Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marts official website

Hi guys,
MARTS official website has a new 'face'. Its not completed but at least they are taking a step, a step closer.

Check out



9W2LW said...

After 3 years. At last! Keep up the good work!

9M2YYY said...

Hopefully, it is not only a "facelift" in the changes.

badman said...

9M2YYY said... "Hopefully, it is not only a "facelift" in the changes"

u mean change all(old) the faces too...? hehehe...

well, it's abt time the site is updated, been too long already.. hope it's not a half-way effort just bcoz some 'noize' from members then back to square one when things are quiet..

9W2XI - Wilson said...

I sincerely hope that council members is serious about the welfare of MARTS - i can't say its the same for all those council members.

For a start, they bulldoze the webmaster and about time they did, after 1 term 4 months - he did nothing.

We certainly need a new facelift and i'm glad it is moving, thou not as fast as we would like it.

It is important to reach out to it's members and what better way to do it via this medium. Just 2 days ago, MCMC wanted to meet all radio clubs throughout Malaysia for a dialog asking club representative to submit proposal / changes that MARTS would embark on, Can you possibly imagine the kinda 'reach' this message would go and the response the council will receive?

Since we, as members are kept in the dark (not able to ask members opinion) , our Vice President took the liberty to propose 'his' own agenda citing that MCMC asked him for a proposal (he MUST uphold MARTS interest and its members)

I deeply saddened that with his proposal, which brought NO benefit to MARTS and would eventually risk MARTS's 50 years of existence to a mere club/society. I left last night's confortation with 9M2RS feeling grief-striken after knowing where he stands as a VP for Marts, the other side of the fence....

All this could be avoided if we as members are better informed, at least we have time to act..


badman said...

as unofficial (but functioning) ham info page, maybe can share some info abt the dialog & what were those 'proposal' that was pushed to mcmc? members can only response if they know the details instead of the same old 'need-to-know' basis, as if we r a radio communication intelligence on some secret mission.. heaven sake, we r just a bunch of radio communication hobbyist laa..

talking abt 'fence'.. IMO, having a dual or multiple club membership is ok, as long as one doesn't hold any position other than ordinary member in all the clubs as conflict of interest might rise from it. like it or not, ppl will question (stance & loyalty) once there's a conflicting issue/agenda between those bodies..
but then, having no membership in any of the clubs, who am i to say anything abt it lah...

9 Whiskies, 2 Bimbos And Dild*s

9W2MCT said...

Ha Ha...I like your sign off.. your are not a MARTS member, so what?
ALi B and 40 thieves is just a hang out...for Friends of Amateur Radio...period! We do no distinct between, so and so from so and so.

We use this place because it is nice and we are able to communicate freely. COINCIDENTALLY, there are parties who feel that we are propagating PRO MARTS activities. I can say we don't but I do know of active MARTS current and past / non aligned members who frequent here as well, and naturally some of us feel the need to share our good experiences.

I sincerely hope that all those mature enough can judge for themselves....73s

9W2XYZ said...

I think its time we invited the Working Group. The ones working with MCMC - unilaterally. I think its time to change perspective. Tony, I believe you spoke to Suresh? Time to palm his print.

9W2MCT said...

QSL, all those in favour of a Unified Voice for AMATEUR RADIO SERVICES, rise up and let your head be counted!!
(Bald or with hair...doesn't matter, just as long as you have a callsign.....)

73's 9W2MCT