Friday, October 19, 2007

9M2RKK - Fund raising

Dear 9m2Rkk users,

Charity begins at home; Blessing has been bestowed upon 9w2Boi to be the lead person who will coordinate a fund raising collection to purchase a new antenna, co-axial cable & a new rack. If fund permits, we aim to replace the power supply unit for 9m2RKK setup.

Blessing has been granted by Repeater Regional (9M2CJ ) & Region Manager ( 9W2SBS) to kick-off the fund raising.

To kick-off the pool it will be done tonight at Ali Baba and the aim is to collect RM 5000.00 or more.

This is solely on a voluntary basis as we are users of 9M2RKK.

Looking forward to a more efficient 9M2RKK.

Kindly support us.

9w2Boi can be contacted at 016-3333240


de moderator


Marts News said...

Funds collected from
9w2sbs - 50.00
9w2xi - 50.00
9w2xl - 50.00
9w2kyc - 50.00
9w2tqq - 50.00
9w2ice - 50.00

9W2CPN - pin said...

hi there, nice to see the little snowball rolling,

please update promptly

de 9w2cpn

Marts News said...

Hi 9w2cpn,
We will update the list asap when info is relayed back to the moderator, hopefully on a more regular basics from those concern.


de moderator