Saturday, June 25, 2005

Donate your unused equipment PLEASE!

Heads up! The 40 thieves have come a long way. Those of you who have stepped into our lair have seen what a few caring members can achieve with almost no resources. Those who have helped us get to where we are... we thank you and you know who you are.

Unfortunately, the next stage of development calls for something more than just well wishes and eyeballs. SO..... we are appealing to the general ham crowd ( even if you are not..... we welcome your contribution... and then we will get you your ham license. No, you still need to take your exam.)

We are looking high and low for derelict PCs. Specifically P3 and better. If you have a disused piece somewhere, let us in on it. We intend to use it here to augment our WiFi experience ( its free for all users, by the way) to host our very own interactive blog / forum where all users can post their oen thread (topic).

So... rather than let it become obsolete, allow us to give it a new lease on life. If you don't have stuff to donate but know of someone with more stuff than they can use - tell us. All informers will be treated confidentially. Those tech-heads out there... this is your chance to do something for the ham community and then get a brand spanking new gleaming upgrade.

While you are at it.... we can use cables, mouses, keyboards, hard drives, cd writers, monitors, speakers, boom boxes, cabinets, barbeque grills, extension cords, keyboards etc. (You get the idea) Anything you think we can use here.

Anyone wishing to dispose of old radios/antennas etc, also drop us a line. If necessary, we will take up a collection to ease the pain of giving or loaning your rig to us. We are also looking to stock the facility with board games, cards, radio catalogs, etc.

So.... start raiding your long term storage for items which you think will see better mileage with the Ali Baba gang. 73s and give til it hurts. Needless to say. The stuff should be operational.

The 40 Thieves.


9W2XYZ said...

I can give you a set of drumsticks and a feng shui fountain.

If you want to set up a radio, I have hardline. I think 40m worth.

And a CD writer ( external )

And 2 6 volt aviation batteries ( damn heavy - carry yourself. ;-))

9w2law said...

Can I donate those 4 points extension cable?

9W2XI - Wilson said...

Off course 9W2LAW, any form of contribution is welcome. The next time you are in town, kindly drop them off at Ali Baba.
Pls pass the word around..


9W2XYZ said...

9W2GL has kindly volunteered a 20 foot aluminium pole for our use. Ready for pickup soon. It comes from his ex salt mine.

Anyone visiting or contacting him pls arrange pickup or confirm location.


CREDITS has to be given to 9W2GSM for donating HP Pentium Net Server.

9W2ICE for donating P2 266 PC to AliB

Other pledges - 9W2PO, Ong for PC and 9W2SAI also PC.

Keep it coming guys........

Marts News said...

A BIG Thank you to 9W2SAI for his Celeron PC

Saiful contribution is by far the most applicable.

We need more stuff, so far we have yet to put 'together' a working PC. So keep those equipment coming

We welcome old modems too, be it working or otherwise ..