Monday, May 08, 2006

Email sent to Martsnews.comment - 4th May

It was not my intention to post this to the moderator of MartsNews, butafter visiting the Blog just a few moments ago, it dawned on me that we havevery dedicated hams who in the outset of setting up this Blog had dedicatedtheir time and effort to keep the ham community in Malaysia abreast of majorhappenings in the world of ham in Malaysia! Obviously the total coverage ofevents and news in the ham community in Malaysia is not possible, yet themost important and always forgotten news had been covered here in thisBlogspot, namely the obituaries and news of hams who had gone silent key andalso news of happenings, be it setting up a new repeater or relayinginformation to the ham community on the failure of a repeater. Even thoughwe may not know the ham in person, either due to our geographic locations ordue to not having had the chance for a QSO, yet I personally feel this is agood acknowledgement that we are all in the family of hams and thedissemination of information is the basis of our hobby.

It was also when I read the post made by ahliMARTS in defending the nationalsociety that prompted me to spend my time putting my thoughts online.Firstly, we must be sincere in our support which is why we must NOTcontribute an anonymous post since this only goes to show that we are notwilling to stand up to the belief of our posting. Secondly, suggestions 1,2 and 5 made by this anonymous person can not be realized without a projectspearheaded by the MARTS Society. We should not be introducing this hobbyto anyone off the streets as it takes dedication and responsibility to be aham. It is a privilege to be a ham since we have to earn our licence andthis is one hobby that you can't buy your way into! Anyone with great ideasfor the ham community should try talking with the MARTS Council to sell offtheir ideas and I personally wish you ALL the luck in the WORLD in sellingyour ideas to them! There is no popularity contests and glamour positionsin the Society, so please wake up!

Indeed, dedicated editors and moderators of Blogspots would not necessarilymean that they would be great leaders nor managers of any Society, but thisbeats editors who dont do any editing at all, be it on paper or online!

As a suggestion to all future hopefuls who may want to have a seat on theMARTS Council, please remember that you will be sitting on the Committeeonly because you have the support of those who put you there and if youthink that the position will earn you big money or contacts for business,then you are in the wrong hobby! Try joining the political parties, you mayearn some big money there.

If you think that you, as part of the Committee, has the right to your ownopinion and intend to carry out your own plans for the Society then thinkagain, as you are not the Head of the Society but you have been put incharge of managing the members interest, which you must dutifully carry out.

say all the above because I had put my trust in a bunch of hams who havefailed to secure my trust after they had secured their seats. Some of ushad to make appointments with them just to propose ideas and to offer ourassistance for the love of our hobby. We also had to make invitations tosome members of the Council just so that we could have an eyeball with them.

But nothing beats talking with some Council members who think they are theguardians of the Official Secret's Act! For goodness sake, this is just ahobby, a COMMUNICATION hobby and if they can't communicate, then I thinkthey don't deserve to be in this hobby!

Lastly, I will support those who have proven themselves in one way oranother that they have the personal interest as a ham and to protect thehams' interest on the whole.

I salute you MARTSNEWS BLOGSPOT contributors and guardians for a job welldone! Keep up the good work!

de 9W2PET

Ps. my apology for the late posting of your email .. will continue to strive for 24hrs posting deadline.

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