Monday, November 13, 2006

Wedding Bells was heard !!!

CONGRATS!!!! to our ham'ers 9W2BOI & 9W2AOI ( Boi & Alicie ).
Their memorable day was held on 28th October 2006 in the presence of family & friends held in KL in a posh Italian restaurant, unlike a typical chinese wedding.

A few AliBee junky were there to celebrate their happy occasion with family and close friends.
Once again, CONGRATS!!!


9W2WIL said...

Aiyah BOI, 'another one bites the dust'. As they say, those on the inside wants to be on the outside and the ones on the outside wants to be on the inside.

Congrats anyway. Now let's see this translates to little 'hammers'


9w2po said...

Congratulation to BOI & AOI

For sure the 2 will make new hammers, I am sure WIL won't decline the honor to be the kai yeh.

Anonymous said...


Malaysia needs to increace its population for wawasan 2020.

Hope you get the message.

wei pin said...

congratulations to
Ah OI(aunty) & ah BOI(uncle)...

haha...remember, Chinese New Year ANG PAU...give 2x one ah... (this is traditional)

and hope that your little harmonic(s) will grown up healthy and handsome like his papa...or other way pretty like her mama.

from 1 of the 40 AliBeeS
9W2CPN ampang.

Anonymous said...

Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada 9W2BOI & 9W2AOI :)


9W2MCT said...

Cooool, more HAMS unite!
BOI, congrats, and AOI too. . . .
73s keep on dxing. . .


9W2xyz said...

ei... the web page looks fabulous. Share it with your buddies here lah.

9W2EET said...

Congrat to the newly weds ..

Looking forward to see the little ones..