Friday, October 27, 2006

MOTOROLA MARTS 2m National Link Official Launch

An official launch of the Motorola MARTS 2m National link will be staged on the 31st October 2006 at 2.30pm in the Cititel Hotel, Penang to mark yet another milestone for the National Amateur Radio Society.
Presently, the 2m National link is opertaing without any glitches, as the repeater team made their way from North to South. Motorola is the official sponsor of this link and has provided both Hardware and consultation including other materials for the setting up of this link.
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For those intending to drop in for this event, you are encouraged to do so, please sms 0146040573 to book your place (The moderator of this blog is not sure of the closing date as no dates were provided in the general invitation)

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