Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Tradition still lives on...9W2IGP one of latest to imprint

Feb 19 2007 - After the CNY 2m Net, which saw almost 50 stations checking in the crowd in Ali B was in their usual element. 9W2ICE- Bob celebrated his 25th birthday, with those present joining in the celebrations with their rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. With a durian cake fit for the occasion and generous servings of Briyani, Rendang, Chicken Kurma, and accompaniments, as well as Domino's Pizza, it was a gathering to be remembered.

And after that, the tradition continued, since 26 May 2005, the practice of having their handprints 'recorded' (rather imprinted) onto the now infamous 'Ali B HAM Wall of Shame' continued. This time, 9W2IGP aside from 9w2MFZ, 9W2ARN, 9W2SXY,9W2DEL and 9W2OOM, are among the latest 'victims' placing their palm print amongst the 100 odd that are already there (apart from 1 foot print courtesy of 9W2GSM!).
The wall of Shame also claims, a Korean, a Singaporean, a New Zealander, 2 part time Brits (he he - Malaysian students in the UK), and a Chinese (9M2-BG7MSM).

Oh...here is wishing you a very merry, and prosperous year of the Boar 2007..
de moderator


Anonymous said...

I am a newcomer to AliBaba.I was there last Tuesday accompanying
another ham.
I am confused.Are the people at AB members of MARTS ? Do they have faith in MARTS or they are a splitter group of MARTS? When I asked around they say they are not members yet, Is this place a social gathering for local hams,irrespective of which society they are affliated to,if so, it is OK for me.
Can someone senior please tell me
more about this.I do not want to be in a place where I am not wanted
or persona non grata.

9W2MCT said...

Hi newcomer, if you read the statement of this blog you may understand better.
Let me clarify your concern.
Most of us are MARTS members. Unfortunately, most newcomers like yourself donot see the benefit of being MARTS members, hence most decide to 'sit on the fence'.
We have been advocating membership on behalf of MARTS and will continue to do so. Why? Because it is a NATIONAL Society. MARTS at present has its council sitting in Penang. MARTS Vice President is in KL, and so was a former council member. UNFORTUNATELY, even though they are elected members of the council, they choose to remain on the sidelines. I am not sure if they are promoting our society, MARTS, for I do not have any social contact with them. You may want to contact them, if you so wish, look up the MARTS website, or you may call for 9M2RS, either on MARTS or MARES frequency.
MARTS is a soiety rich with history, and many senior HAM members who still support it, but unfortunately again, some people tend to take things personally and 'hantam' each other. This blogspot was created as a result of the last AGM, when our group, which have genuine interest in 'reviving' the glory days of MARTS was barred from taking part in the elections through technicality. Most of our members who frequent Ali B paid subscription to a Office bearer but for some reasons it was not recorded. Hence the disqualification. You may want to note that eventhough the circumstances, most of us ARE STILL MEMBERS.
ALI B is purely an eyeball location, made more convenient that the owner has supported us by providing us good service, and also accommodating us by providing a 'wall of shame' as well as even allowing us to set up a portable station. Lets not forget that it was mainly due to 9W2AXN/XI who was constanly surfing, that the owner applied for the streamyx connection which still offers wifi till date.

So this place has its usual visitors apart from the new ones who find it comfortable mixing with the group. There are many resourceful people who come by, senior HAMS who share their knowledge, like 9M2DS,9M2CF, 9M2KN, 9M2CM, 9M2CJ and so on.

We continue to promote MARTS, and if you so wish, you may get some info from people like 9W2XI or 9W2SSJ to name a few.

Here I would like to point out that the maintenance of 9M2RKK/RUK/RKL is largely due to the efforts of 9W2XL and other regular volunteers, mostly from AB. These repeaters are MARTS repeaters, and for that reason, we advocate membership to continue the support for the National SOciety.
FYI, 9W2XL - Bear is the appointed regional representative of MARTS.

As for me, some may tell you stories. It is entirely up to you to make up your own mind.

In any case, Happy New Year, and do mix around to know more about other HAMS.

de 9W2MCT

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the long explanation.You said this blogspot was established as a result of the AGM in 1995.Your group was keen to take over MARTS but was barred from taking part in the election due to technicality.I was told by some friens who attended the AGM that your group was not members
of MARTS as you never pay the subscriptions. The money paid to the President was walloped by him and never reach MARTS treasurer.( Please confirm this )In this case there is no technicality involved ... just non member so how do you expect to be elected to the Council.I also was told the you all made police report in Penang after walking out of the AGM.What is the outcome ? In fact a police report should be made against the President for criminal breach of trust.
Surely action can be taken if your group have been deprived to be in the council.
MARTS needs support from all members. I notice that the are a lot of in fighting. It benefits nobody.There are many more important things do. MCMC has just released the Standard Radio System Plam.It need attention and comments.So pay attention to it rather than wasting time writing on this blogspot
BTW 9M2KN is my fathers friend . He is in JB. Did he visit Ali Baba.? 9M2CJ is not a member.


Anonymous said...

I believe Suchart 9W2SSJ, Adlin 9W2AXN but Bear 9w2xl....God forbids.

Satukali kena

Anonymous said...



9W2MCT said...

Sorry you may have misunderstood the explanation. AGM was not in 95, it was in 2005. Police reports? Not sure bout that, I know I didn't make one, but I did hear that one was made. Again, it is hearsay.
As for the technicality? It is like this, you renew your MYKAD, only to have your fees taken by the officer, then the government say you are no longer a Malaysian, cos your MYKAD renewal was not accepted. Get it?
As for CBT. I wouldn't want to go that far, as after all he did pay back the money, yet membership was accepted only after the AGM.
Whether this was done intentionally is anyone's guess.
Me? I am quite happy promoting MARTS, and being part of this nice group that gather so often in Ali B.
You are an adult, so you be your own judge. Thanks anyway for trying to find out the truth.
It would be doubly nice if you can identify yourself, after all, even the two bloggers who are being sued did.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments.
No further action.
Meet you at the coming AGM .

9W2xyz said...

I think some clarification is due here.
1. MARTS is a radio organisation.
2. Ali B is a mamak shop.
3. Most people here like each others company, reagardless of their club affiliation.

SO.... if you ask a few people here is they are MARTS members... as luck would have it.. the answer was no. THis does not mean all of the people here are not MARTS members. Most people here are simply customers.

As for the taking over. THe group that wanted to take over Marts IS not Ali Baba. Just because some of them come here, it does not mean all of them are politically inclined to see Radio Representation back in KL.

I am one whose money was misappropriated. I bear no ill will towards the past president. I am typing this on his computer. I think he has taken all ridicule and insults like a gentleman. Let sleeping dogs lie.

In any case, I paid my dues to a sanctioned committee member who issued a receipt. For all counts, my money is deemed received by Marts. If it is not accounted for, Marts has mis-appropriated my dues.

Now, did Marts proceed accordingly knowing this. No. For which I think the current administration has a laissez faire attitude.

You are welcome here. No personna non grata. We have a tradition of welcoming all without fear or favour. Likewise, if you just want to hang out here and mix, come and join the crowd.

I am just dying to see what the current council of Marts is going to do now that they have all in their favour. I think the old adage, ' give a fool enough rope, and he will hang himself' is very appropriate here. If you speak Malay, then I say... bagai tikus membaiki labu.

All who are in council will eventually have to be accountable for their actions or INACTIONS.... after a while, remaining popular by putting others down is no longer going to cut it.

So lets cuts through the chase. There is enough variety here in the Ali Baba hams to satisfy anyone from die hard supporters to opposition. SOmewhere in between you are sure to fit.

It is up to you to determine the fit.