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QSP...Messages Text or otherwise . .

Excerpt from NST Daily, 8 Sept 2006
When text messages can backfire
08 Sep 2006
KUALA LUMPUR: It may be hip and a sign of the times, but the growing trend of circulating text messages on kidnap and abduction cases is making matters hard for police.

Different types of crime require different approaches. What may work in a case of car theft or snatch theft may not work when there’s been a kidnapping.

In advising the public to stop this practice, Federal CID director Datuk Fauzi Saari told the New Straits Times yesterday that kidnappers would have warned the victim’s family not to go to the police. "There is the danger that the widely circulated text messages may reach the kidnappers’ mobile phones. This would endanger the victim.

"Also, the element of secrecy is required as police have their own plans and action to set into motion," he said.

"If a crime is committed, then lodge a report in person. There are procedures police have to follow before investigation papers can be opened.

"Sending text messages does not constitute lodging a police report. We do not know if it is a hoax or genuine call for help. Even those who forward the messages don’t know if it is a hoax or not."

Fauzi said at the very least, police would need a "first information report", which detailed the crime, its nature, where it happened and who was involved, so that they had something to work on.

"But what is happening now is that the text message is being circulated far and wide before it reaches the police. We will not act on it as it is difficult to determine its authenticity."

As an example, Fauzi cited a case which created a stir on Aug 28: A girl who was abducted by five men at the parking lot of the Ipoh Shopping Parade.

Her boyfriend sent text messages to friends, urging them to contact police if they spotted their vehicle. The messages took on a life of their own, reaching the Klang Valley.

"By then, the original message was distorted to such an extent that no one knew where the girl was abducted from. Some received a text saying the incident had occurred at Subang Parade!"

Selangor police sent a team to Subang Parade. By then, the girl was safe and the vehicle found. Two days later, the messages were still in circulation.

Fauzi advised victims to send the text message to Rakan Cop, which would be constituted as a report.

Also, enlisting the help of friends by chain text messaging can be applied when it is a case of snatch or car thefts.

Some of us in the HAM community may have received this message and feeling the need to help, may have circulated this to other stations, via sms as well as through the local 2M network.
So perhaps, it is wise to take a step back and evaluate using this simple steps;
1.verify statement from the person who received it (make sure that it is first hand info, not QSP from QSP from QSP)
2.As a responsible person passing on information, you are responsible for the facts
(If some of you may recall, a simple message sent some time ago lead to some serious twisting of facts, as in the case with this sms)
3.If it involves element of crime, do take the steps as advised by the authorities (refer above article)
4.Messages sent through Amateur Radio waves should follow the guidelines set by the governing authorities (refer MCMC guidelines as to do's and don'ts)

In summary, we all mean well, but do not get yourself prosecuted for sending wrong news!
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wei pin said...

Q: how if we found a crime happening, instead of calling the police, can we direct sending the emergency call to a radio car?
( as we are told not to interupt that frequency) maybe some net monitors are from authorities dept.

thank you ...


wei pin

9W2MCT said...

9W2CPN..unfortunately, the law prohibits you from doing anything as far as as over RF is concerned!! Remember, somebody said something on Polis frequency and he is now in Jail!
Use the proper channels, even if it means someone is dying!

In short do what you are allowed to do, rather then what you should do! Does it make sense?
I guess not. . .I suppose, this doesnt have anything to do with using the radio . . if you see a crime! and you want to stop it, then the risk ends there. If you think of calling the cops, use the PROPER channels....not RF!
If you want to seek help from other people, you may use RF...

I think I interpreted this correctly...anyone else wants to comment?

wei pin said...

okay... thanks 9W2MCT...
hope that one day we will able to assist someone "In Case of Emergency" to reduces the criminal activities.

thank you

9W2CPN 73^o^

Anonymous said...

i guess some disclaimers will have to be included in this case.

for example, while relaying the message, try to include "the authenticity of this message has not been verified".

i guess that will do.

it's rather outrageous when amateur like us want to help but get prosecuted.

9W2xyz said...

I think the political climate is important. RIght now... snatch thieves are the bane. So...we have snatch thief squads.... running around in Kancils. A Penang bloke ran into a snatch thief after a road chase in order to apprehend him.

I can see a lot of things wrong with that.

Assault and battery
Reckless Driving
Endangering Public and so on.

I dont think he even placed the suspect under citizen's arrest.

I think you can use the radio to call for help in times of life and death after all conventional methods have failed. Surely with CWP baby face looks no one is going to prosecute him.

Reminds me of the cat in Shrek2.

Anonymous said...

May I know who was the guy who said something on the Police freq and in jail now ? It should not be a secret if he has been sentenced by the court.
I must be an ignorant idiot or you are a liar.

born ignorant

Anonymous said...

Tony did no say it. Somebody said it, Tony was only the tale story teller.A liar told the story to someone and that someone tell someome else and they all became liars.
That particular case is pending in the Penang court. The accused is charged Under Kesalahan Perlanggaran Peraturan Komunikasi dan Multimedia ( Technical standard) 2000/P.U.(A) 124 Bahagia 3 Peraturan 15,and plead not guilty and case postponed to December 2006.
It is appropriate we pose facts on this blogspot not fairy tales.

9w2MCT said...

Acts - Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 / Act 588
Section 239. Unlawful use, possession or supply of non-standard equipment or device

(1) A person who-

(a) uses any non-standard equipment or device;

(b) has in his possession any non-standard equipment or device that he knows or has reason to believe is a non-standard equipment or device for the purpose of installing, working, operating or using the equipment or device; or

(c) offers for supply, supplies or has in his possession with a view to supply any such non-standard equipment or device,
commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both.

- - - - - -
Looks like I have my facts wrong, Liable to a prison term, . . .
Thanks for poiting out my mistake, a nother fact learnt today . . Hi Hi

9W2MCT said...

Acts - Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 / Act 588
Section 124. Matters to monitor and report

Matters upon which the Commission shall monitor and report include, but are not limited to, the following:

Matters upon which the Commission shall monitor and report include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) the operation and administration of this Act and its subsidiary legislation;

(b) the efficiency in which licensees provide facilities and services;

(c) the quality of services;

(d) the rates paid by consumers for services;

(e) the development of industry self-regulation;

(f) the level of compliance with voluntary industry codes, mandatory standards and undertakings;

(g) the adequacy of services and availability of services in all parts of Malaysia;

(h) any deficiencies in the scope or operation of this Act and its subsidiary legislation; and

(i) other matters that the Commission is satisfied are relevant.
- - - - -
Act124, Chapter 15, Part 3? Please elaborate . . .

de 9W2MCT

Give this a thought said...

n 1: a story about fairies; told to amuse children [syn: fairy
2: an interesting but highly implausible story; often told as
an excuse [syn: fairy story, cock-and-bull story, song
and dance]

In Tony's case, is it highly implausible? If the person who committed the offence was to be imprissoned if found guilty, will that be a fairytale? He was merely expressing a fact that one can possibly go to jail, I suppose, but I guess there are just some people who are just happy to shoot him down, despite the fact that tries his best to take pictures? Help in matters pertaining to Amateur Radio? Albeit more inclined to helping MARTS? I also saw him in MARES before though he is not a member, neither did he put them down. I even heard him promoting their RAE class sometime ago . .wonder what is happening?
Isn't this blog about HAMS, read mission statement! Stop targetting him, then perhaps, if he does not get the publicity, he will stop altogether. . . then if he does that who s going to help in getting the repeaters up to speed?
All said,we should be contributing not stopping ANY EFFORTs by ANYONE!
ICE & AXE and ADC, these are the people that the others should emulate . . .

Anonymous said...

Give this a thought....
Your comprehension of English is poor.
I quote Tony " Remember, somebody said something on Polis frequency
and he is NOW in jail." He was NOT merely expressing a fact that one can go to jail.His statement was loud and clear that one person went to jail for saying something on the Polis freq.
If he has made a mistake.. just say so.. nobody is going to send him to jail for that. After all we are all human beings who sometimes err.

Syntax error always

wei pin said...


maybe it's time to end this comment. as long as i'd known that something and someplace to speak to.

so.. here is a RAKAN COP telephone 03-21159999. call them if got trouble...

don't interupt the COP LINE