Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogger Comments on This Blogsite

Recntly, the Malaysian Blogsphere has been hit somewhat hard by the civil action taken by Local Mainstream Media, New Straits Times Press V Ahiruddin Atan (, and New Straits Times Press V Jeff Ooi ( about their postings.

We carried a short reminder (here). It seems that our blogspot, which is regularly visited by true Ham Radio Operators, mostly in Malaysia, who are of the opinion that esprit de corps is the ultimate goal of a true HAM community, evident in their efforts recently, overcoming differences, as well as combining strength and spirit, have also been regularly visited by anonymous commentators. Bloggers United (view picture logo of this blog's profile) advocates true blogger's ethics, by providing your true identity. (here) A responsible blogger, as pronounced by the Malaysian Prime Minister, in his response to the NSTP suit against Jeff & Rocky.

We here, at martsnews.blogspot would like to support this move.
Especially so in our fraternity, where one who is able to articulate through one's speech, being a broadcast of sort would be able to send his or her message freely without being misinterpreted.
Yet, there are those who are happy to drop in once in a while, and start a reply frenzy through our generous actions.

In order to maintain this blog's intergrity, we shall revert to our comments moderation.
ALL COMMENTS WILL BE PRINTED ON THIS SITE as long as it can be verified from source.
After all, we as the blog moderators would not want to accuse or send the wrong message across.
We acknowledge your support, after all, 24500+ hits in over two years is the show of support that you are getting some information about your interest from this site.
We recommend that you continue posting your comments, responsibly, and by doing so provide your ID, by call sign, or even mobile number, after all your comments are for the improvement of MARTS and HAM in general.

So click away, those of you who are responsible.


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