Monday, November 05, 2007

Calling fellow Hams who are interested in a field trip jointly organise by . Below is the email invitation send to 9W2GU.

Soon I will be back in Malaysia again and I would like to explore if
we could organize a small trip to one of the offshore island of the
west coast for an operation of two days. It would be nice if we could
organize a small group of people that want to come together to make
the trip to the island, setup one or more stations and operate for 24
or 36 hours.

I'm thinking of the IOTA group AS097 which is the Melacca/Johor State
group comprising Pulau Besar, Kukup, Pisang (Having a lighthouse!) and
Sauh. There might be some smaller islands that belong to the same
group and which are uninhabited (Pulau Serimbu, Pulsau Udan, Oulay
Sauh). In such cases, it takes perhaps just 15 minutes by boat but we
would need to have our own power generation (Generator) with us and we
need to build our own shelters. Such an operation would look like a
field-day type of operation which some would like to combine with a
BBQ and fishing.

Could you ask some people if they would be interested to organize such
a trip for a weekend? I could eventually bring my own rig/antenna. As
soon as I know that there are some people interested to join, I could
exchange my availability in Malaysia. For your information, I have
just renewed my 9M2 license.


This email is send in by 9W2GU

Those interested kindly contact 9W2GU for further information.
He is reachable at +60-12-313-8570 or email

de moderator

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