Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cool water

A motley gaggle of hamsters hit the beaten path in Pertak. They lugged with them a good dose of humour, ice boxes, cigs and food, food and more food over the weekend. Ever since they all came out with no one permanently injured, we have been hearing things along the lines of ...'twas a trip to remember'.

So.... since pictures speak a thousand words.... click on the link above and see firsthand what mischief these people have been up to. Of particular note is the picture of an almost naked 9W2PO, or have they removed that particular shot. Its time to recruit more YLs lah.

On another note... if you have any news to share, be it North, South, East and West. Do drop us a line or two at

and we will be more than glad to post it.

Who says ham radio operators are not adventurous ?? Its not just radio .... ITS also big trucks with BOG tires... with radio sets..... 73s.

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