Friday, May 26, 2006

Help a fellow Ham - Your help is needed

An Appeal to all Ham members.

On the 19th of May 2006, fellow ham and friend 9W2ACE, known to many as Cheng or Frankie was at work as usual on his construction project in Kuang. Cheng suffered a fall from a deck he was working on. He fell 10 feet onto the building basement and landed on his shoulder/head. 9W2CBO rushed him to medical attention where he was diagnosed with a fractured cranium and other internal injuries.

Cheng is now in HKL and is stable but in poor condition. Cheng was first admitted into the trauma ward for the first 2 days and was then transferred to the Neuro ICU. At this point, since he was showing no nett improvement, he was shifted to the Surgical Ward. His condition is, at the time of writing, considered very, very critical but stable. Cheng is still in a coma since the accident. At this point, besides damage to his skull and brain, Cheng also has broken bones in his shoulder and an infected pancreas.

Those wishing to visit him are welcome. Wash your hands. However, anyone with infectious diseases are respectfully asked to refrain from visiting as Cheng’s immune system is not functioning well. Cheng has reached a stage where he will have to be fed daily and cared for. We do not know when and if there will be a change in his situation. At this stage, no medical prognosis has been given, but many of us are keen on making sure he gets better care than is currently available.

As the major provider for his family, this incident has left them with major difficulties. While his insurance covers most of his medical costs, other incurred costs are preventing his family from being able to give him good care.

We are appealing to all hams to be able to use this hobby to do a good turn for one in need and to lend a hand. Our hearts go out to his mother who is aged and not in the best of health but tries to visit him everyday.

We appeal to those who subscribe to prayer to include a call of mercy for Cheng. For those who can spare other assistance, monetary or otherwise, please contact or sms 9W2ICE - 012.2830002, 9W2XYZ - 012.3342055, 9W2XI - 012.2320393 and 9W2AXN - 016.6265883.

All contributions and pledges are most welcome. You may collect among yourselves or donate directly. We are also looking for
1. volunteers who have a guest room close to the hospital to offer hospitality to his mom who has to travel from Klang.
2. those who travel back and forth between KL and Klang
3. those who can send caregivers back and/or forth to the hospital
4. those with contacts for hospices/nursing homes/physiotherapists/et cetera.
5. those familiar with legalese

In anticipation of the help to be received, a Maybank account would be set up very soon and the account number will be posted. All monies will be channeled to Cheng's mother. We appeal to all of you to handle this matter with some sensitivity. If there is any time where you want to wear your ham badge with pride, this is it......


73s de moderator


Marts News said...

Announcement :-

To date, a total of RM200.00 cash has been receive from 3 stations. Their names will be published once the donors have okayed the release of their names. The money was passed today to 9W2ACE's brother Brian, [by Meena ( 9W2XYZ's XYL)] who thanked all the hams who have come to give support and strength, with special thanks to the donors. He was very touched and could not speak at this point.

9W2xyz said...

Just an update for those who would like to know Cheng's condition.
This update comes from a fellow ham doc who just happens to be a doc at the Neuro ward in HKL. Cheng is fighting an infection at this point. Of course this is not good news, but he seems to be fighting it. He is currently being fed milk through a tube in the nose and supplemented with NaCL and water intravenously.

Not be be repetitious but do not visit him if you have a flu or a cough, etc.


9W2xyz said...

Ok... stop press. We have another contribution worthy of mention. He didnt say it was anonymous so I am going to publish his name. 9W2XR just contributed RM500 to Cheng's family.

Keep up the spirit. Join me in thanking him...after all..its no longer anonymous. :-)