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9M2RKK Transmitter Rectification Visit

5th March 2005

Following the drastic reduction of coverage from 9M2RKK, a crack team of members decided to go up Bukit Lanjan to rectify the matter.
Rendezvous point was determined with the intention of having the stomach filled, hence the decision was to meet at Damansara Perdana, given the proximity to Bukit Lanjan.
10.00hrs came and went, and Bear (9W2XL) was all alone, and waiting.
It was at about 10.10hrs when Tony (9W2MCT) came on air to confirm that he was making his way to the RV point.
A few others came on air, however, due to QRL’s presumably, Bear and I proceeded with breakfast which was in the form of Nasi Lemak and Roti Chanai / Ghee Thosai, with the usual Tariks.

Subsequently, Azizi (9W2ZZE) made contact and confirmed that he was proceeding up the hill as well. All downed, we proceeded to make a beeline for Bukit Lanjan Telekom Tower. A few wave of the hand saw us through the guard house and up we went.

Arriving at the Tower, we proceeded to offload the Motorola Repeater, which Bear brought along. Up at the repeater room, contact , DX via 147.980mhz was made to pre-warn users that maintenance work was proceeding. Subsequently, the swap was made with the Yaesu repeater replaced, and Bear proceeded with Radio check, drawing response from 9W2ACE-Cheng, mobile-ing to Sungai Buluh, 9W2TZI-Chin, mobile-ing in Sultan Ismail, and 9W2OO-Pak Maarof, enjoying his nice relaxing weekend from his QTH in Banting.

Initial checks made, and to confirm quality, the RX and TX feed was swapped. Eventually we settled on the configuration, with confirmation from all stations involved, and wallah! 9M2RKK was brought back to live again! Initial plans to climb up the tower actual to commence maintenance work on both the TX and RX antenna’s was postponed due to the wind factor! (Or rather no Balls Factor!!!)

We proceeded to wrap up and made our way down hill again.

This article prepared by 9W2MCT-Tony
Pictures by 9W2ZZE - Azizi
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