Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Marts has put up a poll box on their website with regards to
the removal of the Morse Code come 1st April 2007.

It reads:

Should the Morse Code requirement be eliminated
on April 1st 2007?

The 2nd poll reads :

Should a Certifying Agency for Amateur radio service
be appointed?

In my opinion, in regard to the 2nd poll above which is not clear,
there was a plan for a private Agency (such as a recognised Group)
to take over and conduct some functions of what our Government
body is doing now. They have been doing alright all this while.
So if these functions are given to a group that does not do it
properly, the whole Ham fraternity might stand to lose out.
So a wise vote is required there.

At present, the number of Amateur Stations that have taken
the toll seems to be a very small number.
Therefore please goto their website http://www.marts.org.my
to cast your poll, or else stay silent when the time comes next year.

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Anonymous said...

This question of certifying agency was discussed many years ago At that time MARTS disagreed. MARTS felt that they are capable of running the RAE and CW test.MCMC wanted to test MARTS. They asked MARTS to assist in one of the exams. Just to assist only not conducting the exam fully.Some unscruplous idiots in MARTS became unresponsible.Being unemployed and with no other income seized the opportunity . Corruption and cnonyism cropped in.Friends, family members and those who paid passed the exam. As a result we also have idiots on the band now.
For MARTS to take this responsibility , I feel we have a long way to go.A committe consisting representatives of the various societies would be more effective and viable. ALAM (Maritime Academy, Malacca)has been mentioned a few times. If they take over there are no guarantee that fees and conditions of the RAE and CW test will not be reviewed.So no way ALAM.
These are the few info for consideration before and certifying agency wants to take over from MCMC.

Sudah lama Pass