Friday, April 14, 2006

National Link - info update

The MARTS 2m National link is experiencing intereference due to the proximity of the TX and RX frequency concerning thye repeaters in Brinchang and Ulu Kali, such if one transmits and receive in Klang Valley via Ulu Kali, then it is ok, But as soon as there is traffic coming from North, then the receive is out swamped thus resulting in severe QRM.

The Motorola Team, which was generous enough with their contirbutions is aware of this, and is acting to rectify the matter. Kindly inform any stations wishing to enquire or know more about this to contact the MARTS council.
The council will be meeting on the 16th April. (info posted on MARTS website)

The Repeater info is de 9M2LAW.

QSP from 9W2MCT-Tony

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