Tuesday, April 12, 2005

RKL - its up and coming

Little bird says - that the UHF repeater is under going testing and we are hoping that it will be up soon , where it should belong for ALL to use.
Special mention of thanks to all involved who are responsible for making this possible.
So ... stay tune to RKL and don't be surprise to hear someone callling 'CQ CQ ...'

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9W2XYZ said...

A lil note. This weekend 25th of June, I believe a rat pack headed by Bear 9W2XL is expected to make a run for the pass. We will be working on the 9M2RKK site.

Items to do.

Relocate VHF antenna.
Install duplexer.
Install UHF repeater.
Install UHF antenna.
Check cable for integrity.

Make whopee with guard.

Volunteers needed. Call bear or respond to this blog.
Est time is about 9.30am.
Makan at 40T.

Wear shoes.... please. Those with rigging gear, please bring. SOme tools also good. Wrenches and the like.

Bring water and food, suntan lotion and shades. Bring good humour.