Saturday, September 23, 2006

9M2RUK - Ulu Kali (Local Repeater - 147.900mhz)

9M2RUK - Ulu Kali Repeater transmitting at 147.900mhz, with the usual offset and tone is now back live on line. A team headed by 9W2ZN - Zakran summitted Ulu Kali on Thursday, 21st September 2006, and provided the long needed manpower to put the repeater back on air.
For the record, the antenna cables was the primary problem, with water seepage, due to weather exposure, and these cables were donated (Benefactor - not known).
However, it will be useful to note that 9M2RUK does have serious 'spill over' problems from a commerial taxi repeater, so if you get the feedback,upon the release of your PTT, don't be too alarmed. Another thing to note is that 9M2RUK, situated on the Ulu Kali summit, right next to Genting Highlands, will provide you with good receiving signals, but please reconsider triggering with 5w from handy, as you may not get the same results. However, do try, and feel free to comment here on your signal and readability report, with power output, as well as set up/area of transmission.
This will be very useful for us to provide to the next team going up to do maintenance works.

Kepp on Dx'ing.

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