Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Silent Key

It is with great regret that I have to be the bearer of
the following piece of news.

Our fellow Ham member 9W2ACE, also known as Cheng
or Frankie, went "silent key" approx 4:30pm today,
May his soul rest in peace.

Up until 7 pm just now, the remains have yet to be released to
the family. Therefore the funeral arrangements have yet
to be made known to us.

For the latest info, please check this blogspot frequently,
or maintan a monitoring watch on 9M2RKK.


Marts News said...

QSP from 9W2XYZ

Frankie is now lying at te HKL mortuary. He will lay in state at the Sri Intan funeral home in Klang for 2 days and on Saturday morning. He will be escorted to the Meru Batu 6, Fairy Park crematorium.


Alliedmartster said...

The Radio Chatter,
Brought news that matter,
A friend, an acquaintance, someone else's brother,
An untimely passing, but it is the lord's calling,
So we gather, for one last farewell,
a fallen comrade, a fellow ham,
and thanks for the many QSO's only that remains in memory.
Rest well....

Anonymous said...

It will be 29 more days before the date marks a year 9W2ACE or known as 'frankie' left us to be with God. Personally, he left me with all the memories that i could never erased from my heart. He was a wonderful person, yet he left us too soon...Dearest Cheng, may your soul rest in peace. love - Dimple@Pearl