Thursday, June 23, 2005

Amateur Radio 2m Net via 9M2RKK Repeater in KL

FATHERS DAY - Sunday,June 19, 2005

A practice started since World Telecommunication Day, 'Celebration Net' a noble idea, started by long time DXing OL, 9M2DS, Pak Dollah continued with its third Celeb Nite. (World Telecom Day-1st Celeb 2m Net / Wesak Day-2nd Celeb 2M net)
Some preparations started well before the day, with stations exchanging info, and the date logged into the 2m Net calendar (linked through this blog). Preparations were also made to connect to Penang, and with the help of 9W2XL-Bear (Securing the services through 9W2AQ-Azmi) and though at the very last minute , 9M2NCL-Andre(Penang stn), enlisted the help of 9W2PG-Peter (Peneng stn) at approximately 1900hrs, a live connection was achieved, via 147.980mhz 9M2RKK, Kuala Lumpur with Penang and some overs were exchanged between 9W2AQ, 9W2MCT, 9W2PG, 9M2NCL, 9W2YJ with 9W2AXN (monitoring our QSO thourgh

Subsequently, the 2m Net kicked off with 9M2DS giving the introduction, and 9W2MCT providing the credits to all those involved with the preparations. The Net was well controlled with 3 controllers taking turns, 9W2MCT taking over from Pak Dollah, and subsequently, recruited at the very last second, 9W2XL taking the 3rd 45 minute session. As it was done with great enthusiasm, some stations got carried away, not realisinig perhaps, that it was after all Father's day! 9W2SSJ, had a big family dinner to attend hence was not able to take over as alternate Net Controller. The 2m Net ended at about 2300 hrs (+8 Gmt) with the last station checking in and 9M2DS closing the proceedings. A point to note is that the nearest station checking in was from Kuala Lumpur, and the furthest, from Hilton, North UK !! Testament to the reach of VoIP-RF interfacing.... HOpefully, our next 2m Net, Celeb or not will connect further.

The checked in Stations for Father's Day 2M net;
1.9M2DS- Pak Dollah - Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur
2.9W2MCTm- Tony -USJ, Subang, Sel
3.9W2SSJm- Suchart -USJ, Subang, Sel
4.9W2LAW - Azlan - USJ, Subang, Sel
5.9W2ZZE- Azizi - Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
6.9W2GSMp- Kerwin, Kuala Lumpur
7.9W2 MRR - Syed, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam ,Sel
8.9W2XIm- Wilson, PJ, Sel
9.9W2XYZm- Alan, Kuala Lumpur
10.9M2NCLp- Andre, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
11.9W2HHL - Heng, MALACCA
12.9W2CCP - Ammar, QTH?
13.9W2ADRm -Adrian, PJ, Sel
14.9W2PG - Peter, PENANG
16.9W2XL - Bear, Kota Damansara, Sel
17.9W2AXN - Adlind, Kuala Lumpur
18.9M2LAW - Law, PENANG
19.9M2SC - Steven, Kuala Lumpur
20.9W2BAD - Bad, Kuala Lumpur
21.9W2YJ - Rodney, Klang
22.9W2CYC - Francis, PENANG
23.9W2VA - Andy, Kuala Lumpur
24.9W2XZ - Fadzil, Kuala Lumpur
25.9W2IZW - Izwan, Kuala Lumpur
26.9W2WHO - Minied, Kuala Lumpur
27.9W2LL - Lim, Kuala Lumpur
28.9W2KEN - Ken, Kuala Lumpur
29.9W2AZL - Azlan, Kuala Lumpur
30.9W2JI - Jimmy, Shah Alam

73s.....Looking forward to next 2mNet...9W2MCT-Tony


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to better linking next time round. Just thinking out come MARTS repeaters not linked yet ah? seems that your group of members of this blogspot, more active then MARTS. Linking to Penang and also other states ah? Very ambitious. Hopefully all goes well, then your network chun!! Anyone from Sabah / Sarawak ah? Then that will be chunner...

73s..I remain anonymous can ah?

badman said...

to remain anonymous is ur proagative.. as long as nobody else comes in & impersonate u. now that would be a prob, isn't it?

anyway, the inital plan was to have a link with east malaysia but for some technical reasons (i think) it can't be done that night. nevertheless, we can always try again some other time..

why the so-called primier body's repeaters are not linked? well, that one u have to ask the ppl 'upstairs' why lah... even the maintenance of the repeaters are now done voluntarily by few concerned members here, own funding if i'm not mistaken..

u seems like a seasoned ham, hopefully u can share ur knowledge for the benefit of all.. whenever u r ready to come out of that cave of urs & QSY to the cave in TTDI instead.. u haven't made ur print on the 'wall of ham' yet, right? or have u..? hmm..



9W2XYZ said...

Marts repeaters not linked up for a few reasons. But lets look at some related ideas.

1. The ability to link repeaters has been around for ages.
The people willing to do it have not.

2. This system assumes well maintained repeaters all over.

3. Do you think Penang wants us to be able to call for council members direct? Somehow, I think they like the tempurung they are under.

4. You actually reduce the QSO numbers while increasing geographical footprint.

So, in the interests of experimentation... .why not- lets do it. But dont make it a permanent thing.

One more comment. I think RKK Tx takeoff angle may be more than we bargained for. Malacca can read us sometimes but Cheras cant. Time to go back to low gain low takeoff angle antennas?

You can stay anonymous. But why? Cant think of any good reason. This group of hams is a very accepting crowd. No politics. So.... Take off the mask.
Thanks for your comments

9W2MCT said...

Hey, anonymous,

you certainly don't sound like 'the other' anonymous...
but I like the way you are thinking!...
Remember...we are not politically aligned, guess we gave up....I mean
I gave up, tried to contribute to MARTS, but guess not wanted....

Nevermind, we have a great camaraderie here, hope to meet each and every single ham out there.
Really, if you think about it, it is not impossible.

But guess that will have to wait, huh?
Hope to meet you one day....

Hey, also did you hear that MCMC is having a dialogue, and have invited all Amateur Radio related
groups/body/society? I am wondering what is the agenda...cos, as a MARTS member, I was not informed
of any agenda....and guess what?

The dialogue is on TUESDAY!!! So, the million dollar question is ARE YOU REALLY HEARING US??? COUNCIL.....

guess they will have to answer this.....

but no animosity.......73s 9W2MCT-Tony

badman said...

aisey tony.. we all r 'siu yan'... means nothing to them. not bringing them profit, why should thay bother leh..? anyway, i'd reserve my comment, for now, that is... as i'm not a member anymore, didn't pay my annual m/ship fee. how to pay laa when i'm not even sure if the body still exist or not - except the first time i seeked info abt joining a year ago, my e-mail NEVER got replied AFTER i became a member..

9 whiskeys..? too bad...!

Anonymous said...

Badman, with the club mgmt is in the rough, they didn't reply your email, dormant since 2002 and even a member (e.g. 9w2mct) contribution is not wanted (by MARTS), what makes you want to join MARTS?

9W2XI - Wilson said...

Guys !!!

The antenna party is confirmed. We are gathering at Ali Baba at and then making our way to Bukit Lanjan.

We have the assistance of 9W2MTS and SWL Mat Dan to assist with the installation. These 2 guys came all the way from Penang to lend their support, so can you. If you are not too busy , pop by to lend us your moral support.



badman said...

when i joined last year, the name MARTS gave the impression that it's a prominent body in the country, supposedly lah..
i didn't know abt the 'turmoil' as my mail was kindly replied & was forwarded to certain ppl for the application forms etc., & that was the last time i ever recieved anything from them. till now, i don't even know my m/ship number, let alone a m/ship card, IF there's any... i have no prove of my membership, was told that will get it in the mail but been waiting till now.
as i told u guys before, sent another mail regarding the referee when i was applying for my licence, NO REPLY..! have to 'tebal muka' & ask from other club for that.. even the RAE prep class was also by other club... my impression is they are only interested in collecting money for m/ship & boast abt numbers of members thay have, other thatn that, nothing..! i was left in the dark, alone to find my way.. aren't club are formed to help members..?!
don't care if any of the club's hardcore members read this, better yet, let the counsil read this so they know that ppl might've ceased thier m/ship quietly & migrate to other club. bet the deafs & blinds upstairs don't even know abt this, too bz celebrating victory winning position i guess...

9 Whacks To Beat A Dog

figure it out said...

hey Madban.....

Coooooooll...and well said. That was ur experience....I even know some guys who have paid money, and now their money have gone to unclaimed account.....itu pun ada.......not here to assaninate character, but at least the powers that be could waive these cases mah......

I am thinking of joining another club...mana dapat membership form ah?? Saya dengar ada kelab baru.......ada MARTS....MARES......saya dengar ada MAYAT juga on air....betulkah?


Anonymous said...

Could it be that MARTS so much so a Penang-based ham club and could not oversee that whole of Malaysia or ould be from other reasons? To say that Penang is so far from KL also not true as you can see & hear that Penang MARTS members do come over to Kuala Lumpur for business purposes - every week. Then again, we do have few KL ham in the MARTS council. PHewww... unsolved mystery. >:P

bedman said...

let me get this straight...

penang-KL is too far to these ppl..?!!?

- most are seasoned hams with grand-daddy of rigs to transmit radio signal all over the world
- getting Q-cards even from the most remote location on the other side of the globe...

..& penang-KL is too far away for any form of communication..??!!?

PUH-LEEESE...! gimme a break..!


Anonymous said...

They conquered Penang and the rest of the world (excluding KL) ;)

Anonymous_too said...

KL is too hot for them to handle...! MUAHAHAHHAH..! *evil laugh*