Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Interested volunteers

All those who are interested to help , or bring forth your views and ideas are requested to be at Alibaba , 4th July 2007 @ 7.30pm. This would also kick off the list(s) of action item that will be priortise by 9W2SBS & 9W2XYZ.

You may send them an email at 9w2xyz@marts.org.my - Alan, for repeater related or 9w2sbs@marts.org.my - Aznin, for state related liaison.

Looking forward to your participation.




9w2ice said...

hello guys
just to inform that the rig at ali baba now its with 9W2MTC for servicing (cleaning). Than it will be hand over directly to 9W2SBS. Its up to council decide where to place it, and i will not proceed about the *****news.com that i have created and proposed. The domain will last until 3/7/2008.

thanks 73s....


Anonymous said...

Satu member MARTS dari Parit Buntar sudah mati yesterday. Nama dia Liew dan callsign 9M2LN.
Apa pasal MARTS tidak hantar tahziah dan inform lain lain member.Sunday 8 july upacara pembakaran/pengkebumian akan dijalankan.
MARTS tak peduli pada ahli mati Kah ?
Kita semua pun akan mati juga

Anonymous said...

io bodoh
pukimak macam u cakap baru diorang taulah, lu tadak cakap mana tau. ini bukan official page bagi martslah, nama saja pakai. lain kali makan nasi boleh pandai sekit, kalau makan tahi ini majam jadilah pukimak

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2.46pm.

Your posting is excellent.
Your parents did not teach you well , how to use a decent language.Since you are excellent . I also want to be so. Without your Mak's Puki you wont be in this world. You came out through that Puki.

Son of a bitch.

Condolomces to the bereaved family members and to his brothers 9M2SW and 9M2CP. May his soul rest in peace.

9W2MCT said...

Spoken to another station to confirm that 9M2LN Liew, did indeed passed on.
A simple message to inform those who knows of Liew to keep him in your prayers.
Thanks Liew for the few QSO's we have had.
You will always be in our memories.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where the anonymous got his facts from. MARTS president has ordered a wreath by MARTS to 9M2LN home QTH. And 9M2LAW (Penang State Mgr) represented the national society and led more than 10 members to pay their respect on 7th evening.

Next time better check your facts before doing such damaging posting to our society!

Anonymous said...

Matter closed.
Let us hope he will rest in peace.


Death is inevitable.