Thursday, August 09, 2007

Repeater Manager - appointment

Let us welcome our newly appointed Repeater Manager, 9M2CJ - Thiam. CJ in short as he is popularly known among the Ham community.

9W2PET is appointed to oversee all matters pertaining to Marts repeater. Click here for your dose of updated news and a copy of e-news letter.

Let us not forget the deed of 9W2XYZ who stepped in to hold the 'fort' as the Repeater Manager, he had to step down due to work commitment.

Once again , Congrats to all.

73s de-moderator


Anonymous said...

During the erection Alan said he has a lot of time to spare to maintain the repeater. So the peole elected him.Now he wants to quit citing work commitment.

What a bullshit.I sense some dirty air somewhere.
Welcome aboard Thiam but please renew your membership if you not done so.

You get my support

Anonymous said...

It's happening and expected he will quit but just that too too soon.
He was once within the groups and obviously members not happy to see his success.....appointment and many aiming for this position but NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE!!!

Alan, good luck always and better earn more monies and be happy with your family.


Anonymous said...

Think anonymous 7.36pm always have ERECTION when he writes on the blog. Always 'ngan'! kekeke hehehe. "During the erection ......."

So anonymous, how's your elongation? Anymore erection coming? hehehe 2 meaning here.

Clown watcher

Anonymous said...

Same thing brother. When the reporters ask Pak Lah about election he talked about erection so thats how he got married lately.

Happy marriage Pak Lak. Keep that erection but dont forget election coming soon.

100% erection.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8/09/2007 7:36 PM, to say the least Alan did volunteer. I'm sure nobody can fault him for getting a promotion and thus he have to relinquish his post. This is far better than holding on knowing that he can't offer his time. Agreed!

It is certainly no dirty air!!

Congrats! 9M2CJ and a big thank you for stepping up to the plate.


Anonymous said...

BTW Alan thank you for whatever you have done about the repeater.
It is working all OK now.If you quit because you are busy then it is understandable. I hope it it not some idiots gossiping behind your back that make you leave.

Happy working Alan.

Anonymous said...

Alan, thanks for the short stint. Atleast you tried to give your service to the Ham community.

We respect your decision


Hasan Chan said...

of course alan got erections lah.I think every night also Alan got erections lah. But elections,we have to support. Any way congr to 9M2CJ.We are always behind you

Anonymous said...

9M2CJ becareful, there are many people behind you.
They are just looking for opportunity to screw you up.
Do your best .

The evil that man do, live after their death but the good is interned with their bones.

Anonymous said...

Sound like the radio ham community is a place of many different kinds of evil hams.
Just waiting for opportunity and happy to hear bad news....
Just wondering why the MARTS do not have better control and strong influence on all the members.
I have met some good hams they are capable guys that could contribute to the ham soceity.
Very unfortunate, many choosen to stay away even from airwaves.
Why why....what is the roots causes and how this could happen???

Please act asap and seeks for good advice.
Otherwise, the Malaysia hamds community will collapse.

73 de 9W...

9W2PET (and proud of it) said...

MARTS does not have the power to control nor wish to control any individual's way of life or thinking as that would be a monstrocity and neither would MARTS want to tell any ham members how to work the hobby. Its all about upbringing and the society today, if their parents had done a good job to bring their children up then today there would not be so many "uneducated" hams and "kurang ajar" hams who just want to show how clever they are yet when they post a blog they are actually showing the world how stupid they actually are!

this disease among hams is not only among the so-called MARTS hams but also exists in other societies as can be seen in this blog... whereby the topic PHONETIC ALPHABETS had 10 comments which were some way out of context as were some replies to some topics in this blog. just take a look at the 10 comments and make the conclusions yourself.....

it all boils down to the individual's character and upbringing and it shows upon the individual's parents who had either succeeded or failed in bringing their children up in this world today.

if is due to blogs today that the behaviour of irresponsible hams can be shown to the world and therefore we should not put the blame nor the responsibility on anyone or society for a person's shortcomings.

it is easy to gain a ham licence today hence the ham community is full of hams who do not have the "ham spirit" but just want to talk on air and post in blogs. this is also the reason why i do not support opening the HF bands to 9W2s as this action would jeapordize most Malaysian hams good names as it has already been proven that some 9W2s dont even have basic manner and respect for others yet they want to talk on air with other true hams all over the world!

to get a 9M2 licence, a ham has to be disciplined to learn Morse Code and any undisciplined and ill-mannered 9W2 would not be able to succeed in securing a 9M2 licence due to this obstacle.

so let's take a step back and look at ourselves and stop pointing fingers around but look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we even understand what this ham hobby is all about and whether we are disciplined enough to own the callsign.

just look in MCMC's Radio Amateur Guidelines on the meaning of hams or make a search in the web for the meaning of being a ham and let that be your guiding light to this hobby.

i trust that the ham community will be a closer and more friendly community like it used to be in the olden days when there were only 9M2 licences whereby those "old" hams had the discipline for the hobby, if we would all just follow the footsteps of the 9M2s......

till then, have a good day and keep playing radio, not politics!


Peter Lim
de 9W2PET

PS. Talk with integrity and you do not have hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Peter, tks write up and I strongly support your statement not to abolish the CW so to act as an obstacle to prevent indisciplined hams.
Base on blog in4. some indispline 9W hams have been working on HF!!!
In fact, many 9W are hoping for the full HF band opening which you have stated it clearly the backfire & consequences....

Perhaps, MCMC should really wake up and to consider bcoz those HF interference and bad images causes by indispline hams will beyond their controls later.

Many 9W are not train and does not know how to works DX on HF band. They could be TX on 400watts.
In fact, with good propagation 20watts can goes round the world.
Especially on the 10 meters band some times on 20 & 40 meters.

I would suggest those concerned hams for the good of MALAYSIA HAM SOCEITY should post their comments to discourage the opening of HF band.
MUST SIT FOR CW and increase the speed at 15WPM.

9M2 always....CW

Anonymous said...

There is a station in Johore Baru..9W2?? who has been given a gateway station callsign. 9W4 ??.
This 9W2 is having a gala time
operating 9W4 callsign.
A gateway station is a gateway station not a club station where one can operate on HF with a 9M2 around.The same thing is going on in Seremban where a 9W2 operates the club station without a 9M2 around.

So you see who cares for the law. There is no enforcement by MCMC.
Hantan saja.

There are a lot of stations who operates other peoples callsign with or without the owners consent.

9W2 is spoiling this pleasant hobby.

9W2PET (and proud of it) said...


As you have said that there are 9W2s flouting the rules and it is not that MCMC does not care but actually MCMC does not know.

If any of you have any information of these wrongdoings made either by any 9M2 or 9W2 then please attention the matter to any MARTS Council member or to any MARTS State Manager to be brought up to the knowledge of the Council and henceforth to MCMC.

Rest assured your name and callsign will NOT be made known even if the Council knows who the informant was. Furthermore the State Manager need not say who the informant was when reporting to MARTS Council.

MCMC will be able to monitor the illegal activities but the frequency used must be made known, so to facilitate the monitoring by MCMC.

In Penang, the ARDF or the FoxHunt group is also the intruder watch team for the island of Penang and mainland and goes as far to where reports of wrongdoings are informed to the team.

It is for this reason the ARDF team was set up for and not just because of chasing a hidden transmitter for leisure or fun, but in essence it is to finetune the skills of those hams who are interested to self-police the ham hobby and to prevent any indiscipline in this hobby.

We cannot expect MCMC to be watching so closely that we might not be able to enjoy this hobby to our liking, yet we cannot expect MCMC to be on top of all illegal matters when they have given us the liberty to enjoy our ham hobby. Therefore we have to be self-disciplined in this hobby to know what we can or cannot do as allowed by our licence and we MUST protect our hobby from those undisciplined or those who think that they can escape from the loopholes in the regulation.

I am sure none of you want MCMC to be recording the ham spectrum 24-hours a day and just waiting for any ham to make any small mistakes, so we have to be proactive to police our own airwaves and weed out those irresponsible and indisciplined hams that may cause our hobby to be totally regulated to the point of discomfort. Please be informed that MCMC has the equipment and the capability to perform the above and I am sure they will carry it out if pushed too far.

Having said that, the responsibility is yours as to whether to make that report or to keep silent, knowing that there are some 9M2 or 9W2 hams who are bending the law or have broken them.

If you choose to remail silent when knowing such misconduct is happening in your area or state, then please do not blame MCMC or MARTS for not teaching the hams of today since this hobby is to be self-regulated and self-policed.

Enjoy this hobby while we can without any authorities breathing down our throats and take pride in it as this ham hobby is different from any other hobbies.



Anonymous said...

I refer to the post by anonymous 1.47 PM. I do not know why he does not have the guts to sign his post with his name, perhaps he is one of those unfortunate ones who does not have one.

Well, you mentioned that "Many 9W are not train and does not know how to works DX on HF band. They could be TX on 400watts." I hope you understand that the only difference between a 9M and a 9W license holder is that the 9M license holder should be able to send and receive morse code at a rate of 12 wpm. FULL STOP!

I am very sad that you have choosed to condemn 9Ws this way. You mentioned that many 9Ws are not trained to work DX on the HF bands. Now do you mean that there are many 9Ms who are trained to work DX on the HF bands. I do not wish to mention the names of the particular individual(S) here, but let me tell you, that I have on too many occasions heard 9M stations calling into contest stations not even knowing that a contest is taking place. There are also a couple of times, where 9M stations hears a large group of people trying to work a pile up. He himself cannot hear the pileup stations, and tried to call one by one those stations trying to work the rare DX station. Some good hams worked him, and keep quiet. Some hams work him and advice that they are trying to work a rare DX stations. There was once, where the foreign ham scolded the 9M station. So now, I like to see what comments would you make on this?

And you mentioned that "20 watts can goes round the world." This shows how innocent or naive you are to present days HF band conditions. With today's band condition, sometimes even with 400 watts it is difficult to reach DX stations. Maybe you are the type who are happy with making 1 perhaps 5 contacts. But I am speaking in the hundreds. "Especially for 10 meters"??? Please be brave and tell us how many contacts have you made on 10 meters, in how many dxcc entities to justify your statement.

And look at the microwave bands, how many are using it? It is a shame to see the band left unused, and yet 9Ws cannot use it just because of dots and dashes. Hams in foreign countries are progressing, but sad to say that in Malaysia, the fact is that we are moving backwards. In other countries, they are trying to get more people into ham, but we are the opposite.

Since you mention so much about propagation, and DXing, may I asked how many times have you sacrificed your sleep to participate in contests? Anyone who participates in 24/48 hours contest, would most likely agree with my statement above regarding propagation.

"Say TAK NAK to any form of CW testing for a license upgrade"

Sion Chow Q. C.,
9W2QC. (Proud to sign my name and callsign)

Anonymous said...

Please read your posting again and my reply as follows:-

1) The big differences and is not only as class licence holder but V the 9M hv the priviledged to worked on all HF band + high power.
U hv the priviledged to be 9W as U like and continued to enjoy the QSO on 2m repeaters. The 6m & 10m R subjucted to good propagation.

I am not here to condem those 9W but to show support on Peter's statemant made clearly that CW is a platform to qualify for full band HF. What was wrongs with that.....
We wanted quality hams in MALAYSIA on HF band and CW as obstacle to prevent pirates and indisipline hams.

As you know some indisipline 9W now started to work on 20meters. That was really wrong doing for imposing as 9M and if evenone follows what will happen to the HF band.
In fact, IARU REGION3 hv made many complaints to Indo government regarding illegal Indo operators on 20 and 40 meters band. Indo a big country with thousand of islands and this beyond their controls. Similarly, V do not want MALAYSIA to be listed as many illegal and unqualified hams operators.
Just bcoz many countries abolished CW and U expect MCMC to follows.
This is MALAYSIA V hv set our standard and country cultures.
Meanwhile, the CW WILL CONTINUED TO STAY.......ON

2) I hv 25yrs working expreience on HF band and would not want to challenge and to share my past expreiences bcoz too lengthy to go on writing.
U will get to learn better on HF BAND as U grows older and what is HF all about. It's somethings that V hv explored and the feelings cannot be interpreted by words.

Youngman. I tell U.
U DO NOT NEED to pump HI PWR to worked on HF band and with the current poor band condition
the HI PWR is helpness.
Becareful, if yr antenna is not well resonance U R creating very heavy interference and will disturb your good neighbours having peace with family members on movies.
The best subtitudes and solutions is to install a YAGI BEAM running between 50-100w will get U better result than yr 400w!!!
I agreed that the current HF band condition is not favourable. That is what HF band all about and it's fun and you hv to accept the fact that u r on earth.
You can't change the faith by pumping HI PWR!!!
It won't do you any good but creating nusance to others and bad image to yr family.

HF is all about propagation, the skip zone areas and which band U R runnig.
During band opening using just a simple resonanced longwire antenna hangup any conner U can work the whole of region 3 even on LONG PATH.

Do U think 400w is the solution to work and cover the peninsular Malaysia on short path???

Better U try it yourself and gain some HF radio expreience.
If U still need 400w to work HF during band opening meaning some fault is within yr setup.

Finally, even today on 20m & 40m we still heard Italy, UK , Germany and USA. Certainly, 20m is still the best operating band for long path.
If the bad closed even the 1KW also will not help.

9M2..... ALWAYS CW -.- -.- -.-

Anonymous said...

OK. Champions on HF. I read with great interest.
The knowledge of 9W challenge the 9M???
It quite normal everyone will start TX with high power and scale down gradually.
Current propagation on HF is REAL bad.
Nothing we could do but to go on any band with short opening.
I hv expreienced listerning on 20m long path dx btw Europe and VK stations. I can read the Europe but not the VK stations. The VK station reported 59+ good signal fm Europe???
I took the 2 stations bearing dx path the signal actually past but skip Malaysia. This is what happening on HF radios that is SKIP ZONE.

You are free to make contest anytime of day but some times people does not aware of the official appointed date by ARRL on cq contest.
Probably a mistake so do not b so serious.
It's airwaves V not able to see, feel and touch. There4 during rare dx or even pile up that 9M station does not rx signal as U.
This could b the fault of unintentional so kindly excuse him.

Anyway, it is true that HF band is all about propagation and not on HIGH POWER.
You have to exprience it yrself and not the point to argue.
Just that we hv differences on opinions that is where the QRP or even QRPp have concluded 5w [WAS] work all state thousand of KILOS away. Even 500miliwatt will able to whole Malaysia with good propagation.

No comment on the opening up of HF band for 9W.
Mcmc hv the full authority on YES or NO.

Anonymous said...

9M2 always....CW

i find this rather odd

"just bcoz many countries abolished CW and U expect MCMC to follows.
This is MALAYSIA V hv set our standard and country cultures.
Meanwhile, the CW WILL CONTINUED TO STAY.......ON"

I do not have the means to own a HF setup, perhaps someday. But the statement above citing that we Malaysia have our set of standard, are you saying that the rest of the world - associated with IARU does not have standard operating on HF Band?

My argument is, if the rest of the Ham community is moving forward with the abolishment of CW, why aren't we? Especially when we are member of IARU? ( Oct 2001 - IARU policy support the removal of CW testing as an ITU requirement for amateur license operator on frequencies below 30 Mhz)

This does not make sense and it would be rather disturbing to know , if you are ( pure speculation - pun intended ) representing MARTS as IARU LIAISON OFFICER.


73s 9W2XI

Anonymous said...

9W2XI, no HF station?? shut up!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. the truth hurts huh ?? Can't handle the truth? or am i purely stating the facts?

Do some homework :-
Italy, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand are among many who have move forward.

World Communication Conference 2003 concluded Morse Code ability is NO longer an international obligation ( a treaty obligation working with Morse Code)

It should be elected as an extra curriculum activity, should a valid license operator chooses to sit for a morse code test. This should not be a requirement as we are indeed, and part of IARU. We should support IARU initiative.


Anonymous said...

Mr. QC, I personally know a 9w who has HUNDREDS of contacts on 10m band. The pile of QSL cards can easily shame a bunch of 9m’s or a 9w like you who thinks there’s nothing much on 10m.

And Mr. QC, before you accuse someone of being na├»ve on using 20w to go around the world, you should probably state that, “…if propagation is bad”. It’s not nice to hit someone like that without putting all the necessary assumptions.

High power TX is not everything you need to win a pileup. It’s the technique that counts. How you go to the adjacent frequency and make you be heard and squeeze into the crowded HF band is the major consideration. It also depends on how exotic your callsign is. If so happen that the other end has logged too many stations from the same region, he might deliberately choose to ignore!

Meanwhile, you have been saying no CW since forever. From your action, it sounds something like that you do not need to complete your secondary school to get into university, or McKinsey should recruit those who had never achieved any academic qualification or a beggar by the street can be a Nobel prize laureate.

No matter it’s relevant or not, it’s a “barrier” you need to cross before you are eligible. Be like your dad, go sit for the test and get yourself a 9M and enjoy the bands. Chinese says: a tiger dad will not have a doggy son.

I have a lot of 9W friends who DO NOT AGREE TO THE ABOLISHMENT of CW. He said: I still want to see 9M as one of the privileged callsign to hold for many many years to come.

And I totally agree to 9W2PET, one should be disciplined in order to climb up higher, in this instance, sit for CW test and become a 9M to enjoy all the bands.

9W2XI, why should we follow? Dr. M didn’t “follow” the advice of IMF to raise interest rate and borrow from them. Foreigners against the fixed exchange rate regime and we didn’t follow and yet the country steered out of the financial storm in 1997. We have our ways, no need to follow.


Anonymous said...

Guys, There is NO RIGHT or WRONG to work dx on HI PWR. If you are proud of 400watts go ahead.
Made sure you are licence to do so and do it professionaly.
Wondering what will happen if tx 400w on microwave band???
I hope you do not stay within my area.

IARU does not bother or against Malaysia government implimentation or not opening the hams band. IARU is providing us the guide line on ham band opening the local MCMC authority still holds the final decision.

Our country Malaysia always moving forward and mine you not backwards bcoz of CW not abolishe.
Please put CW aside.
NO GOOD to mix a hobby against the country advancement.

XI, if you still do not enjoy the Malaysia current economic growth and propects just too bad.


73 de 9W2

Anonymous said...

Hi 73 de 9W2,
i agree with you on the note that IARU do not impose the implementation of abolishing CW, they have no jurisdiction and its the local authority who has the final say.

My argument has nothing to do with Malaysia being backward or IMF loan episode (to follow others). Unlike "WE NEED CW, ALWAYS." he has also fail to remember how we embrace the internet when everyone else is still using slow mail and were reluctant to move forward. Look at where we are today - e-media, email ....

The point IARU is suggesting, from my interpretation is, it should not be use to hinder a license radio operator from using 30Mhz and below. It is not calling for a total elimination of CW use. It is clear what IARU intension is - to promote the hobby.

You may argue with how the 9Ws are not proficient on HF, Have you consider 'educating' them ? I'm sure most 9Ms would be more than willing to lend a hand.

From what i understand from "WE NEED CW, ALWAYS." response below

"it sounds something like that you do not need to complete your secondary school to get into university, or McKinsey should recruit those who had never achieved any academic qualification or a beggar by the street can be a Nobel prize laureate."

it seems like it a personal ego trip. No one should be given the right to operate HF provided the sit for an exam. An exam which is deemed not necessary - a recommendation from a respected body, IARU.

If we are not actively promoting IARU initiative, why bother being a member of the organisation? If you are a member of an organisation, one should support the movement and to think that our representative has a personal agenda - read his positing, it would almost be impossible moving forward. Yup, what if this individual is representing us or is he already representing us?

To recap
The point IARU is suggesting, from my interpretation is, it should not be use to hinder a license radio operator from using 30Mhz and below. It is not calling for a total elimination of CW use. It is clear what IARU intension is - to promote the hobby.

If you are doubtful, go check with MARTS IARU LIAISON OFFICER, if he is not too busy collecting funds.

73s 9W2XI

Anonymous said...

XI, Would you able to gather a big big groups of hams that wanted to abolishe the CW???

Since MARTS as IARU members representative is not performing.
U guys can always considered to walk into MCMC building to reason it out and demand for the CW to be abolished.

Perhaps, this way could work and your reason is that to abolishe the CW will actually promote ham as a hobby in Malaysia.

Make sure before you walk into MCMC building write to IARU region3 and tell them all your good intentions to promote the hams hobby in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


IARU do not entertain request from individual members or other societies who are not their members.IARU only recognises MARTS not MARES , ASTRA etc.

So dont waste your time.Since you think MARTS is not performing you can have a no confidence motion.How to do it, you need to read MARTS constituition.I doubt you know the constituition.

My BALLS, you want to gather a big group and DEMAND MCMC to abolish the requirement of CW.Again dont waste you time.
Though ITU reccomend the aboliton of CW requiremnt, it is the sole perogative of the individual
governing body ( MCMC) to decide this matter.
Make life simpler , study for the CW.You can do it.It may take months. Many people before you have passed.
Instead of talking cock here, spare that effort fow cw lessons.

Anonymous said...

MY LEGS UP TO AGREE WITH 8/16/2007 5:04 PM


Anonymous said...

Mr. 9W2XI,

I think you should distinguish the concept here now. Internet has evolved into a commercial gateway as well as a platform, ranging from end-users to big corporations to conduct their daily business activities, e-mails, e-commerce, video conferencing, downloading and etc.

DO YOU USE CW TO CONDUCT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES? So, it’s more like a skill then a necessity. As an amateur, SKILL is VERY IMPORTANT to make us an AMATEUR.

We need to promote the hobby, yes. I agree. But you sounded like in order to promote, quality is no longer a requirement! It also sounds as if a bank should give out personal loans, credit cards and other form of loans without running a credit check on individuals!

Considering the political background of the country, and the existence of pirates, including those who use relative’s class A callsign to participate in competition despite he’s holding a class B license, you think government trusts us and open up just like that? I would be shameful to be a class A license holder.


If CW is abolished then what’s the value of our license? Sounds like a colour-blind guy can also get a driving license in that case.

This also strikes me like to legalise the illegal to get a peace of mind of everything, e.g. drugs and prostitution in the Netherlands.

As 9W2QC put it, a foreign station scolded a 9M for some mistakes (I don’t know, maybe that 9M made a mistake but I don’t think that’s a serious one. Probably just interrupted a QSO without realising that it’s taking place). Do you want to see more hams got scolded in that case? That’s why we need to maintain the criteria of CW.

Mr. 9W2XI, please realise the repercussions of abolishing CW. Ego? Yes. We need to be proud of what we have earned. You strived and earned your first degree. Then go on to the second one, maybe. But during the process, you sacrificed your sleep to burn the mid night oil, lose a few pounds after recovering from illness and probably fought with your girlfriend for no time to go for a movie. But in the end, you hold up well and proclaim to the world, I HAVE EARNED IT.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting discussion.I decided to call 9M2RS and seeked his opinion.
He told me that last year all the societies met at MCMC and they made a resolution that CW should stay but the speed is to be reduced to 8 word per minute. It was a collective decision submitted to MCMC.The ball in now at MCMC court . They can abolish it totally, reduce it to 8 wpm or status quo.

As to his business collecting fund, yes he said he is.He is collecting fund for " Al Qaeda, Taliban and Tamil Tigers Duplexers " So 9W2XI Wilson you are welcome to donate.
His account number is Maybank
0 14253 10118 0

Fishes get caught because they dont know when to open their mouth,
just like you and your brother...

Anonymous said...

Interesting n interesting..topics.
The writers 5:04 & 5:47 have complaints clearly and have reasons out well the importants of CW. The ultimate conclusion is CW must not be abolished.
I will also join to quit my 9W licence if MCMC decided to abolish the CW exam.
I won't want to be scolded on the HF band or being look down upon by foreign hams for the CW exception granded.


9W2PET (and proud of it) said...


It is indeed a wonderful sight to see so many 9W2s with their opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs. I am happy to see that most of us are becoming more civilized now as we dont hurl abusive words like in other topics before. We should be reminded that this ham hobby is a hobby for the learned and educated since it involves principles of physics etc. It is easy to go to 9V1 land to buy all our equipment and yet not know how to set it up or work the equipment.

I must admit for my shortcoming in failing to highlight that CW is necessary for hams since voice/phone contacts will not always be a 59 on all bands throughout the day or year. We are very lucky to be in a country where the only naural disaster are the floods which happens once in a long while and unlike those neihbouring countries and afar where they are plagued with hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions etc.

My point is that CW is necessary when voice contacts may not be possible or the band does not allow while CW can be worked at QRP of 5 Watts or less and yet is able to get through to the recipient clearly. Just imagine that if your microphone were to be damaged in a life and death situation and you cannot transmit via voice, but you can still rig up the microphone cable or contact pins to transmit CW and that may be the determination of a life saved or lost.

Although I am not for the ablishment of CW for 9W2s to upgrade to 9M2s, yet I know that understanding CW should be a necessity for ALL hams as it will be good for our knowledge and will come in useful some day.

I do, however, welcome the move to lower the CW exam speed to 8wpm as this will help many 9W2s to get past the CW exam and to boost the number of dwindling 9M2s today. This will still be able to deter those indisciplined hams from going onto HF legally, yet allowing the truly disciplined ones to attain their 9M2 licence with less frustration.

I know of many 9M2s with 3-letter alphabets who have attained their 9M2 callsigns, yet they either do not have the capability to go on HF (have not bought their HF rigs, bought HF rigs but no time to TX, may not have realestate to put up the HF antennas or by worst case just attained the 9M2 callsign for a social status). This is the individual's perogative but it goes to show that some 9W2s work so hard and fight so hard to learn CW or to push for the abolishment but in the end, they may not even be interested to work HF at all after all the effort or the money spent.

Another important point is that while 9W2s have been groomed up by other 9W2s and 9M2s while they were still SWLs, prospective 9M2 applicants or even those who have attained their 9M2 callsigns MUST be groomed in the art of HF by senior and experienced 9M2s. The simple reason is as shown in some of the above posts which shows that working HF is a different ballgame than working VHF or UHF.

Therefore I urge the senior 9M2s to coach the newly attained 9M2 licencees in the art of HF so that these new 9M2s would be able to work the HF bands effectively and like a true ham "use as little power as possible while maintaining a good and effective antenna for best propagation methods" as outlined in basic ham methodology.

With that I wish everyone a great ham-ming experience and co-operation in furthering the hobby.

Thank you for having to bear with my ramblings and I apologize in advance if I may have hurt the feelings of any hams in my writings as this is not my purpose but just to shed some light on the matter in discussion.

At this point in time, I have not had the discipline to learn up CW but will do so one day, just to have the knowledge should we need it in an emergency.

Surprisingly, I had also received a QSL card last month for 10m RX confirmation by a ham in Osaka, Japan for a CQ TX I did 2 years ago on a single-band 10m all-mode mobile rig with a modest 25 Watts output on a simple half-wave dipole strung 15 feet above ground.

Thank you once again and have a great day PLAYING RADIO, NOT POLITICS!


de 9W2PET

Anonymous said...

Peter//9W2PET, Good day....

Thanking you very much for all your good efforts in contributing informations.
Explaining many benefits of learning CW and have expreience the operating skill using Low Power even on QRP on HF.

We hope to get more accurate advise from expreience hams.
Since you have posted it.
It's verified that the OM with 25years of HF operating skill are accurate.
I truly understand this OM feelings for not able to share his expreiences bcoz many may not want to accept his information.

Anyway, I hv tried on 6-10m band but nothing heard and no respond.

OK 4 me to abolish or not abolish this just hobby.

Anonymous said...

Today we ask CW to be abolished.

Tomorrow someone will ask RAE to be abolished.
His arguement. I do not make anttenas or construct tansmitters or receivers or power supply.
My father is a millionaire.I can afford to buy everything top class quality.

So are we going to entertain his request. If we do, Malaysia and amateur radio in Malaysia will go down the drain.

Do we want it to happen ???????

Think hard

Anonymous said...

but the stubborn guy 9W2QC still put his arms and legs up for the abolishment of CW.

sigh... as one guy here puts it, a tiger dad does not have a doggy son :)

it seems the son is a....... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, indo do not need RAE just log down yr qso with kawan and u can apply for a ham licence.
Simple as that no headache lah like RAE n CW.

Better shift to indo so can work all band and all mode.

Anonymous said...

ya lor....

move to indonesia then u can work anywhere.... 400w, 1kw, 10kw, a huge beam, log periodic, satellite dish u name it, u can have a land station set up also no problem.

nice eh?

proud guy like 9W2QC should go there.

Anonymous said...

This blog as society is not a healthy place to visit.
Further to that this will cause friendship break down amoung hams.

For technical issue it is informative provided that those are accurately posted by expreience hams man.
U have all the rights not to accept those information posted and continued yr style of thinking.
It's OK hobby only.

Why not shutdown this blog to prevent any further brain damages.
Have better control on situation like that and stop bloging eventhough information deems accurate.

Let the MCMC and the club to decide
what the best medicine that applicable to MALAYSIAN HAMS.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing.
The 2 champions with thier callsign posted got whacking.
Just wondering if they can accept those facts.

On the blog no need callsign but on the airwaves is always a MUST.
All the differences on opinions and some chose to be stubborn.

Be smarts and blog honestly with facts.

New Wiskey not ready 4 CW there4 no comments.

Anonymous said...

That is what this blog is for, voice your opinion. From the response, other readers will know what the certain individual stand for through their comments.

"This blog as society is not a healthy place to visit.
Further to that this will cause friendship break down among hams.
this is deemed true if one is conservative, one should be constructive in commenting and take the comments as food for thoughts, else you may choose not to visit this blog.

Champions? , Me ? i hardly would label myself as one , was taking the opportunity to highlight MARTS IARU LIASON OFFICER involvement and his stand for not supporting the opening of 30MHz and below when 9w2PET commented on CW.

Afterall , besides being a MARTS IARU LIASON OFFICE and MARTS Observer Station / Intruder Watch SIG Leader and ..... I hope he would find the heart to start a fund collection to replace our old duplexer :-)

The one of the 2 who kena bashing ..

de 9W2XI

Anonymous said...

I mentioned to Pak Rashid 9m2rs about this blogspot and its comments.

He said " I do not read this blogspot any more.If anybody have comments, suggestions and proposals please submit them to the MARTS council for consideration. If people want to bash each others head in this blogspot , it is their problem not mine. "

Message is loud and clear 59 plus.

Anonymous said...

CW Test for the September is out, now still got one month to prepare, go and sit for it and earn a 9M with pride . MORSE CODE, 160 years old and still going strong each day

Some facts...
MOrse code in nokia phone :

*The “Special” tone available to users of Nokia phones when receiving SMS messages is actually Morse code for “SMS”. Similarly, the “Ascending” SMS tone is Morse code for “Connecting People,” Nokia’s slogan.
The “Standard” SMS tone is Morse code for “M” (Message).

CW must not be abolish
CW Supporter kkk

lee said...

Dear 9w's and 9m's,

I may b new to the amateur world.i jus had my A.A bout a year ago.But i think abolishing CW would be waste.

It may b difficult at the start but once u get the hand of it it's actually kind of fun.abolishing CW wont make us anymore united anyway.

Looking at the rate every one is bashing at each other.My suggestin is WHY dont the more experienced ham's or 9m's start teaching the newer one's.I'm proud to say i've been taught by 9m2ds,9m2cf and a few more.

But the importing thing is weather we ourself wants to learn a not.CW is an art of communication.abolishing it will only make lazy ppl lazier.I've brothers and friends that have failed the rae exam but still they are not giving up so WHY are we the 9w'2 wanting to abolish the art of CW so badly.

I think the CW exam should stay.It's not about transmitting at 400w or watever.It's all about the art.But end of the day it's all up to MCMC tp decide.

I'm sorry if i had offended anyone just send out my two cents.

mr reptile