Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Operation Gempor - Mission accomplished

Dateline – Saturday 16th April, Bandar Sungai Long, somewhere off the Main Range, near Kuala Lumpur. RV at Cheras Tol, saw all participants inching their way to Bandar Sg Long. Low clouds clung the slopes of Bukit Enggang, Sungai Long. Arriving vis-à-vis, the convoy passed the guard house, and assembling in the open area, joggers couldn’t help but noticed the appropriately dressed ‘soldiers’. Equal to it was the v-sixers, dressed in black-swat attire! ‘whose your daddy?? Temperatures were climbing and it is not the atmosphere I am talking about. Eager to go a few phone calls were made to check out the arrival of our equipment suppliers, Malaysian Paintball Association. Syabas, believe it or not, the whole event was organized without the two parties ever meeting!!

In all, a little disappointed that there were only 12 participants, even representation, 6 V sixers as well as 6 ‘Marts’ men!! The anticipation was indeed high, that as soon as the safety briefing provided by Sufian (MPA), with Paintguns being tested by his counterparts, most were already visualizing their ‘kill’. A quick group photo was taken, and given the generosity of Alan, he gave the v-sixers a ride up the hill….otherwise, a good 10 minute climb would have certainly gave us a physical advantage. It wasn’t easy on our part either, trudging trough the rubber estate, equaling a four story straight up climb! Befpre long, comms came to live, with enemy sighted, and then as fast as you could say ‘superkellyfragilisticxpalleydosious’ shots were ringing out. The atmosphere was great but yet there was time for breaktime! The opponents were probably having Tongkat ali coffee or something like that, but certainly when it all started again, the battle continued.

In the end, some came out with bruised arms, and some, shot between the eye….or rather only one, got shot between the eye! Safety gears provided in the form of Face mask was in the end the only thing we had complains for as it fogged up real good, given the jungle environment.

Four hours passed by in a minute, I guessed…..cause, when I emerged from the battle field, almost all converged at the car park top count the kills……In the end, it was agreed though not officially, that the V sixers PROBABLY won……….ok they won…..

Such it was welcoming to note that we had great comments, ranging “Boy!! superb la … happening bro!! …and when are planning the next?”!!

We adjourned for lunch though the v-sixers boys cept for their Presidente, headed straight for another location for Speedball…..NPRG, Joining us for lunch was two other stations , 9W2BTL-Lim and SWL Lee whom we shared our ‘near death’ stories.

Our sincere thanks to Malaysian Paintball Association (MPA) who have made this possible and their generosity to accommodate us, even though we have only 12 pax, not to mentioned the reasonable rate the 12 of us cough out. (There were 38 entries three weeks before the event, so if you say yes next time, please mean YES, and not maybe, not uncles funeral, etc!!)

Present on site were En. Roslim Abu (President), En.Suffian (Secretary) and their 6 man crew who gracefully shared their experience, the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’ , safety and handling of the markers. This is indeed a safe and exciting sport for all ages young and old. MPA also carry after market products and live by their ‘Lifestyle * Passions* Excitement’ motto.

You may contact Malaysian Paintball Association at +603 6138 8605 / En. Roslim +6016 248 9046. SYABAS-Keep to this site for the next Jungle Warfare!!

9W2MCT / 9W2XI

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Hi Guys and paintball enthusiast... there are more pics from the event posted for your viewing pleasure, Have fun and keep a lookout for our next event..

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