Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Its Judgement day - RAE Results is out

Hi swls , The RAE results is out . We wish you well and hope to catch you on our local repeaters .
Click here to view your results in pdf format - MCMC website

Thank you SWL for your news scoop.

Things you need to know, what to prepare before going to MCMC.
Article contributed by a swl - click here

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to those who have passed. To those whho did get through this time, dont give up try again .It is not the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

This may not be the apprpriate column to comment.Anyway , I would like to convey a message.

Date : Saturday 28th July 2007
Time: 12.35 UTC
Freq: 14.300 Mhz.

While scanning the band I heard 9M2CCO callling Cq Cq IOTA Contest a few times.. I have heard cq cq cq cq before but cq IOTA cOntest never.For those who dont know what is IOTA. IOTA means Island On the Air. Most of the Islands in the world have been allocated some sort of numbers.Some peole are keen to make contacts with stations from the island.After working a certain number of island you can claim an award, same thing with DXCC. Normally the keen DXer will go to the remote island, establish a station there and make as many contacts as possible.

So this young man 9W2CCO calling cq cq IOTA contest is much confusing. Nobody responded to his call, probably they are all laughing this 9M@ station calling CQ IOTA contect.>
To this 9M2CCO , dont simply do what you like . Listen to the band and ask your seniors.Dont be a laughing stork.

A 9M can also be ignorant, there are no substitute for experience.

Malaysia bolih

So there are a lot of things to learn, a 9M may not know everything
especially if he is new nad did not have enough experience and exposure.

Anonymous said...

True enough and I totally agree to Anonymous 7/28/2007 8:59 PM.

in fact i know this guy, he's still a 9w2 but uses his daddy callsign to call CQ. (his daddy is highly experienced). i have noticed this a lot of times. anyway, he's also the one who's so against cw and keep promoting 23cm band very agressively too.

sigh.... callsign pirate. "he" boleh.

Anonymous said...

Correction!!! He is not an experience guy to work HF contest. He just got his 9M licence early this year.

Probably, his 9W harmonic used his callsign to work on the HF band.
I have heard his dx calling many times on 20meters band.


Anonymous said...

Ok lah. Dont make too much fuss about it .
At least he is is keeping Malaysian signals on the HF band.
Otherwise it is too quiet.

9M2 without antenna.

Anonymous said...

You hold a paria 9M licence and your statement is going to brings real bad image to Malaysia hams.

We are trying to control non qualified operators but you are encouraging them to work dx HF band. Pls ask those 9M, MCMC, IARU & ARRL to allow 9W to run this way since you said that Malaysia HF band is quite.

In USA they will removed your licence, 4 imposing, put u to jail and fine U 10K. They are many 9M still monitoring and worked on HF band that is why the issued of 9W operating on the 9M callsign was bought up.
So, the pirates will use the 2mtrs and the 9W will start to use the HF band is that what U means because the Malaysia airwaves is quite or repeaters is quite

So self discipline and to follows operating guide lines is important and DO NOT GOES AGAINST THE COUNTRY MCMC REGULATION.

9M6... always monitoring on 20 meters.

Anonymous said...

9M without antenna said...
Already disqualified himself and hv shown no respects to others 9M & MCMC authority.

His information published could hv circulated round the world about Malaysian hams class B licence on HF DX coz the Malaysia HF band is quite.

Wondering how he secured the 9M licence.

Pls noted V R on monitoring always... so do not think that those 9M R sleeping.

Anonymous said...

How to respect MCMC.1001 issues related to samateur radion cannot be solved for the few years.

1. Abolition of RM60.00 for processing fee.
2. Extra band for 9W
3.List of approved rigs 100 years old.
4. Poor enforcement.. pirates are enjoying.
5Request for online renewal.

many many more.
No wonder people say MCMC stands for

Mad Clowns Managing the Circus.

Wake up clowns.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who wrote 9:11pm.

I think there are better clowns like you. To condemn MCMC is not putting you at the right track. Who gave you the AA License in the first place? MCMC!

I hope you are writing the blog from else where and not from your personal computer. If MCMC decided to hunt the person down who writes ridiculous blog, especially you, who condemn MCMC they have no problem in pin-pointing you from their vast monitoring network of hitech computer.

All they have to do is to just push a few buttons and you are FRIED! License gantung and name published in all Radio Amateur Website and get yourself embarrass for life. Believe me they can hunt anyone down even anonymous from a blog. It takes only just one person to make a report to MCMC or The Ministry of Water, Energy & Telecommunication of misusing the blog. Don't believe! Read the newspaper and you may find blogger arrested for spreading malicious rumours.

I can say you are a clown who went too far. Wish you are not using your home PC????? Too Late, you are being monitor!!!!!! Think I am bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

MCMC issued me the AA. IT is their OBLIGATORY DUTY to issue one if I complied with the regulation.It is very clear in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 ( Act 588 ).
If you dont have one , buy a copy from thr Government Printers at Jalan Chan Sow Lin KL>. So you are not a beggar when MCMC issued you a AA.
There are 101 issues related to amateur radion that have been brought to the attention of MCMC.
by MARTS, MARES and other societies Unfortunately they are still outstanding after many years
1. Removal of rm60.00 processiong fee
2.List of approved equipment to be upgraded.
(Existing list 25 years old.)
3. Extra band and power for 9W
and 98 more issues.

MCMC is not GOD. If they need to be fired they should be fired. Did you know that Lim Keng Yek to MCMC to withdraw some intructions which were made by the Chairman.
Anyone is welcome to trace me.I have not violated the Official Secret Act,The Seditious ACT, or insulted His Majesty the Yang di Pertuan Agong or any other act.
So dont be a meek lamb who do not know your rights in accordance withe the Malaysian Constituition.
approved by Parliament.
Thats the trouble with you. MCMC cannot simply gantong your licence .. man or you are a pondan.?
Tell me which blogger have been arrested. You should ask Raja Petra kamaruddin of Malaysia Today or Steven Gan of Malaysiakini. Raja Petra when questioned by the police,turned the table against them. This era of cyber space intimidation wont do.

So pondan , grow up and know your rights

Right is Might

Anonymous said...

to 8.10pm . why do you have to defend yourself by tellin u have not violated any acts? Truth hurts isn't it!
Check the facts when u touch on the subject of Raja Petra and Steven Gan. They can afford to turn the tables against th cops coz their blogsite and website is not register in Malaysia. This site is register in Malaysia, birdbrain! Atleast 12.02am have more brains than you.

Anyone out there wants to give it a try to see if 12.02am facts is a fact or not? Send a complaint to MCMC on 9.11pm blog said MCMC are a bunch of clowns, see if MCMC does really have the capability to act on 9.11pm. If MCMC doesn't raise a finger then we can write rubbish on this site without fear.

Coz 9.11pm seems to challenge others on his topic and I like such challenge, don't you all? Problem is I disrespect those who starts name callin.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant 8.10pm blog is the one you are refering to as challenging, right. hehehe, looks like he's going to have a hard time with MCMC if one of u fella brings this up.

New here!