Monday, June 19, 2006

Close quarter ‘‘Eye balls’ Gala Event

It has been a while since we gathered together for the noble aim of absolutely nothing except for the intention of fostering relationships and allowing many the opportunity of putting a face to the voice and callsign.

Thus, we would like to extend this invitation to all ham related individuals… including those unfortunates who happen to be married to one or dating one. The aim here is to foster better understanding among fellow ham’mers and catalyze activities…. rather than wait for something to happen. History should already tell you that all things come to he who waits….. except they didn’t tell you that almost all things happen to you. This is your chance to make sure all things happen FOR you.

OK… we have no idea where we are going to hold this event. Obviously we would like some suggestions. Ideas, no matter how wild, are always welcome.

For a start , the first thing on the menu is ‘sirup ais’. The rest is up to you. This event is no-holds barred. You can bring rigs and gear for sale, run barter events, have major arguments and debates, or just buy a buddy a drink.

Pls blog your ideas and we hope to see you all ..


de moderator


Anonymous said...

Hey right on!!!!,lets get the ball rolling guys.Lets make this THE gathering. Amatuer RAdio, 4X4,satria GTIs,Banana oops(Perdana) V6s and whovever else,



9W2xyz said...

Frankly we should do this in Francis' place.

If not... bird park again......That was a nice location.

Anonymous said...

Where bird park?? Taman tasik perdana ke?? Wat kat Padang Merbuk pon ok gak... Parking Kerete banyak.. Senang orang nak datang n parking...

9W2Xi said...

not a bad idea 9w2xyz, we had fun there - but how many of us are ok with the idea of paying? We also have to be careful abt having a big crowd in a public place eg. Padang Merbuk, else kena dapat permit .. Ka ka ka

9W2WIL said...

What is the normal 'budget' per person. If acceptable, I work something really good at my hotel. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Saya sokong. RM25 to 30 OK lah.
Makan mau sedap . Hati mau happy
tak mau cakap cakap rubbish...condenm orang itu orang ini...gone are the days of backbiting and slandering. Let us all march forward for the betterment of all ham operators.Get all involved old or young, jantan or betina, members of or non members of MARTS probably invite members of other societies.Of course they have to pay also.Get a neutral ground not someone office or house.To have it at Padand Merbok... are you expecting 1000 people to attend ?
I wish you all the best...please give early warning for the date.

Orang lama

9W2Xi said...

I am hopeful that everyone would adopt 'orang lama' attitude, Good on you orang lama.

Good idea 9W2WIL, i'm for it.. We want to make this gathering appealing to all, i know they can afford it, its a matter of, if they want to ...

Can you just imagine if we could pull all this people together, it would be such an achievement, a group achievement!!!!

9w2yew said...

Thats a good idea...Choose a date and hope all will be there...Happy gathering!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, i can't remember when marts hold a gala event? anyway let this event to be remember.

support you guys!

9W2TLC said...

good idea!!!!!!

9W2TLC said...

er... whre is Francis place ?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who attend this event, give a goodies bag, try to find sponsor, so people will remember it.. maybe can give a stiker, stationary or anythink.. maybe can include with the buletin or any information about amateur radio.. also can promote this hobby to all malaysian people.. okey.. ok.. 73s..

9W2WIL said...

why anonymous? reveal yourself and not hide under a 'tempurung'.

Anonymous said...

The name of the blogger is not important. What he writes in MORE important. So you do your job, I do mine.Get in organised at the hotel where you work ( Not your Hotel ) I will pay and attend,.

Tak cakap banyak

Anonymous said...

Cannot agree more with anonymous 6;14pm.Enough of air floating around.What we need now is action. Fix the date and amount to be paid and start collecting the money.From experience quite a few want free rides.They will find excuses that they cannot attend but appear later at the function without paying.

Ready cash

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:14, you ok or cuntfused? you ask wil to organise at the hotel where he works and then you said not his hotel - what you trying to say? you better don't pay and attend, maybe you don't even know which function it is.

anonymous 9:48, agree with you pay first - lot's of freeloaders around.

bloggers with identities so gung ho, bloggers anonymous all negative and want to cari pasal only. (you anoymous i anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Hai Ya .. You must be more confused , plain ignorant or naive.
His hotel means he owns the hotel.He is an employee, employed by the hotel. He get paid for his
work. I dont blame as you your comprehension and understanding of the English is very limited.My I humbly suggest that you go for an intensive English course somewhere ,
probably at Cambridge.

Royal English

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:25pm

as you said "hotel where you work ( Not your Hotel )"

You said 1st where he work then 2nd you mention not his hotel...what do you mean be that? if you have a good command in english.. you can explain it beautifully without confuse others people here!


Anonymous said...

ha ha you are so right CBL.

the bugger (Anonymous 3:25 and 6:14) can't even speak correct English and he claims that it is 'royal'.

Corrections: you don't say, if I may quote your little English..."he get paid" but rather he getS paid with a 'S' and you don't say ..."My I humbly" but rather MAY I Humbly.

Such low grammar and you want to correct the rest. I suggest you let this rest and don't bother replying.

Humbly making a stand - the not so 'loyal' english... I mean ROYAL.

Anonymous said...

You all must be kids born yesterday,wasting your time over trivial matters.,
Dont worry about grammar or grandma.

Decide how much it costs, the time and date of the event. Collect the money and we all together attend.Beware of collectors.only authorise certain collectors..otherwise susah

Simple arithmetic, simple English.

9W2Xi said...

Hi 4x4 kaki,
won't it be great to have a night camp out & setup a station to englighten would be ham operators? This was suggested by a ham operator who does not have access to the blog.
Any takers?

Alliedmartster said...

Hai Yah .
Mahu jumpab eyeball pun org ketuk.
Kasi big discount walaupun bukan dia punya hotel pun kena ketuk.
Lu orang ingat ini dunia semua freekah?
Org kerja hotel bukan kasi diskaun besar untuk kawan tahu tak?
Kalau dia mintak lu org buat kat dia punya hotel makna dia ikhlas mahu kasi tempat dengan makan, sam lu org makan dan eyeball, pergi mamak satu malam pun sudah belanja 10RM (3malam eyeball kat Mamak= 1 malam eyebal chun punya kat hotel pun tak bolehkah?) Lu org yang bantah ini keluar dari batu yang mana satu?
DBKL belanja Rm94K wang orang awam.
Lu org belanja Rm30 jumpa eyeball chun tak boleh kah?
Apa kutuk org lain . .
kalau ikhlas, joion saja eyeball, tak ada org minta join MARTS ke MARES, ke TUDM, atau ATM . . join eyeball sja....Saya JOIN RM 50 pun tak apa.
Semua kawan kawan HAM mah . . .

Anonymous said...

gua pun pelik, orang iklas pun kena bomb. kalau tak nak join tak aper, jgn lah sampai nak ketuk org yang meluangkan masa untuk menjayakan eyeball ni..

Marts News said...

OK guys!! let us get back to the point - 'Close quarter eye ball', remember ???

Not an issue with who's hotel it is, who is whom ..etc etc ..

We are talking abt ideas here. Let us not deviate.


de moderator

Anonymous said...

I said what I wanted to say.

1.Select an organising committe comprising trustworthy persons.
2 Decide on cost /person , date and venue
3. Announce on the repeaters
4 Collect money
5 We attend the function.
6. We come home happily ever after.

Whats so difficult about it ????

Simple English simple atithmetic

9W2Xi said...

anonymous 9.21pm,
How do you determine if they are trustworthy?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Since 9W2XI does not understand the meaning of trustworthy I explained the word TRUSTWORTHY
according to the Oxford Dictionary
but it was deleted.
Just because the administrators themselves are not trustworthy according to Oxford Dictionary.

9W2xyz said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo . Some one quotes Oxford.

Such pedigree.. hahah.

Ok... we are discussing a makan place. No big tai chi.

Wil.... tell us what you can do for 20 bucks for munchies... serve the food in the car park to cut costs.. .hehe.

Anonymous said...

i dont you fellows ahve any experience organising functions.
If you dont someone have told you step by step what to do.
1. Select committee.
2 decide cost, time and place
3. Announce on repeater

It that difficult, or you all cannot agree who is going to be the treasurer. BTW there is not much money to cheat.