Monday, November 26, 2007

9w2CBO - Silent key (26th Nov 2007)

Earlier this morning, 9W2CBO (Chris Oh) passed away at his residence peacefully.

For those who like to attend the wake or for more information, please get in touch with 9W2XYZ (Alan)

Rest In Peace...

Passed away peacefully in the morning hours of Nov 26, 2007
In his sleep
“To see the world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wildflower.
To hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
An eternity in an hour...”
Chris leaves behind beloved wife Cynthia, children Nick, Megan and Jin
The wake will be held @ the PJ Chinese Cemetery Assoc. Crematorium,
Jln 51A/229, PJ from the 27th -28th November, 2007

Cremation is schedule for tomorrow, 28th November @

Scattering of Ashes is scheduled on the 15th December 2007
for further information of the above ritual, kindly contact 9w2PO (012-2298855 , 9w2xyz (012-3342055), 9w2ice (012-2830002)

For further information, call
+6016 908 7718 / +6019 374 8615

QSP from 9W2XI
Pic by 9W2AXE


JungleTrekker said...

Fellow Hams...

Regretfully, I have to inform you that Chris passed away peacefully in the morning hours of 26 November 2007. At the time of writing he is at the HKL mortuary where he will lie in state at the PJ Chinese Cemetary Association at Jalan 51A/229, PJ ( near Kampung Tunku) from the 27th to the 28th of November 2007.

For further information, call +6016 908-7718 or +6019 374-8615. if you should wish to pay your respects at the funeral wake, please make your way there and join his family and friends in bidding him farewell.

Thank you.

We join Chris and his family in this time of mourning.


JungleTrekker said...

My dear Friend,

Perhaps I may have wished that we could have spent more time together,

Perhaps I could have cursed at the haste that you were summoned;

Perhaps I could have mourned at your passing;

But instead, I'll just thank you for all that you have shared and taught me;

And forever cherish all the memories that you have left behind...

May your soul rest in peace... today, tomorrow and always my dear friend.

Dearly and deeply missed by the Koh brothers and all your friends.


anuar said...

just got the news this morning via 9m2zi.

my deep condolences to chris family.

we hv had a few QSOs before and chris will sadly be missed.

73 de anuar 9m2mo

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

+ CBO will never be forgotten..Rest in peace, God bless +


Wilfred said...

Chris Oh Boon Hin aka Ah Boon aka Charbo - however known is still the fun loving, adventureous Chris to us. He was one of the very few that took me as a friend when I first entered the hamming world. He taught me all that is to know in off-roading too. He has eaten, drank, camped and all that a friend would do together with me. His youngest son and mine shared the same name. His wife Cynthia are friends with mine Shirley. We used to enjoy the same Sampoerna which I have now given up. (I wished he did too)

All said and done, he has now given up completely. There is a phrase that goes; "When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices, go back to sleep and dream or wake up and chase those dreams" I would like to think that Chris has always been a dream chaser thus his perseverance in seeing his dream of being a successful house builder. I guess the time has come for him to not wake up and drift into a beautiful dream forever and ever.

I know he is watching from above and smiling at all the beautiful legacies he has left behind. To you my friend, rest well - it is much needed. Look up your earlier friends that are up there with you. With your humour and attitude, I am sure you would bring greater joy to the hamming fratenity in the other realm up there.

Gone but not forgotten.

9W2WIL / Wilfred Yeo

lee said...

good bye my may be gone forever but not forgotten.i may not have known you long but enough to leave us with good are a good teacher and a great fren.

may god bless your soul ;( we know you are now in good hands.

9w2boi & 9w2aoi

Marts News said...

Farewell, i bid you farewell. In these couple of years that i have known you, you were always willing to lend a hand and indeed a true friend.
Thou we seldom meet up for drinks & gathering, we do meet up quite frequently for breakfast & chat away - something i would missed dearly.

Rest well and may your soul rest in peace.

9w2xi & 9w2xil

9W2CPN - pin said...

dear charbo.

you are a good friend that i've never been met.

and just wishing you another happy and cheering journey with peace.

where your spirit of joy will always be with us, i'll miss you.

de 9w2cpn

Francis said...

I remembered my first few QSO as a newbie in HAM fraternity was with Chris, he was a patient gentleman and taught me thoroughly and that includes offroading. Whilst we seldom met you are always there if an advice ever needed, you'll be truly missed!

73's forever


Ho said...

My deepest condolences to Chris(9W2CBO)family; although I never have any chance to QSO with him but from what I've monitor before & after I get my AA, he for me is a very cheerful & nice guy although I never meet him.
Also always be very patient in things...
May your spirit of joy will always be with us!

73's forever


9w2yyl said...

Good bye... my fren..
Every morning, I can hear your voice from my Rig...
QSO with you mostly during the evening. I feel so much enjoy and happy during our QSO.
Thank you...thank you for giving so much of good memory.

Rest well and may your soul rest in peace.


9W2XYZ said...

Hi All... Heads up...

There will be a Buddhist Farewell/prayer session for Chris this Sunday 2 Nov 2007 at 1930 hours.

All are welcome, friends one and all. No religious affiliation or inclination restrictions. Come if you wish to bid your farewells and wish him well. Friends and family invited.

Make your way to the Buddhist Temple in Brickfields.


9W2GL has been warded to ICU at University Hospital. He is still on a respirator after succumbing a a severe case of respiratory distress/asthma.

Please contact 9w2wan or 9w2axe for further information. We pray and hope for a full and complete recovery. Our wishes to the family and Man.

just a friend said...

gjg said...

I went to school with Chris in Canada. HE was a fun man whose company I greatly enjoyed. We didn't keep in touch after school and I am saddened to read about his death. All the best to is family and friends.