Saturday, July 22, 2006

Operating Procedure - conducted by an Ole Ham

Calling all new license holder / SWLs or any form of Ham enthusiast.

You are cordially invited to attend a session on Operating Procedure lead by 9M2DS - aka Pak Dol & other 9Ms station.

The aim to help us understand the basic / proper operating procedure and to keep the brotherhood of Ham alive & well.

Date : 28th July 2006
Time : 2100 hrs
Venue : Restaurant Ali Baba , Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Treat this as an invitation, so come in drove ..


de moderator


Anonymous said...

I just visited MMCMC website. It has a new organisation chart. There is avacancy in the Enforcement and Licencing Division.Probably graduates of this course can can apply to fill up the vacancy. Hi Hi main main saja.9W2EE is missing from the list. Has he resigned ?

Anonymous said...

I think Pak Dollah with his vast experience in amateur radio can fill up the vacancy

How about it Pak Dollah ?????

Anonymous said...

Actually, Pak Dollah should not be asked to do everything.

Everybody asks him, how can he turn you down? We can all do a round table qso..... and practise lah. Dont even need rig. Then steeper learning curve.

9w2xi said...

Hi anonymous,
Pak Dollah is a true ham, he was not asked to conduct this up coming class on Operating Procedures - infact, he suggested to have the class so that it would benefit all hams, new or old alike.

I recall him organising similar sessions like this - Operating Procedure classes, each time after the RAE.

Thank you 9M2DS

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Beside, attending to the radio class operating procedure
En. Dollah must and should
PRE-ALERT those new hams to be very careful of Pro CONMAN around.

We do not want to hear those repeated cheating history cases happen here and within the ham society.

Please!!! NO MONEY Transation should be involved within ham members.

Contributions/Donations to the ham soceity is OK.....

Anonymous said...

Hai Ya, everyday talk one ham conned or cheat another ham. If it is true, it is disease that should be eradicated immediately.I never hear this sort of story before, only it happened
two to three years ago.Why why why ??? I dont have the answer.Maybe the present batch of ham do not have 100 % ham spirit.
I say maybe..
It is much easier to pass the RAE now compared to years ago.The pride of having a callsign is no more there.Ask Pak Dollah about it, he will tell you.
Cheating a ham friend or not paying a loan from a friend is hazardous as you can be exposed on the frequency.You wont have the cheek to hold and speak on the microphone. (BTW PTT is not microphone as I hear many ham refer PTT as microphone. Pak Dollah pse tell them )just like jalopy not canopy or chalopy.
There are so many more ,,Saying QRX and QRT is wrong.

There is no end , I want to go for my teh tarik now.

9w2xi said...

Hi anonymous 7/25/2006 4:26 PM, seems like you have quite a bit to share. Would you like to drop by and share with us your views on Operating Procedures? I'm sure all new ham-ers would like to hear more from you.

I'm sure Pak Dollah is a well learned person, can you imagine him mixing around with 'conman' in & around Ali Baba restaurant? I'm sure he would not, would you?..., Sorry to disappoint you, but he is present here. One thing for sure, he is not having tea with you.

So goes the tale abt the 'conman' at Ali Baba.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilson and Friends,
You sound more reasonable and understanding than
Tony...may be you are more matured. Hi hi.
To me conman are everywhere,I have received many emails from people who wants to pass me millions of US Dollars from dormants accounts all over Africa.Believe me many professionals from malaysia have been conned.
This is my observation.
Many new licencees are just like parrots , do what the earlier licence holders are saying or doing .
Using too many Q codes should not be encouraged on voice operation.
Have you heard someone saying" I want to QSY to Siera Juliet to have Tango Tango with my Oscar Tango " It would be easier to say I want to go to Subang Jaya to have teh tarik with my father.Why all that confusing phoenatics.?
One more thing to praise the net controller Thank you Mr X 9W2?? for being the net are 59 crystal clear full quieting and bla bla bla.The idea of a net is to simulate an emergency situation where members check in in the shortest possible time.That praising is not necessary at that moment.Keep it short and simple.

QRX then QRT....Actually they are meant more for Cw operations.
QRX means... .When will you call me again ? or I will call you again at.... am/pm on 147.9 Mhz.
When someone says 9w2// this is 9w2// qrx, qru or qRT. I do not know what he meant.I think the person himself do not understand what he is saying.
I cannot hear you.Your signal is weak. Can you QRO.
JUst say increase power
One new ham wants to buy PTT at Sim Lim square spore.He was told to go to the spare parts shop as the shop only sell microphones.

Many many more.
This type of tips do not come from new hams as they are equally ignorant. The older ones should be the reference.Why are the older ones shying away.? I have the answer but you look for it first.
I do not dispute that there a few excellent 9w2 but they are few.

I may be a bit selfish for not sharing with you all but the present scenario whether in MARTS or Ali Baba is not conducive to my personal appearance.I it my hope that i will be able to contribute to the advancement of amateur radio
in Malaysia in the near future... possibly in year 2007.Till then I will be passing remarks on matters
concerning Amateur Radio and the the performance of the MARTS Council from time to time.
If anybody get scratched, that is not my is theirs.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7/25/2006 10:59 PM is right. Q codes are meant for CW only and as we can speak everything using our mouth, it's better just to speak it.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thot PTT was an acronym for Push to Talk. THats is technically a procedure.
Mike is correct. There is a mike in your potato.....

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous10.59pm.

From the tone of your writing you it looks that you are a seasoned ham.The young hams need guidance, they could have been misinformed
before by their contemporaries.They need someone to correct them in their operation procedures and terms used in amateur radio. I think you are duty bound to assist them so that all of us will enjoy this hobby for years to come and many more people can take up amateur radio..So please consider giving assistance ..revision courses before the RAE.. projects constructions and others.I have seen that the older hams not only talk they also do all sorts of projects.

Hopefully see you soon otherwise in 2007

Anonymous said...

10.59 - why your appearance not condusive at the moment to be at AliB or Marts? your face kena lori langgar like your mouth ar?

Anonymous said...

I just cannot see some of the faces loitering at Ali Baba.They are pain in the arses.Too much glamour seeking.However majority of them are decent.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Marts News said...

Hi Anonymous,
Kindly refrain from using vulgarity.


de moderator

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr Moderator,

You allow such comments to be viewed in this blogsopt ???

If you are a paid staff, I would have sacked you all long ago.

Stop all this nonsense and close this blogspot if you have no control over it

Ham radio has been turned into some stupid actitivity by some stupid peole.

Anonymous said...

Hei Anonymours 7:09PM

Tell us your name and callsign.
If you have one.
I am sure that the people that are
"running this spot" is keen to appoint you as a moderator, and see how YOU fare.

How about it..Put yr voice where your mouth hole is..or otherwise
plan and simple: SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:24 - cool lar. you really got 9:21 at his b**ls. He's definitely not in your league. Well done 10:24, whoever u r.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow HAM,
R u guys setting example to our fellow new HAM to learn by cursing each other?? This blog is not a war/battle zone for you guys!! Please use proper good English and say good things, not all bad/vulgirity till deleted by de moderator!! Remember this, the blog is a platform for everybody to learn not battle field!! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Being a newbie, I feel Amateur radio is no more a friendly hobby.This is my peception. I may be wrong but if this blogspot is my measuring stick I am right.
So it is up to all you senior guys to show an example.I am afraid to further introduce amateur radio to my friends who have shown some interest. They also read this blogspot.

1 bulan 9W2

Anonymous said...

1 bulan 9W2,
We have to thank all those old HAMS for setting such a good example!!

Anonymous said...


I was bored out of my mind and remember this blogspot. Definately has entertainment value to wake me up.

Ok in my anonymity let me also abuse this website to release my Tension..

All you anonymous fellows dont you realise everybody is just laughing at you and will never even bother about what you said. Just like how everybody is gonna laugh at what I will say and never remember it again.

You know it is so easy to critise someone but to step up and do something about a situation which you feel is not going right, takes a special person. I noticed a remark which said, I cannot commit now but maybe 2007. Also you mention you got Con Mail from an anonymous person, so dont you think you are conning us as well? if you are sincere and want to contribute to the growth of the HAM community and hobby, you would say who you are and help people. Even if you cannot help by being present, you can give people your email so they can Ask you questions. We congratulate the Net controllers, because they step up to host the Net Meetings. We want to make sure they realise that their efforts are appreciated.

In summary, I believe you are insincere in your comments, a person I do not respect and definately someone I would like simulate a Self Defense scene with. In your attempt to try and indicate your knowledge, maturity and eloquence ; you only managed to reaffirm that your are indeed a clueless imbecile of low moral values.

I would like to applaude the Blog Spot moderators for giving me the opportunity to release my frustrations and hope you will continue to allow postings with guaranteed anonymity.. and provide Imbeciles a place to falsely justify their existence in life with their sanctimonious remarks .

I would like to close by Challenging ANY individual out there to Stand Up and Replace the people you accuse, Be it in Person, Telephone, Fax, Snail Mail,E-Mail, Telex, CW, Smoke Signal, Message in Bottles or any form of communication you can think of. If you cannot contribute as a named individual in whatever form.. pls just bugger off...

On the other hand I cannot believe this person being an actual Person so.. Hey Moderators stop posting nasty message to increase Traffic on your web site.. Hahahaahahha.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.40pm

You are bored so you come here.This is not an entertainment centre.
You can always masturbate yourself.By doing that you are not disturbing or offending yourself... you will get some pleasure.. so next time please follow my advice.
By being anonymous yourself you are not true to yourself., thus whatever you say or write cannot be
This is what we say " The pot calling the kettle black "

So you black shhep keep away from this scene.

Grey sheep