Thursday, June 08, 2006

Farewell our dear friend - 9W2ACE

The family of our late 'Frankie' would like to extend their sincere thanks to all those Ham members who were directly or indirectly involved in lending their helping hand in their time of loss. This will certainly be remembered by all.

A group of Ham members mostly close friends of 'Frankie', will be leaving for Sg. Pertak this Sunday morning, 11th June 2006 and to those who would like to hop along, kindly accept this invitation to join the outing, Yes! They are on a mission.

The primary mission will be that of his family, who will release his ashes at Sg. Pertak and as Frankie's final resting place. He is known to be an outgoing, and happy go lucky kinda guy who loved the outdoors and adventure, so much so, that his family has decided to release his ashes at the very location when he first experienced his 4x4 trip.

We have officially stopped collecting funds for 9W2ACE, but we would be glad to forward your contribution to his family members.

Kindly contact 9W2XL - Bear or 9W2CBO - Chris for the details. Information will be announced over 9M2 RKK from time to time, so stay tuned.

(latest news is 9-9.15am RV Point at Sungai Buloh Overhead rest area before convoy leaves for Sg Pertak)

Once again, from the family of 9W2ACE - Thank you.

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