Monday, October 16, 2006

CQ Jamboree On The Air 21 October 2006

CQ CQ CQ, the call for volunteers is out again! This time, the World JOTA, will commence on 21 October 2006 0001 LT. In view of the up coming DeepaRaya, there will be a need to coordinate
volunteers more closely to at least have some 'voice' from Klang Valley.
Before we announce the setting up of station for Klang Valley, and invite the troops of KL/Sel,
we first need to identify if we have sufficient stations.
(The Persatuan Pengakap Malaysia - will be loaning their equipment for this use if manpower suffices)
1. In view of Deepavali on 21st October 2006, there may be some people who will take a long trip from KL. (Please place your callsign and time available if you intend to help)
2. The station will be on air throughout the weekend and will stop transmission 2359LT 22 October 2006.
This call will close on 18 October 2006 at 1200 hrs.

de moderator QSP from KelKom,PPM

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Marts News said...

NO Takers? Call closed.

73s de moderator