Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RKK - repeater update

a small crew will be visiting RKK on the 27th July with the intention of performing some test on the repeater, cabling & antenna.
We are looking for riggers who would be able to assist.

Time :
Venue : Bukit Lanjan

Pls do not hesitate to contact repeater manager 9w2xyz or leave a comment if you are able to assist.



lee said...

I'm in :)

mr reptile

Anonymous said...

I am old for all these jobs. I wish all you you best of luck. Take care while climbibing the tower especially during this wet weather. Do not climb when a thuderstorm is coming as lightning may be around the corner. Dont forget your safety belt. If you need one tell me.

Orang lama

Marts News said...

Thank you for your well wishes & for volunteers, pls meet at ALibaba at 2.30pm before we head up to Bukit Lanjan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys.

RKK user

laksamana said...

bravo zulu guys