Monday, November 13, 2006

Jungle On The AIR (JUTA)

A group of "AliBee Junky" who frequent / eyeball at Rest Ali Baba TTDI, will be organizing a jamboree on the air in the rain forest -Jungle on the Air "JUTA".

We will organise a convoy to a hill top location, set up camp and base station to transmit. At base camp a 40 meter / 20 meter / 11 meter & 2 meter will be setup for the QSO JUTA event.

Ham members eyeball
Create awareness / more participating stations via MARTS National Link.
To learn and improve our skills in Ameteur radio.

Working committee members:
9W2AXE - Azhar
9W2XL - Bear
9M2DS - Pak Dollah
9W2ICE - Bob
9W2XI - Wilson
* working committe welcome, pls contact 9W2AXE

Event Details:

Invitation : Alll Amateur Radio members & SWL enthusiast
You do not need a 4WD vehicle to participate!!!!

Date / Time : - tentative - MID January 2007
Duration : 1 night / 2 days
Location : Not firm
(Kuala Kelawang, NS / Frazer Hill - Sg Pisang / Cameron Highlands (Post Tuel) / Ulu Slim (Post Tenau), Gunung Ledang.

Club Callsign : 9M2MRC
Transimission Callsign : 9M2DXX
Repeaters utilised : RKK, MARTS National Link & RUK.

Those who are interested to participate, YES! even those who are not decided but are thinking about this event, kindly drop us a note by posting a comment. Alternatively, you may choose to sent an email to

Kindly indicate the number of pax and the type of vehicle joining the convoy.

Hope to see you all for the eyeball.

de moderator - QSP from AliBee Junky


9W2MCT said...

good iniative guys, keep itup.

Anonymous said...

berapa mau bayar, bukan ham boleh datang ka ? axe tu siapa. boleh percaya ka.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. Sometime ago they wanted to organise a makan makan gathering
but was aborted when comes to money collection no body can be trusted. Many friends have bad experiences.Pinjam wang tak bayar, jual barang harga 2 kali ganda, lagi pun barang rosak and many many more instances.
I am not accusing anybody ( siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas) but please beware... there are many wolves, crocodiles not forgetting there are also some nice, good hearted people around.These bad people should repent, pay back if you owe people money.

Berhati hati di jalan raya, di udara dan di Ali Baba
It would be too late to regret later on.

Pokai Lang

Anonymous said...

Pokai Lang,

Agreed with your statement.
Nice & helpful hams still around by the side U hv to find out. WHO???.....
Doubtful for those that not expreience cheated...$$$ & betray...BECAREFUL ALWAYS...they could be very friendly.

QSY Lang

Anonymous said...

no... we are the one cannot trust one....

dont' look at the face of a cute pussy cat. it might give you a croc bite!...

so, can we trust the pussy cat or the croc?.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I will trust the pussy/.
At least it is useful sometimes...
for a bachelor like ,me

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

9W2GL said...

Anonymous 11/15/2006 8:52 PM, why not come over and meet them, if you confirm yourself that they cannot be trusted then you dont have to bother joining, nothing like confirming things yourself then listening to people bitching...

A lot of people been labeling people at Ali Baba as untrust worthy, cheaters and many more, the sad thing is the accuser hide behind the anonymous identity, how can we trust this info when we dont even know "who you are".

Dont just listen to people who hide behind "anonymous" identity, come over to Ali Baba and see for yourself, if you like what you see then stay and join in the crowd, else you can leave and find a better place, you decide.

So far people who come over to see and meet 'us' at Ali Baba keep coming back, I guess they like what they see

Anonymous said...

9W2GL must have eaten the chili.
He is feeling the hot spicy chili taste now.
He must have also read the comment by Pokai lang.

laksamana said...


thanks for the information posted. its true that some are boyas and some are innocent lambs. but just like what GL said if you want to say something so it in the open or get someone like me to do background checking (for a fee of course) hi hi

laksamana said...

so decided on when to go or not. hiya plan plan plan but not execution one lah.....

Marts News said...

FYI, the JUTA event has been postponed due to the adverse weather experienced lately. Keep your eye here for further details or CQ for 9W2AXE / 9W2ICE the head honchos of the event.

de moderator