Thursday, November 02, 2006


The factual account has provided the genesis, or the raison d'être. It is time that this is now filed away into the archives of MARTS if any.

It is time that I slip back into my tranquil obscurity and get on with my work. The last thing I wanted was to be pitched into a controversial situation. This fracas was not one of my doing nor started by me. Anyway I hope the factual account should put this matter to rest once for all.

My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group, there was less competition. Probably the second type who usurps the credit takes the short cut and is, of course less trouble. Unfortunately the fame is short lived.
Thanks to the Blogmaster for providing me the space and opportunity to say my piece.

73, Sangat Singh, 9M2SS, 1st November, 2006

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Thanks Sangat for your response and clarification


Anonymous said...

Mr Sangat Singh, you may have done a
great thing ( I beleive no single person can take the credit ).Since you are the sole claimant .. you can have it .
Never mine what gour grandfather said. Please return all the files and letters that you are having to MARTS because MARTS is the rightful owner of these documents.After that you can do what you want.. you can go back to your tranquil obscurity !!! or perhaps prepare more chappatis for breakfast, lunch and diner.

nasi lemak and tosei sometimes chappati

Anonymous said...

Mr Nasi Lemak and tosei sometimes,

Obviously, you have missed the whole purpose of the article, this one and the previous with the similar heading. Mr Sangat DOES NOT NEED THE CREDIT or neither does HE CRAVE FOR IT. If he did, he would not have even bothered to reply. Put yourself in his shoes, and some years later you read that someone else is claiming credit!
How would you like them apples?
So, your statement is highly uncalled for, and also, btw even Tun Dr Mahathir has copies of the letters he wrote to SM Lee. Does it mean that he has to return it to the Goverment? I certainly did not hear PM saying that those were Goverment secrets!
You have a head that roughly weighs 8lbs on your shoulders (that is what scientific intellects say the weight of an average human head is) or is yours lighter?? Stop provoking Sangat of anyother person for that matter, if you can't stomach facts, go comment on other blogs....

Anonymous said...

If you write a personal letter the letter is yours, if you write on behalf of MARTS,using MARTS letterhead, the documents belong to doubt about it.
Forget about Mahathir. He is having post Prime Minister syndrome.He only wants the bridge between JB and Singapore to be built, so that his cronies can make money.

MARTS bo lui ho !

Anonymous said...

Mahathir have copies of the letter but Mr Singh have the original letters. He never pass them to MARTS. Thats the difference between Mahathir and Singh.
Previous secretaries of MARTS please verify.Thiam, Zainal, George Wee

Surat khabar lama

Anonymous said...

so.. can we say that you are one of the people who is looking for those letters???

Anonymous said...

No No nO . I have no interest in this matter.
Just give those documents that belong to MARTS for the MARTS archives so that Mr Sangat Singh will be remembered for ever. ...until thy kingdom come thy will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Aisey man,
Where got papers, letters and files anymore. All used to bungkus chapaty.Maybe kept to bring to the next world.??? to apply tax exemption in heaven or hell.
Good luck.