Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Installation of antenna & repeater

A lil note. This weekend 25th of June, I believe a rat pack headed by Bear 9W2XL is expected to make a run for the pass. We will be working on the 9M2RKK site.

Items to do.

Relocate VHF antenna.
Install duplexer.
Install UHF repeater.
Install UHF antenna.
Check cable for integrity.

Make whopee with guard.

Volunteers needed. Call bear or respond to this blog.
Est time is about 9.30am.
Makan at 40T.

Wear shoes.... please. Those with rigging gear, please bring. SOme tools also good. Wrenches and the like.

Bring water and food, suntan lotion and shades. Bring good humour.

repost by 9W2XYZ earlier today..


9W2AXN said...

hi all, found some good info on duplexers @ http://www.seits.org/duplexer/duplexer.htm

9W2XYZ said...

Thanks Adlind,
That was definitely a site to bookmark. I learnt many things there contrary to common practise and I think anyone who wants to understand repeaters and how they work should have a look at this site.

The reason we are putting up RKL, our one and only UHF repeater varies from person to person. As an older and wiser ham once put it to me.....

'The band plan and frequency spectrum in this part of the world (Malaysia) are like yearly budgets and allocations. If you dont use it, it can and will be taken away." 1.2 meg has already been taken away. Obviously the commercial sector is eyeing a lot of our frequencies. Look at the ITU plans and see how this is going to affect us as hams in general.

So..... once this repeater goes up.... USE IT! There should be a UHF repeater in every state. Just look at our fellow hams in Singapore and you can understand the commercial value of underused bandwidth to the regulators. After all, these frequencies are ALLOCATTED to you. If you do not use them..... it goes to another party demonstrating a need and the ability to pay for it.

Enough said on this. Support the crew going up.


9W2XYZ said...

Anyone got access to a double stack co-linear vhf or uhf?

For repeater use.

9W2MCT said...

MARTS have my consent to buy over my 2 stack VHF, Ringo Ranger Thai Ori.....at RM???....

It is ready and willing.........