Tuesday, October 16, 2007

9M2RKK is back up

If you haven been monitoring, 9M2RKK is back up since Friday 12th October 2007 thanks to the Repeater manager and assisting HAM members.

However, there were certain complains that certain grey area that wasn't there before. My receiving from my HomeQ in Subang Jaya is receiving S2 instead of full signal last time. I am sure the Repeater team is aware of it and scheduling a time to fine tune the repeater.

If you have been a frequent user of 9M2RKK, do give us your feedbacks on your transmission before and after. It would help us trying to identify the grey area, and apply counter measures to it.

An additional "feature" that the repeater picked up while in Penang, is that in every 15 minutes (??) it would emit it's own callsign.

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