Tuesday, April 25, 2006

9MV5 Call on 9M2RKK, 22 April 2006

On the 22nd April 2006, round about 1200hrs, there was a call, identifying itself as 9MV5, over the airwaves of 9M2RKK, Bukit Lanjan. A while later, 9W2XL-Bear identified himself and declared that the 147.980 mhz frequency was specifically for the use of Amateur Stations.
At this point the operator using 9MV5 then identified himself, as 'Lt.Sairi' of the 'KD Seri Kelang' , classified as a 'Stone Brigade', based at Pulau Indah, Klang. It was also then, the 'station' stated its intentions to test Amateur Airwaves using Naval equipment for the intentions of 'Emergency' situations. 9W2XL, then informed 9MV5 of the other 'main' Amateur Bands which would be useful, referring to MARES and ASTRA frequencies.
As this was out of the ordinary, and it is at this time that we would like to inform all bloggers, that indeed, a verification is required before replying to calls, but common sense prevails! It could well have been a life and death situation. Until clear and precise instructions from the authorities prevail, as well as blogs/websites/or other means, that could provide vital up to date information to all, calls of this nature should have at least been given some respond.
The source of this particular comment, further states that verification with the Issuing Authorities, clarifies that such a call was indeed made over the Amateur Band.
For further information, please email your queries to martsnews.comment@gmail.com

This message comes to you QSP from 9W2XL-Bear.


Anonymous said...

This station with callsign 9MV5
cannot operate on the ham band under normal circumstances.Anybody talking to this station is deemed to contravene the MCMC Rules which stipulates that we can only talk to other amateur stations.It would have been different if there was an emergency, where life and propertieas are at risk.So the next time this station appear on the ham band politely tell him to
get lost and fly kites.They dont even have the courtesy to inform the owners of the repeaters ( MARTS, ASTRA. MARES)if they want to do a test.The operator may be a Commander or General..it does mattter. rules and regulations are important.

Loyar Buruk

Anonymous said...

I just heard the recording of the QSO.Bear 9W1XL talked to this station and he confirmed that MCMC officer Haji Aris 9M2IR was on board.Bear has contravened the MCMC rules.The MCMC officer has contravened MORE by allowing the non ham station 9MV5 to use ham frequencies.This show how much MCMC
officers know about rules and regulations of Amateur Radio. It is just like a crab asking its baby to crawl straight. Wake up man. Dont let the world laugh at MCMC.

Ikut undang undang