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9M2RKK Transmitter Rectification Visit

9M2RKK Transmitter re-visit
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9-10th March 2005

For those members who have been visiting our Action Group, you may have seen that efforts in line with our objectives have been made to maintain a channel of communication open to all present in Klang Valley.

On March 5, some members proceeded to rectify the faulty Repeater (9M2RKK) at Bukit Lanjan. Although normal service resumed after the initial visit, it was far from satisfactory, with Stations such as, 1) 9W2PO-Ong, encountering difficulty in triggering RKK from USJ2, from which he had no difficulty before, and 2)9W2XI-Wilson, encountering sever difficulty in triggering RKK from Bangsar, just two examples of transmitting difficulties encountered by our members.

Subsequently in the evening of 9 March, at approx. 1730 hrs, some volunteers proceeded to escalate Bukit Lanjan again fully armed with teh tariks, Pisang gorengs,(and tools off course) to identify the problem. Those who proceeded were 9W2XL-Bear, 9W2CBO-Chris, 9W2XYZ-Alan (who had motivational support from XYL, Mina and his Harmonic-Dhillon(Alan, pardon for the misspell , if any!) , 9W2ZZE-Azizi, 9W2HQX-Hyzer, and yours truly 9W2MCT-Tony.
The Right equipment in toe, 9W2XL-Bear proceeded to check the TX and RX cables, and subsequently isolating the problem to two burned out capacitors of the X510 Diamond Vertical Antenna. Given that there was severe difficulty in replacing these parts, a quick decision was made to obtain a loaner antenna, a ‘Silver Thunder’ 3-Stack Vertical Antenna. A quick drive to Bandar Sri Damansara, and the transporting Team of 9W2ZZE and 9W2MCT was back again to the Tower. Meanwhile, the appointed riggers, 9W2CBO-Chris, and 9W2XYZ-Alan ventured up the 100 foot tower equipped with the right equipment. On our return to the tower, and a quick and right assembly of the Silver Thunder, I was summoned up to hand over some nylon webbing, which was required by the two sifu’s. My first climb…..knee jerking, hand sweating, head spinning, balls dropping climb…….! No joke, not for the faint hearted. I made it and was glad to be of some help! As the sun set, and rain drops fell, we decided to return to terra firma, and all present decided that it was better to summit again the next day to finish the needful.
The evening came to an end, and all present dispersed, and agreed to meet at 1700hrs on the 10th to finish the job…..

A phone call to confirm was the order of the evening. 9W2XL-Bear, confirmed that we were summiting again at 1700hrs. Yours truly was late due to saltmine matters. Whilst mobile-ing to location, a call came in on V36 from 9W2HQX-Hyzer that he had 9W2MRR-Syed with him and he was making his way, much like I did. Confirming that the foodstuff was with me, we proceeded yet again. Arriving at the guard house, I could see that 9W2XL-Bear, coordinating, 9W2CBO-Chris, and 9W2XYZ-Alan, had already donned their rigging gear and the Silver Thunder was already decked out minus the final connections. A short while later, 9W2HQX-Hyzer and 9W2MRR-Syed arrived, and we made our way up the building yet again. Arriving at the rooftop, the climbers summit the tower, this time with 9W2HQX-Hyzer in toe. I followed unwittingly with a knapsack of ‘required tools’.
With Chris, and Alan doing most of the work, Hyzer provided anchoring support for the two riggers. I proceeded to document the event, probably the first ever in Marts History (Guys who did the great job before us, please comment!) Previous task of erecting the X510 Antenna, I was told, was done by 9W2MC-Hafizan, Syabas!
Battling strong winds and drizzle, the Riggers tried their best. However, a major problem emerged. Whilst the antenna was being erected, an aluminium joint gave way due to non alignment of thread, such the Antenna, had to be brought down again. Due to the lack of light, or rather total absence of daylight, we descended the tower reluctantly. Back on ground, 9W2XI-Wilson arrived after work to provide some moral support! In fact, he provided weather report via v36 on his way up. With 2W, on a Motorola 328 handy, we had no problem having a QSO with him as he left his saltmine at Damansara Heights!

Back on ground, there was a sense of frustration due to the fact that we were let down by circumstances. At 2038 hrs, we commenced descend, whilst some of us had to head back for family commitments. Most kept contact through v36, and it was agreed that the task at hand be completed tomorrow.

This article prepared by 9W2MCT-Tony

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Good job to all. And good luck (& good weather!) for the next visit to RKK.