Monday, June 20, 2005

Care for a 3 element yagi antenna? This yagi is introduce by 9M2NCL, adopted from a US Ham station. It is said that there is apprx 15-20 Ham members in Penang with this portable antenna.
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9M2YYY said...

There is also a handful of HAMs in JB having the same. Thanks for all the HAMS who came all the way from Penang to spread the teachings to us. Happy foxhunting!!

9w2Xi - Wilson said...

Hi there 9M2yyy,
Thanks for blogging, just wondering if you could help us here in KL by posting 'ativities', story one would pick up from the HAM community down in JB.
We welcome any sort of post, small and big.

Once again, cheers!! to the unselfish HAM operators from up north for their 'tak kedukut ilmu' attitude.


9W2MCT said...

THanks for penning your view. Its through contributions like yours that we will be able to spread info that
we have very active groups around. BTW, we are planning a Gateway link up through EQSO, wonder if you are aware of
voip-RF interface web ware? So, we are discussing with 9W2PG-Peter, Penang / and hopefully anyone else able to have
permanent 24hrs broadband connection. True, some of us may have to sacrifice, our own equipment for this, but
by doing so,you will certainly be more Please let me know ur views. My email is ( To any bloggers visitng this site, and think that they share my view, please comment or send me a mail)
73s....and keep on DX'ing.......9W2MCT-Tony