Friday, April 14, 2006

We blog just about anything

It was Tuesday evening - 12th April 2006 and there were a couple of stations who gather around sharing a couple of laughs, the usual. As every eyeball would be, they were indeed some technical talk and most took the opportunity to 'surfing' around looking at various radio offerings.

Among them were a couple of paintball celebrities from the popular group 'Killer Beez' who out shined more experience team and made their presence felt. Syabas!!!

I suppose i'm blogging this b'cos i have nothing much to say, Yes! you are probably right. Perhaps i 'm just too tied up with work and not opening my ear big enough to get the scoop of the day.
You might even think that this is up right boring, right? Yup! i can't deny this .. Nope! i was not referring to the 'Killer Beez'

What can you do as an individual? You are encourage to sent me 'stuff' you hear or even things that is going on around you that you might want to share with your fellow operators.

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