add of www.MARTSNEWS.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Bravo, i agree with you. these bunch of idiots, especially suchart & other close gangs of his like to meddle in & defend ppl. b4 u defend for ppl, think of what u r doing first. if u do that, u r also add in your effort to mess the whole thing up. we, as back benchers see what happened. suchart act like he's the righteous one. in fact, he's the stupid one.

i agree with Jello, shtu up & play airplane.

Jello said...

Bravo, what police report? I'm so interested! Please elaborate.

We have the responsibility to uncover all sinister acts within this community.

whatever you've posted up there, I'll personally ensure that i will save up a copy and will repost it again and again as long as they removed it.

i'm on your side, bravo.

Anonymous said...

Bravo & Jello, pls adv what police report? People said Ham members share their wealth, enjoy together happily as BROTHERHOOD and will not cheat each others LAH.....Hi Hi!! Blessing, so far NO cheating case?
We do not need the RUK coz RKK, RKL & national link is good enough.
Why those supporters leak in4 b'coz they realized that it is wrong doing to comdem and the group is supported by a big brother. They should instead be more cooperative to the new appointed council.
Suchart, we suspecting that U R now the big brother? Hope not otherwise yr 2 balls will soon be executed.


Anonymous said...

actually it's very easy to tell one's popularity. given that so many negative comments of suchart, but he's still very courageous to write something using his callsign. for me, i'd have already gone on "QRT" = Quickly Runaway from This.

9W2SSJ said...

The above negative/personal bashings goes to confirm that
there are some "guys" that have posted their comments need an outlet..medically they need help from the "head doctor".

I do not and will not stoop to their low level of intelligence!

Anonymous said...

These are the people involved in making the police rerort after the AGM.

Instigators. 9W2AC, 9M2?? Suresh. 9W2CP Bessy. 9W2ZU Zu
Conspirators: Bear, Wilson, Tony. Allan, Ong. and others.
Supporters: a few.Dollah DS was there as observer.

The above people can give further explanation. The instigators should be killed first.


Anonymous said...

I have met Suchart a few times either eyeball QSO or on the air.He is a gentleman,polite and understanding.His knowledge about communications is good.
Unfortunately he has been corrupted by a few idiots who have ulterior motives in forming this blogspot.So Suchart watch your steps, dont be hoodwinked by unscruplous people., enjoy your hobby and assist newbies in radio communications. You will be remembered for a long time.
He has not bought me a drink neither I bought him a drink.So I have nothing to gain or lose.

Kawan senyap

Anonymous said...

Administrator - remove all anonymous log in and this unhealthy practice will be put to a stop.

It was done previously why was it stopped and reopened again?

Jello said...

Hi Bravo, now i see. Actually it's really interesting to know that a hobbyists community can turn into a police matter. hmmm.... it seems most of the time, those few big names that we can always hear on the repeater are always involved in some bizarre matters one?

To Kawan Senyap: you're right. we can just stay aside from all these sorts of political struggle and just play our radio or suchart's own aeroplane.

those idiots who lodged police report for unknown reasons have all the time in the universe to make noise and act like big brothers. but too bad, people with bad intentions will have negative outcomes.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7/03/2006 5:10 PM: we should not remove aything from here. since they like to ignore what people had been asking, i.e. close down this blogspot, then let it run!! let people have a decent outlet to uncover what those socalled big brothers had been doing and what suchart and tony are up to, as they publicly announced that they enjoyed seeing people make noise on the blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Bravo & Jello, I hv been monitoring the blog seems like every conners is on fire.
Pls explain what is ham radio all about???
RF Power or Council Power?
How do hams QSO if everyone hv such ill feelings toward each others?
How many hams in KL? Strange only a few goes on air.

I wonder how U R so informative why R these people like to discredit the capability of current council members in Penang??? Recently, they hv achieved the installation of national link and hv repaired the RKK repeater.

I wonder why & a big thanks to Penang groups involved on the setting up of national link.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Yes one fine morning I heard with my ear confort and heart in pain that 9W2SSJ & MCT condeming the council members at NO expenses.
Why do that..... on air they should telephone them and talk at close door.
Did the council members cheated them???

Jello said...

anonymous 7/03/2006 5:25 PM:

i can answer those question for you on behalf of the big brothers. hi hi...

1. ham radio is all about using radio as an entry gateway to secure seats in the MARTS council to screw those members or peers that they don't like and probably for some, can gain access to a large pool of funds in the society. or, gain a title of datukship or tan-sri-ship for helping people to put up the repeaters.

2. RF power / council power: they need council power to secure RF power as they not only requiring 400w to tx, they also need the influential power to screw mcmc to abolish the cw and probably increase the tx power to 1kw.

3. how can hams qso: oh they can. cos they are perfect hypocrites and can pretend as someone else when they talk and radio and someone else when eyeballing.

4. many hams in KL. few thousand. ah huh, many new hams already started to pull out from repeaters already. i personally know a few.

Anonymous said...

Suchart, you mentioned -
1. Name - does not mean a thing if MARTSNEWS is used as a heading. U yourself do not use a name

Does this message imply that your name Satish also doesn't mean a "thing"?????

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!!!

What is happening now.? Who is fighting who ? Mahathir versus Abdullah Badawi...no we are not in politics. I have no doubt that this blogspot was established to discredit MARTS Council. This happened after the AGM in 2005.
Tony, Wilson and Allan may be able to answer.. Bear can talk..., he can sell ice to the Eskimos but when come writing he gives up.

Enough division has been created by this blogspot. To the administrator.. I say swallow your pride a little and shut it down .Any complaints and dissatisfaction should be directed to the Council.We dont need batu api to create splinter groups. They have been duly elected, let them carry out their function, and support them.
Critize them when necessary but not revenge.Many are aspiring to be future Council members..it is their right but many are also seeing MCMC appointing a certifying Agency to conduct RAE and CW test.These people have seen
ringgit in front of them and at the same will find opportunities
to have their wives, children and
friend pass the RAE without knowledge.I am afraid MARTS may have no future if such people are elected at the next AGM.Get them destroyed before they destroy MARTS.


Anonymous said...

Saya tak pandai bahasa inggeris tapi dari apa yang saya baca dan dengar. Ada kumpulan yang tidak puas hari dengan AJK MARTS sekarang
Kumpulan ini jadi kumpulan serpehan
dan cuba melaga lagkan ahli.Mereka hanya nampak kelemahan MARTS.Apabila rangkaian repeater dipasang seluroh negara tidak ada suara yang mengucapkan terima kasih.Setiap orang ada kelemahan dan kelebihan.Kiya buat kelemahan dan ambil kelebihan.Kita mesti jujur kepada diri kita dan kepada orang lain.Sikap ada udang di sebalik batu ( ataupun udang sebalik mee kari)atau dendam mendendam mesti dihindarkan.
Kita tidak hidup 100 tahun. Dengan masa yang sengkat ini marilah kita berbakti kepada persatuan dengan tulus ikhlas.Kikiskan sikap berpuak puak.

( Yang pakar bahasa harap alih bahasakan )

Ahli hingga 2008

Ahli hingga 2008

9W2xyz said...


Funny call sign. Must be bought. I quote "What is happening now.? Who is fighting who ? Mahathir versus Abdullah Badawi...no we are not in politics. I have no doubt that this blogspot was established to discredit MARTS Council. This happened after the AGM in 2005.
Tony, Wilson and Allan may be able to answer.. Bear can talk..., he can sell ice to the Eskimos but when come writing he gives up."

First off.. you havent seen Bear write. Nor have you seen me sell.

Second ..No we are not in politics. We want to see value. We are not here to discredit Marts. We give credit to those who deserve it. 9M2CL is my high school math teacher. He other students are 9W2XI, 9W2MCT, 9W2AXN, 9W2CBO, 9W2XC, 9W2WES, etc etc teacher. I am against some of what the council has done as a group. I have nothing bust respect for Bobby. After all... his IS a thankless job.

Third.... this is OUR blog. It is OUR diary. It is OUR personal space. YOU are the visitors. So... you come to my house... you have to live with my dogs. You come into my kitchen, you have to live with my food. You come into our blog... be prepared to live with our opinions. Your opinion is welcome... but remember... this is OUR blog.

As for Ahli hingga 2008....
Kesilapan anda adalah andaian bahawa kumpulan yang tidak puas hati dengan aksi AJK MARTS merupakan kumpulan serpihan. Mungkin kumpulan ini kurang 'diplomatik' tetapi, mereka tetap menyokong MARTS sebagai kelab perdana di Malaysia. Ketidakpuasan mereka adalah dengan pucuk pimpinan kelab tersebut. Nyata sekali sikap berpuak-puakan tidak akan membawa apa apa faedah kepada MARTS.

Pasal sikap udang di sebalik batu... tidak ada agenda yang tersembunyi. Golongan ini cuma tidak puas hati. Mereka tidak ingin menubuhkan kelab lain. Didalam forum yang sebegini, memang ada mereka yang berbahasa kasar, asyik berlaga dan biadab. Kebanyankkan dari kami cumalah ahli-ahli Marts yang menubuhkan tempat berkumpul untuk eyeball and tempat menulis blog. ITU Sahaja.

Anonymous said...

terima kasih.
Sekurang kurangnya ada orang baca dan faham tulisan saya.
Jika kumpulan anda tidak puas hati dengan pimpinan mARTS sekarang masanya akan sampai untuk mengubah pucuk pimpinan cara demokrasi jika mendapat sokongan ahli majoriti.
Pastikan yuran dibayar terus kepada bendahari dan mendapat resit resmi.Jangan jadi pisang buah dua kali.
Sehingga itu adalah menjadi tanggongjawab semua ahli memberi sokongan padu
kepada pimpinan sekarang.
Orang yang biadap dan lucah tidak perlu diberi layanan.Semua perbincangan perlu mengikut peradaban dan tatasusila yang baik.

ahli hingga 2008

9W2Xi said...

To Jello & his company,
Pls refer to the March 2005 'AGM posting' and you will understand why this blog was created to help voice opinons constructively. PERIOD!!

Its certainly not a place where one condemns anyone for trying to make a difference.

So, if you are not the kind of sprited HAM operator who we think you are, you may not critise someone without knowing the facts.


Marts News said...

You may notice that there are some blog which are removed. These blogs are deemed vulgar.

I have removed them.

73s de moderator

Jello said...

alan, do u have a job?

if you have a job, work hard, make more money and make a better living for your family. let the retired folks run the society. they have all the time they want.

we members don't want someone who has an official job but can hardly draw their body out to devote their effort to the society when we need it.

>>you come to my house... you have to live with my dogs

really? is that how u treat your guests? don't simply let your "dog" go lose in the "wild". you'll get prosecuted.

>>... but remember... this is OUR blog.

if this is YOUR blog, then why the hell you put up a mission statement big enough at the first page of this blogspot? if it's YOUR diary, YOUR blog, YOUR personal space, why the hell there's a mission statement out saying "This site is established by a group of ham members who wish to see the interests of amateur radio in MALAYSIA protected." (notice the word MALAYSIA)

YOU should rephrase the mission statement to "This site is established by a group of ham members who wish to see the interests of amateur radio of OUR GROUP protected."

use your brain. before you keep barking "OUR blog, OUR personal space, OUR dogs..." oooppppps....

Jello said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ya, thats what i read from the close eyeball quarter thing. but the admin removed the message already. these ppl r terrible la. this blogspot does more harm than good

Anonymous said...

Blog admin why those words posted like bastard, licking ass is not removed. Is it because they r on yr side and firing the anonymous this hv to be there???
I hv earlier posted a very general peaceful message hoping that this topic to be discontinued for good but my message was removed.
Why??? U R so bias n enjoy to C destruction amoung ham members...

Disappointed group.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7/04/2006 10:43 AM. this blog admin like to remove those things they "don't like to read" and only retain those they like to see, i.e. chaos, fighting on the blogspot, split and etc etc....

Alliedmartster said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where do these comments and counter comments go ?? It is only fit for the toilet.

Shut down this blogspot. Any complaints direct them to MARTS Council ( If you are not member, shut up ) If matters regarding rules and regulations direct them to MCMC.
If personality conflict and revenge refer them to GOD.
I dont want to waste my time here.

I am beginning to learn the bad habits from my seniors now.They dont lead me the right path.
Better recite the Lords Prayer.


Anonymous said...

Ham radios in Malaysia is gaining popular but ham members still cannot forgive n forget the past happening. Why!!! because individual or groups feels they are the best candidates to run the ham radio soceity.

The group with bad intention must admit and realized the Wrong Doing for not coopearating with the Penang council members.
Within 2 yrs the Penang council hv implimented/activated the 2 meters national link.
Ask yrself do yr Big Brother hv the ability and technical knowledge to create the 2meters national link up within the group???
For temporary please do not ask/demand for more because time is difficult, everyone hv to cari makan and hv to take care of family.

Example: The KL deputy 9M2RS/En Rashide reputation was down to earth and to drain because KL group refused to listen, dislike and cannot accept him just for 2 years.
He do not hv the good cooperation and understanding from the KL ham members.
Jealous Ka...is the fact. Why!!!
When the Big Brother said he is No Good so everyone follows to dislike him and continued to say...Yes, he is No Good and etc.

Rashide, was not given a good chance to guide and to improve the ham soceity.
Very unfortunate that V did tap on his ability to guide the 9W to be a 9M based on his 40 years of ham radios experience.
For instance 9M2GL, he is humble, he do not expect a thanks, he do not want to be known as Big Brother and will not mixed up with U guys.
We missed him dearly and he will be always remember by us as a great ham contributors in Malaysia.

Guys to be successful in life you must hv yr WISDOM/HONESTY and follows successful people.

Reader by the side to be continue....next

Anonymous said...

May I ask what group, which group and how many in a group?
Where are this group from and why form groups?
Finally, which is the best group and which group should I join to play ham radios.

Anonymous said...

9W2XYZ, yr information posted here is applied to someone at yr mercy.

If you welcome and show respect to yr visitors and they are afraid of dogs please tie them up.
If you are inviting your visitors to yr kitchen for dinner made sure you know what he/she likes and dislikes.

That's it.
My way of treating a visitors.

Anonymous said...

9W2XYZ, yr information posted here is applied to someone at yr mercy.

If you welcome and show respect to yr visitors and they are afraid of dogs please tie them up.
If you are inviting your visitors to yr kitchen for dinner made sure you know what he/she likes and dislikes.

That's it.
My way of treating a visitors.

Anonymous said...

ya... who let the dogs out? bow wow wow wow....

Anonymous said...

true, 9m2GL is a very good example of selfless contribution to the ham community.

but some punks just because they not satisfy with what peopel do things and wanna make noise, change things, challenge people, lodge police report, coup de tat (maybe).

play your radio, rest your dissatisfaction in peace, make more money and a better living for oyur family, research into how to make a better antenna, try different modes of operation, improve QSO technic and etc.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this hobby. I heard fantastic stories about ham radio.
It was supposed to be King of Hobbies.It took me a long time for me to pass the RAE as i am not a technical person.I have great respect of the older 9M2. They guided me, lend me books.Explain to me the do and dont of ham radio.
Unfortunately some of these people have passed away, others got fed up of bad attitudes of the 9W.The dedication of Sangat Singh,Avatar Singh, Haji Idris, Haji Rashid , Zainal Farid
Pak Eshee and a few others cannot be questioned.Their contribution in getting the B licence and tax exemption for ham equipment are worth mentioning.Where are these peole now. They have abandoned ship as the crews of the ship have done a mutiny.
As to Allan, you are a bit arrogant.That is not the way to treat other members.Your arrogance will lead you nowhere instead a soft approach will benefit everbody. So tone down, brother.

i am looking forward to the gathering that has been proposed.
Make it a happening.RM30.00 per head is reasonable. Please give ample notice.


9W2xyz said...

Dear Anonymous Socialite host.....

You miss the point but I expected no less from you. Actually, sometimes you have to lower your expectations. Just remember this............
This is a realm of free speech. We defend your right to write what you write. It when contributors get vulgar that when blogs are removed. Look carefully, you dont see the administrator suka suka deleting entries. And... remember this.. .HE is doing a service. No one pays him.

As for the host and guest thing.
You assume you are an invited guest in my house. Why would you do that? Hehe... LOL. Anyway, you are not a guest. YOu are a gate crasher. A guest is someone known. I may be old fashioned but at your wedding... I bet your wife and you knew all the guests. Likewise... this is OUR blog.

I am saying.. .if you bloody pop in... unannounced, no name, no call sign... live with it. You get treated like the people we dont know.
Even if I tie my dogs up.. .the fact that you may not like dogs will not change the fact that I have them tied up 5 feet from you. Even if you do not like my food..... you get the point?

If you come here... tell me your name... what you like to eat.... we can talk and I can arrange for you to be comfortable. If most people here are not making you comfortable... do you really think the problem is them? Take a hint. If many people dont like you... If you think after you tell them your name... lagi people wont like you .. .better you stay anonymous then.

Being anonymous and hiding behind a wall breeds hostility. Especially when you want to launch couterpoints. Remember... only time you should be anonymous is when you give donations.

AND as for JELLO... my.. such lofty ideas. When you were young.. did you mother drop you on concrete? OK. If you want to make it personal. Come see me and work this out. Otherwise shut up. I get tired of people who lack the depth to understand ideas. What the heck difference does it make if my dogs are loose. If they are loose in my house why should I be prosecuted? For one who advocates brain use... you surprisingly function without one.

And finally... read the small print you myopic idiot. I said OUR. NOT MINE. There is a big difference. MANY people feel they own this blog. If you choose to call this your blog... it is YOURS... and OURS. Its a question of choice and ownership. If you do not wish to be part of this... someone please explain to me why you give 2 hoots about this place and still want to give your opinion. Remember... we, you and I cannot assign ownership to anonymous. After all... who the heck are you? Do you really think we think of you as anonymous 1, anonymous 2, etc etc? Or do I see you as one amourphous blob of inconsiderate people who dont want to be seen when they shoot their mouths off?

I think you think too highly of you opinions.... lets hear your next one. Prove to me you have balls. COme up and show yourself.

You are still welcome to blog here. Leave your callsign at least. At least have that much pride in your writing.

9W2xyz said...

Anonymour 9w2?? new to ham fellow.

My name is Alan.

I can be perceived as arrogant. I make no excuses. But I will still call a spade a spade and I dont mince my words.

After all that. I will still buy you a drink. Thats just me. Apologies if you cannot deal with it. I am sorry you have an issue with it. There is a fine line there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for addressing you as Allan.We have not met or spoken before.
No apologies required.I expresssed my personal views without fear or favour.Different people have different ways of expressing their opinions, some gentle some harsh.. So let be it as we are all adults and can think for ourselves. I chose the gentle way and I do not lose anything.
Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Good defence Alan. But still, you failed to address the 'our blogspot' issue and the mission statement as brought up by jello. Is that you choose to ignore or too volcanic hence rendering you miss the topic? It seems pretty obvious that jello has pushed you to the max huh? You’re easy. Hi hi.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked, anus means 'a part of your anatomy' or more commonly referred to as rectum. (or part of the rectum) should have stayed awake at the science class . . .

Oooppps , guess that is a 'bad'word.. .. ..

....if you didn't know already, my posting was removed too!!

Anyways, I thought it funny that the Vice President of MARTS, was trying to do his best and did not gt support???
How is he doing his best when he clearly stated that there was no need for MARTS to continue being the IARU recognised/affiliated Amateur associastion? Please enlighten me.....

It is an obvious good thing that he is helping in the good of the hobby, by getting new members, getting voted in to the premier society, but what has he achieved? I am clearly confused . . . .

Alliedmartster said...

From Late Latin annymus, from Greek annumos, nameless : an-, without ; see a-1 + onuma, name (influenced by earlier nnumnos, nameless); see n-men- in Indo-European roots.]

doesn't it amuse you that anonymous contains those very letters??!!

Yup, that very part that excretes . . .

so, if you look at these comments, literally they mean . . . . .

get it?

Clearly, there are people out there who have something against those who gather at Ali B.
Why? Only those who excrete their sentiments on this blog know better . .they choose to harp on these 'issues'
But say what you want . . .they say great minds think alike . . .

Anonymous said...

The discussion here have gone astrayed. There is no focus on issues affecting amateur radio.
We should be discussing this.

1. Abolishing RM60.00 processing fee imposed by MMCMC.
2. Updating list of equipments issued by MCMC. Their list obsolete
3. Pressure MCMC to make a decision whether they want to relax the rule on CW,
4.Bandplan for ham frequencies. I was told that we lost part of UHF Band.
Many many more. Dont waste time discussing irrelevant topics.

Time is precious.

Jello said...

Hello, jello is back, again.

What the heck! Alan, relax... how can we elect you as council member if u r so easy like that. I believe you will resort to wallop people if you hear something you don't like from the crowd, given your size, no one can match, man.

I never crash your gate. I only come into this blog and voice out my "lofty" opinion.

The myopic idiot apologises on the wrong use of phrase. It supposes to be "your-group-of-people's blog".

The point is, don't say this blog is "our blog" when you have the mission statement saying out loud "...to see the interests of amateur radio in MALAYSIA protected", you too-farsighted idiot.

Who am I? You might ask, "lu siapa? Ada ic ka? John doe ka? No, I’m a Malaysian citizen with a Mykad but just refuse to show it to you, so does my callsign. No balls? Fine. Chicken? Fine.

You're the one who torn off your own faces and show people how you deal with issues by using such hooligan style talking.

Actually you are right, I think too highly of my own opinion. But you think way much higher of your own opinion than most people here deem.

Don’t keep on biting without loosening your jaw. It could break your teeth one day.

… and I know whose kids are those who were on the repeater.

9W2xyz said...

Sigh Jello...

the fact that we still allow you to jerk off on this blog means we acknowledge you as a person and your right to blab even if you dont sign off as an entity. Is that not protecting a right?

Do you know why this blog was set up?
DO you know who set it up?
DO you think I want to run for council?

Anyway, I think for someone who peeks out from behind the shower curtain, I have explained enough to you. Any more info, you will have to get at eyeballs.

By the way I am not easy. YOu still dont list as credible in my book.


PS. For those of you out there hacking on 9M2RS. Especially when he is not here to defend himself. Much of what he has said is taken way out of context.

Jello said...

sigh..... Alan.... oh my...

thank you for your kind consideration which still consider me as a person and the right to "blab", but no, thanks, i do not need your acknowledgement as anything or anyone.

all the 3 questions u panned out, i know the reasons behind. those are all "your group of people's" conspiracies to overthrow the penang marts council. you can deny it as many times as you want but we just know the fact.

for your last question, the answer is: you sure want to! cos that's the gateway for you to wallop whoeevr you feel not satisfy with, after securing the council power, as well as RF (ruthless force) power.

Alan, for your infor, many people obtained infor through intelligence and those people normally peek behind the shower curtain and those infor proved to be the most reliable.

for your infor, again, if you're a full-blown hottie in a tight mini-skirt, i will be very interested to have an eyeball with you... but too bad, you're not... sorry.

i don't care about your book cos no one will be interested to read. if i'm credible or not in it? fine by me. if you’re Da Vinci Code author, then I will sure care.


Anonymous said...

I am new to ham and heard about those AGM issues happening in Penang and was amused by posted in4
Sound not ham radio interest but all for political power.
I hv lost my interest, nothing to say n do not know what to talk on repeater 4 the fear of saying wrong things.
I hv heard b4 and found out that new hams got scolded bcoz of poor handling the mic in RKK repeater!!! I hv my radio installed hardly got the chance to TX n looking 4 someone to pratice on how to talk.

Anonymous said...

I am new to ham and heard about those AGM issues happening in Penang and was amused by posted in4
Sound not ham radio interest but all for political power.
I hv lost my interest, nothing to say n do not know what to talk on repeater 4 the fear of saying wrong things.
I hv heard b4 and found out that new hams got scolded bcoz of poor handling the mic in RKK repeater!!! I hv my radio installed hardly got the chance to TX n looking 4 someone to pratice on how to talk.

Alliedmartster said...

refer 'explanation on the word' ANONYMOUS. . . .
Ooopppssss there it goes again, like a gust of wind, just gushing by . .

9w2xi said...

anonymous 7/07/2006 3:31 PM, you are right, it did happened to a new ham. But do you know that the station ( who happened to be a 9M) got a ear full for doing that. How else would a new ham improve, if he is not able to have a QSO with others?

So, i would urge you to pick up the mic and have your right to QSO. If we fumble, we stand to be corrected with an open heart and hopefully improve on it.

Hope to have a QSO with you sometime later.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rashid is not idiot or bodoh! he's the one with the vision but those bunch of idiots down there just refuse to cooperate, rendering his plans unexecutable. know it?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The heartless and very ungrateful group of hams around in Malaysia.
Anyway, the 9Ms hv contributed to increase the ham hobby and sad to say with regreted and with big big disappiontment.
U guys hv been condeming him.
He deserve 4 doing that ????

9M2RS & those involved U guys hv done a very good job in the past.
It's OK the current MARTS council hv been monitoring and hv identified /marked the group.

Anonymous said...

9m2rs - done much? joint marts and be in council just to have access to get repeaters for the other side.

so i must say he is a MEGA IDIOT. now some more no ba..ls, only come on air at the national link.

some more like to correct people on air, not cannot but do it with tact... you arrogant idiot!

Anonymous said...

oh i must say the way some comments made by 'anonymous' here sounds like 9m2rs himself. hey, you blowing your own trumpet ar? ha ha..don't hide under anonymous..put lar 9m2rs and i bang you somemore .

Anonymous said...

actually i heard some stations were complaining on the RKK repeater about how they felt about the MARTS council in Penang and how not satisfy with them about this and that. i was thinking, if you're not happy, then why still use MARTS's repeater? it's like you guys are keep eating the food you keep complaining of.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alliedmartster said...

Wah liau, so many comments removed, must have been obscene!
Stop all this critisms, it really is no use saying this person has done this, he has done that, but the pertinent point is what are we all doing now?

It is never about any individual but the good of all . . .take for example, is there a collective effort, to say implement a national policy as far as HAMs are concerned, in preparation for any given disasters? YES, there is a club called MARES and it is certainly doing something for their members, but are they so selfish as to not include other capable HAMS, or is it always going to be my club, your club, their club.

Just why, I wonder, why we all can't share one vision?

a point to ponder?

9W2xyz said...


the ham world here is full of innuendo and conjecture. Note.. .the ham world here.
Can you imagine if the lions or Rotary club had the same problem?

Everyone has their own agenda because there are so many areas to progress.

When it doesnt go their way, some are upset.

I was one of a group that went up to Penang a couple of AGMs ago. I was eager to help. I
thot I could contribute in a strategic way. No.. .I didnt want to be an office bearer.

After that fiasco of a meeting, I pulled away. WHile many of the Penang crowd remain fond friends of mine,
I have no interest in the Council as it stands.

This business of bashing the Mikes has to stop. YOu want to bash a few heads...do it in the right place. In a
meeting where the issues are called to order. In the end, all office bearers are volunteers. I am at odds why
many seem to pick on 9M2RS. He is a generous man who will take a call anytime. In the end, I say if the Council wants to
run the society into the ground, let them. Its their legacy. The society will always exist for the sake of the willing.

Calling RS a mega idiot is infantile. This is a man who is a man of leisure, planned well for his retirement and doesnt give a
flying shit what others think. He helps those who helps themselves. Frankly, even if he had a secondary agenda...no one has been able
to prove it. He's no idiot in my book.

I think if anyone wants to pick an argument.. first of all...sign your name. Having balls is the first step. THe next step is to pick the
fights that need fighting. THose that pick on one person or a small group are just combative. I doubt any of them really have the welfare
of the society in mind. How can they? Their writing is vindictive.

And lastly... MARES is doing a great job. Something to learn from them.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be involved in this battle of nonsense.
Since MARES has been mentioned a few times, I would like to point out that MARES conducted the RAE course before the RAE.

The passing rate is astonishing 99.00 %.

Congratulations MARES and their dedicated office beares.

Member of MARTS and MARES

9W2xyz said...

That is a proud achievement. Kudos to the trainers and organisers....

9W2LSL said...

Talkng about RUK. Yes this repeater is very useful to people who cannot access RKK or RKL. In my opinion, since there is a repeater up there why not get it working. Isn't it the more the merrier? From what i understood, this repeater has some historical value and has served well(there was an article on it). Please don't scare away people from using repeaters. I have no complains if this repeater is not functioning. Cos' it is not easy to maintain a repeater. I can choose any repeater that is available. If worst to worst just simplex sahaja.
Getting 'hentam' as a freshie is normal la.... . Just take things easy. I got hentam many times when i just get my ticket. This is what the world is all about. It is true that the repeaters are a complete silence at times. I myself sometime don't get any respond when calling any station. Well.. to me that is hard luck, try again next time. This is just a hobby and nothing else(for me).

Anonymous said...

sigh... Alan still craping here and there huh? who u wantto fight, Alan? please talk like a civilised man and not like a gorilla. anyway, you are like Giant in Doraemon la.

Anonymous said...


You obviously are still a kid. Crapping is spelt with 2 Ps.

The only one spoiling for a fight here seems to be you.

Here...we write...not talk.
I suppose in your alternate reality Doraemon-land... gorillas talk.

You're amusing. Go on..... I like your choice of similes. Puts you squarely in your intellectual sphere.


Anonymous said...

This topic is becoming stale so stop writing anymore.
We will change it.


I am asking this because this evening around 7.30pm I heard the 2 brothers ( Not Wright Brothers )
congratulating a new callsign holder for his successs in passing the RAE and gettinmg the callsign.
Everyone can congratulate after a person pass the exam.Did we help him, pass over some notes or books , conduct a workshop ? Did we play any role for his success ?
If none please consider for the next RAE in Nov 2006.There is no point saying that we are championing the hobby,we have a gathering every Friday, we are members of the so called Premier Radio Amateur radio Society in Malaysia. That s all talk of the empty barrel.

Very Green 9W2

Anonymous said...

I can guess who the two brothers


One of them is the empty barrel..the younger one.

Am I right ?

crystal ball gazer

9w2xi said...

Very green 9W2,
We can stand tall and say, Yes! we did - in the past. Can you say the same? Have you done any of the activities that you have pen down?
I hope that you did offer to help, organise a class or something to that extend. Only then, you can have the right to point at others who did not.

I congratulate the new callsign holders, and its sincere. Period.


Anonymous said...

Let be honest guy.
Most local ham on air got their ham radio licence by luck!!!
My XYL is lucky she pass!!!

The ham standard here is very very low and the RAE exam is so so simple to pass. Any objections???

MCMC should rise the ham radio standard much higher so that those pass out will be good quality hams operators,valued their licence and shared their good knowledge then WHO HA on repeaters.

I would suggested not to confuse these SWL guys and is better to leave them alone 4 self study. They stand a better chance to pass the ham exam.
Just past them those reading materials and to provide them with some general informations.

You guys do not even hv the basic thoery of electronics and how can you teach and guide them?

The blind must be leading the blind..
Perhaps, this will made them even more worry and worse still some old hams here bull shiting around..the SWL that the RAE exam is so difficult to pass.

How many hams here really have the BASIC. I mean BASIC knowledged on how to read circuit diagram,the circuits operate, to do a proper soldering and to identify components diodes,transistors, capacitors failure???

Learning CW is difficult and to get in depth to electronics will be worse.


Anonymous said...

You must have eaten red chilies. If you read my sentence properly, I said " Did WE help him, did WE play any role in helping him to pass the RAE.?

To help someone we ourselves must be competent enough.Are we competent.From discussion on the air we are competent to discuss traffic jams, weather forecasting and some irrelevat matters.
If we are not where do we get the competent persons. ? The present 9w2 are coached by non competent 9w2. The exam they passed is based on spotting questions, without knowing the theory behind it.
A monkey teach a monkey we get another monkey.

grandson monkey.

9W2MCT said...

Why bother replying to these people?...let me explain, from my view. . .
A true HAM enthusiast is one that already has the interest . . .therefore he relies on his own knowledge and capability
For this Grandson Monkey, who seems to think that he has done a lot for SWLs...good for you.
I am not here to defend myself, for I have certainly done my part to help a few SWLs in the past. Having been accused of collecting money for my assistance, I have decided to distant myself from this kind of assistance.

As for accusing me of being an empty barrel. I really have to symphatise with you. It does take a lot of guts to accuse another person. So good for you.
But to congratulate another person? Come on...don't stoop so low. I suppose you were one of those who also think that Kongsi Raya is not good for the social benefit of society!

I certainly do not claim that I know everything about electronics, and have never claimed so. But I do know enough to operate within my comfort zone. (notice, I say comfort zone). Judging on your observations, that 9w2 are incompetent, I take it that you are well informed of these operators . . .one basic question, you might want to ask yourself, before these dual language question papers, how many previously licensed ham can properly converse, let alone understand the English language well enough to have passes the english only question papers?
I conclude that you must be from those batch, and happily enough go along critisizing those new ham stations that have put in enough effort to understand and pass the RAE.
For that we congratulate them, for putting in enough and getting the effort's worth.

Go ahead and hide with your accronyms, if that pleases you. But deep down inside you, you know that you are just so insincere to your self, and putting in these comments, just gives you that little much pleasure.
I am just so happy that there are some of you out there, that gives me a forum, to reply you, as is this comment.

Might I ask you to read yesterdays Star? Perhaps NASOM can help you in many ways.
Good luck.


oh yes, to the new HAM stations, don't let this bother you, it is really a personal attack against me!
As you can very much tell, if they don't comment, they can't sleep . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7/13/2006 12:17 AM, are you telling me that you never tell stories to your kids? are you telling me that you never watch cartoons when you were young? if you never did, then you are having some serious mental problem for not developing your mind set through the nature's way. sorry.

Anonymous said...

i am a new amatuer radio operator just gotten my callsign recently and the situation here fightens me a little. is there really so many issues going on between this society?

Anonymous said...

New hams!!!
Beside learning the way of QSO, microphone handling n etc...Must beware and observant around U.
DANGER SIGN $$$ understand???

For the past years all because of POWER struggle ended up with many losing ham radio interest.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 1.41pm.
After you get your calsign there many hands that want to (so called )to help you.
BEWARE, there are vultures among us who wont hesitate to cut your throat when you buy equipments or antenna from them. There was one at Sec 16 PJ before but has disappeared now.You may say willing buyer willing seller, a new ham can be easily conned.Dont take advantage of their ignorance. Look around, compare prices, compare specifications, ask as many people as possible and then make your choice. To the seller you can sell, get your profit but not profiteering.

Home brew

Anonymous said...

new ham guy, u gotta becareful. i kena before when i was new. bought a rig from one of the stations in Alibaba and ended up with sending the rig into workshop more than the time i enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7/14/2006 10:07 AM

Oh... apparently you are now the role model for fathers. And your medium of choice is the idiot box. Somehow the term shooting yourself in the foot comes to mind. No wonder you stay anonymous when you shoot others down. Shameful if people know who you are eh. HEhehehahHAHAHAHAH

As for the people who buy rigs and have them koyak. Even new rigs break down. TEST IT FIRST. Better still..borrow test then buy.

I bought a rig from singapore. Broke down. DOnt mean Singaporeans are cheaters.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, nothing to say already ar? so quiet. don't layan the bugger and he will stop. ha ha. we won again, you lost.

Anonymous said...

Ya lah..what happened to all the anonymous?..sudah tukar jadi
Tak ada orang lagi yang layan untuk di hentam ke?

Anonymous said...
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9W2GL said...

Home Brew

FYI the vulture at Sec 16 PJ did not dissapear, just relocated to a better place with more prey

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck to the Vulture Unfortunately the Luck starts with a F not L

9W2GL said...

To Anonymous 7/20/2006 2:35 PM

Well I guess you should know best about luck that starts with F not L

9m2xxx said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7/14/2006 10:07 AM, u r so hi la.

the rig was tested and it works then. but after a few rounds of qsoing, the rig go kaput. of course i blame the rig.

u stupid fella bought a new rig from singapore also broke down. then it's ur luck lor. but new things also break down one.

Anonymous said...
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