Saturday, August 25, 2007

PDRM and Amateur Radio members

Due of recent "tontos" activities, our brothers in the PDRM has been targeting cars with transmitter antennas. We speculate that this was because of the much published news of "tontos" attacking politicians and enforcement officers in the papers.

If you have a mobile unit in your car, with an antenna jolting out, it is adviseable to keep a copy of your Apparatus Assignments (AA) in your "jalopy" in case of any checks done by the PDRM.


Anonymous said...

What is happening.??????

Is is amateur radio forum ???

In amateur radion there is no barrier in terms of colour and creed.Let it remain that way.

Blogspot asdmimnstrator, where are youu ?


9W2SSJ said...

Radio Hams,
Racial comments that has NOTHING to do with Amateur Radio has been deleted forever.

monitoring Moderator

9W2SSJ said...

To prevent non amateur comments to be posted, we have activated facility that you must be registered with blogspot.

When things get to normal, we shall revert comments posting.

monitoring Moderator