Thursday, October 05, 2006

Problems with National Link

QSP from 9W2PCK - Choy from Segamat. He has noted that the National Link from Gg.Ledang to Ulu Kali is not carrying his audio, as opposed to previous transmissions achieving a Readability 4 ! However, he is able to copy the transmissions of stations in Central to Northern.

So take note, if you are trying to access from down south, you may experience difficulties.
The problem has also been reported by Choy to 9W2EY - Edward.

Keep on contributing to the benefit of all in the HAM community.

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9W2TSK said...

hi to all,
the Gunung Pulai national link is also down, i manage to receive faint signal from G. Ledang link from my QTH in Pasir Gudang but totally no signal from G.Pulai link

73 9w2tsk