Friday, April 15, 2005

Operation Gempor - Updates (bulletin #3)

Road map to Ops Gempur

V36 Calling channel from Saga Toll Plaza
Besraya Toll RV at 0630 - 0645 hrs
9M2RKK official repeater

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Anonymous said...

Salim, and the v-Sixers;
Alan-XYz, Adlind-AXN, Saiful-SAI, Wilson-XI, Azizi-ZZE;
Thanks guys, for a well spent RM150!! It was a nice Saturday morning, it would have been nicer if there were more guys, but most important, we have now done a 'jungle warfare' ! Looking forward to the next outing, hopefully with 'fox hunt'! Guys, put your suggestions, so we can improve! How bout 2 days one night with camping??

Anonymous said...

9W2MCT de 9W2SAI,

We can definitely use repelling ropes, V-Force Morph face mask, RAP4 SEAL Team issue marker and some camo paint. Ok ok, we need more people too but after what we've been thru, its not easy to stop them from joining the next round.

I have spoken to V-Sixers VP - Ajak and agreed that base camps need to be set up IN the jungle as HQ and regroup points. Wait for 15 mins and then we start at both points.

Also if possible, try and find a flatter ground to play in. That would be less tiring and more fun.

Anonymous said...

Forgot one more thing.



Anonymous said...

If too flat no advantage for fitter guys like yours truly...ahem! But I am suggesting, a site which has stream and perhaps like a camp site....we camp but equipment arrives next morning and battle.....the noght before, planning and scouting, etc...high hopes.....

Anonymous said...

I know running in jungles is like second nature to you brother, but flatter land with some hills is ok lar. Paintball camp? Wah, thats a first. Maybe can work with MPA to start a "Paintball camp".

Sounds good brother but let most of us get used to mother nature 1st before we start that. Prolly the 3rd installment of "Weekend Warriors"?


Anonymous said...

Where are the PEEK CHURES?? I wanna show them to my members to that they get interested to join the next ones. Cepat cepat!